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Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

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It is very difficult to divide the work of Bryan Ferry, and the main group, blogodarya which he received international fame and recognition of millions of listeners.

Brian Ferry was born September 26, 1945, in the English town of Washington, near Sunderland in a family of farmers.

At school, he was able to draw well and it was such a talent was the fact that on its completion in 1963, Brian got into town Derem to study Fine Arts. Then he changed the local university at Newcastle. where he studied under the guidance of renowned British artist Richard Hamilton. And in 1969 an exhibition of his artwork has been held in London. There Ferry gives pottery lessons. As they say, a talented person is talented in everything. During this period, his soul is divided between painting and music. It was because of the music and asked him to leave the pottery courses. Perhaps it included too loudly.

Back in his student years (1964) Ferry collected his first musical, staff The Banshees, who played American hits. By the way love for American rock and folk traced from Ferry to the present day. Later, he became a member of the band The Gas Board, and in 1971 auditioned for the role of lead singer in King Crimson, and although it has not found a place in the group, but the impression he has made on the children, received positive recommendations of EG Records, and gathers his new team, which was destined to go down in history. That 1971 is already possible to keep count of the existence of the legendary Roxy Music.

In the early stages, when the train has not yet crystallized in the group have visited Graham Simpson, John Porter – guitarist Gas Board, Rick Kenton. Back in early 1971 to join Roxy Music saxophonist and oboist Andy Mackay, Brian Eno electronics (for stranded synthesizer owned just McKay), and in the summer – Dexter Floyd drummer, who even before the start of work on the first album was succeeded by Paul Thompson. Some time in the group included David O List (former member of The Nice), which soon was replaced by Phil Manzanera. The first two albums established the band as a true king of pop avant-garde. Lots of fresh and unusual ideas from him brought a second leader – Brian Eno.

In addition, Ferry. which had a special look at the beauty, offered to make out the cover plates of photographs of models in provocative poses. Anyone who knows the biography of this man, we know that in this regard he was done, (with on-the-extra-large letters)! One of the brightest participants in these photo shoots was Amanda Lear, which subsequently starts his own music career thanks to the patronage of Bryan Ferry and David Bowie.

You should also mention the costumes, which were used by the team during live performances. They were futuristic, stylish, very strange. The musicians reminded them that the Martians, the gays. Nothing can be done, the art demanded sacrifices …

In 1973, there were two landmark events in the works Ferry. First, care of Brian Eno, which can be explained in different ways – the two leaders in one team, not the relevance of ideas, direction of pop musicians, etc. Second exit Ferry solo work in which he often performs cover versions of well-known hits, and who feels his love of American rock. Left without Eno, the band was in a brief search of the applicant in his place. and soon he was invited by Eddie Jobson (Eddie Jobson). Although the replacement was not equivalent, however, according to the author, Roxy Music record of 1974, made with Jobson, can be regarded as the strongest in the work of the group. In the same year came the second solo effort Ferry which illustrate his professional growth as an artist, but the stuff on it consisted of cover versions, except for one thing. This 1974 song by Ferry began to get into the British pop charts.

It’s funny that some speeches, he dresses in a classic suit, on the other – in the uniform of the US Army, the third – clothing gauchos (Argentine cowboys) and thus always looked stylish and refined.

Life Ferry – not to be envied. Periodic change of mates who strive to write a book about all the intimate details of their relationship. For example he entered his ex-girlfriend Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger moved in in 1977.

Here. above all starting and failing performances and touring, despite the fact that the level of recording a new album and the quality of the material they are very, very high. Temporary retreat in a solo career was replaced by a revival of Roxy Music in 1978. A new rise in popularity was accompanied by a search for a new sound, and that it was possible to make such works as Flesh + Blood 1980 and 1982 Avalon. Very strange. this year, after a successful tour, Ferry dissolve the group, and soon moved to America and finally marries, even more strange for such a blossoming and in one place is not peppered moth Superman.

The following works were solo dance and demonstrated a desire to commercial success. Righteousness’ sake, it should be said that the quality of the sound they were of the highest quality. All things were picked up and registered one to one. both masterpieces. Apparently, this step can be considered the heyday of his creative talent.

Once large-scale tour in 1988, artist engaged in the preparation of the eighth solo album, tentatively titled «Horoscope». Financial problems, a non-profit nature of the material and perfectionism Bryan Ferry eventually took him to a creative impasse. I come to the aid of former guitarist Robin Trower Rrocul Harum, who took over the functions of a co-producer. The results of the sessions did not suit Ferry and then Trower proposed to postpone the work and return to the cover versions of pop standards, of which has been collected and compilation Taxi, saw the light only in 1993. And in the summer of 1994 Trower and Ferry have audited the records made for «Horoscope», and the material rewrite. The tenth solo album, Addenda several new songs entitled Mamouna, was released in autumn 1994. The work on the plate participated and Brian Eno, with whom Ferry had not talked in ’21.

In 1996, Ferry started to studio collaboration with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics in the project Alphaville. The duo did not release their records, but some of the songs from these sessions later appeared in various compilations.

The second half of the 90s was marked by composing the soundtrack for the film «Phenomenon», the participation of Ferry in the comedy film «Comic Relief» and most importantly, the release of an album of cover versions of hits of the 20s and 30s under the name As time It goes by in which was preserved the authentic sound! “How did it happen – ask the audience – that the king of pop avant-garde and trendy performer who always kept abreast of the time, burst into such extremes?” Ferri said to them, that taste in music should be developed on such records. I know people who believe in 1999 the best record in the works of Mr. Ferry.

The best news of 2001 for fans of Roxy Music was a statement about the reunion of the band, which was noted by a world tour and recording a great album “Frantic” in the 2002’s. On this album with cover versions of Bob Dylan were placed tracks composed by in co-written with Dave Stewart and Brian Eno, and recorded with the direct participation of his old chums Manzanera, Mackay and Thompson.

In 2004, Ferry starred in the title role in the short film «The Porter», and in 2005 – in Neil Jordan’s film «Breakfast on Pluto», with Cillianom Murphy in the role of an Irish transvestite heading to London to look for his mother. Ferry played the role of Mr. Silky String, elegant, but not quite normal gentleman who first “remove” a young man of unknown sex, and then trying to strangle him in the front seat of his car. After that, away from sin, he again starts the music and released a collection of cover versions Dylanesque, with the blessing of their author – Bob Dylan. And in 2010 a new album under the name Olympia.

As for the other participants of Roxy Music, the solo work Phil Manzanera regularly published since 1975, in fact it has an interesting guitarist there are side projects: Quiet Sun, 801, The Explorers that apart from him sometimes participated and Andy Mackay. Besides Manzanera acted as a producer for artists like John Cale (in 1974), Heroesdel Silencio (1990, 1993), Tania Libertad (1991). Fito Paez (1994), Os Paralamos do Successo (1994), Aterciopelados (1996), Enrique Bunbury (1997, 2008), David Gilmour (2006). In turn, McKay has presently two solo performance. recorded in 1974 and 1978. But surely the most prolific members of the former Roxy Music Brian Eno is, whose solo works, along with kolaboratorskimi typed more than forty pieces. In addition, the Group records in the 70s was attended by such prominent musicians like Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, John Gustafson, Neil Hubbart, Gary Tibbs on kotryh need to write some articles.

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