Emilio Pucci

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Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci)

Marchese Emilio Pucci di Barsento (Marchese Emilio Pucci di Barsento) was born November 20, 1914 in Naples (Italy). He studied in Italy and America, but the design and fashion, and agriculture and politics. After the Second World War, life is gradually returning to a peaceful course. People began to go for a vacation at the resort. Since Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) frequented ski resorts, that he needed a suit that would have embarrassed his movements became easier in comparison with analogues. Dressed in an improved model of the ski suit Emilio imprinted magazine photographer & ldquo; Harper & rsquo; s Bazaar & rdquo; Frissel Toni (Toni Frissell). Photos into the hands of Diana Vreeland (Diana Vreeland), editor in chief of American “Vogue”, who introduced Emilio owners “Lord & amp; Tailor “. After that, the company began production of these suits in the United States.

In 1948, Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) developed his own style, which was called Masculin Onion (masculine look). Because of this came in the women’s wardrobe ensemble of trousers and shirts, narrow, short pants without belts, scarves and sweaters knitted large. In 1949, women’s fashion collection is on Capri and opens his studio boutique in Florence. Popularization of new style contributed to Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren), Rita Hayworth (Rita Hayworth), Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) and Rose Kennedy (Rose Kennedy), who have become permanent admirers of talent Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci).

In 1950, the designer presents a collection of sportswear for skiing, golf and tennis. Since 1951, Emilio starts twice a year to show their collections at Fashion Week in Florence. During these years, fashion has been experimenting with textiles and begins to actively introduce into production silk jersey, flannel, velvet and synthetics. In addition, since 1952 in its collections began to appear international motifs expressed in many colors and abstract prints, which were developed in conjunction with Alvaro and Micol Montigny (Alvaro and Mikol Monini). In the 50s fashion has been awarded “The Neiman-Marcus Award”Dallas”The Burdine’s Sunshine Award” in Miami.

One of the many ingenious inventions of the Italian steel-fitting trousers and knee-length zipper on the side. They were intended for recreation. These pants were called “Capri”. In 1954, the pants “Capri” have become popular around the world.

In 1958, the designer has worked on improving the stretch fabrics. Later, he invented elastic silk “Shantung” for tight pants and body.

In 1959, the designer has developed for his bride, which was made of silk jersey. Its main advantage is the weight of the dress. He was equal to 150 grams. Six years later this fabric, which was named “Susie Silkitay”, was launched into mass production. Thanks to the development of Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) and subsequently earned millions on the right was awarded the richest and most successful designer. In addition to the significant event in 1959, Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) begins to develop a line of underwear.

In addition to creating clothing patterns Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) in the 60’s developed the logo “NASA”and costumes for the team”Apollo 15”, in which they flew to the moon. In addition, at the same time, he created the project limousine “Lincoln Continental Mark V”.

In 1965, Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) is developing a perfume “Vivara”. Subsequently, his line is enriched with flavors such as the “Signor Vivara”(1970),”Miss Zadig”and”Monsieur Zadig”(1971) and”Pucci”(1980). Also, in 1965, Emilio starts cooperation with”Braniff International Airways”, for which designed the costumes for the pilots and crew of the aircraft.

In the 70s the popularity of clothes from Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) began to decrease rapidly because of the dominated while the hippie movement. Gradually boutiques began to abandon the procurement of new designer collections. However, Emilio decided that since there is no third-party seasoned sales boutiques, then you need to open your own, which he did in 1975.

In 1985, to the creation of Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) renewed interest, thanks to fashion leggings and body. However, four years later, he fell awkwardly from his horse and, as a result, he could not walk. November 30, 1992, fashion designer died in Florence (Italy).

Emilio PucciEmilio Pucci
Emilio PucciEmilio Pucci
Emilio PucciEmilio Pucci

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