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& shy; & shy;


Location: South Korea

Ingredients: 12

Direction: Pop, K-pop, Mandor-pop and R & amp; B

Date of foundation: 2012

label: SM Entertainment

Type: Description

EXO – Sino-yuzhnokoreys & shy; cue Boise band, consisting of 12 members. The official debut took place on 8-9 April 2012.

In December 2011, SM Entertainment announced a new pop group called EXO. Since that time, SM Entertainment was represented by participants of EHO, releasing the teaser video, and March 7, 2012 became known the full composition of the group. EXO Group is divided into two sub-groups EXO-K (ie K-pop) and EXO-M (ie Mandor-pop). The EXO-K performers sing in Korean, while EXO-M is designed for the Chinese market. The main idea of ​​the group EXO: each track, single, music video will be two versions, Chinese and Korean, respectively.


& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: Su Ho / dry – the leader of a group EHO-K, the lead singer

Real name: Kim Joon Myun / Kim DzhunMёn

Born: May 22, 1991

Nationality: Korean

Height: 176 cm

Interesting facts:

– Known as the second Choi Si Won

– He joined the company at age 16

– Studying fine

– He calls himself a father whose 11 children (group members)

& shy; & shy;

– With ChanЁlem create a couple of the noisiest members of the group

– acted in the Japanese version of the video group SNSD / Girls’ Generation “Genie”

– Took part in the “Haha Song” group DBSK / TVXQ / TOHOSHINKI

– The winner of the “2008 Smart Modal Contest”

– He acted in his debut music video TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

– With BekHёnom create a couple of the noisiest members of the group

– ChanЁl one of the most positive to the group, he is always smiling

– called themselves “Happiness Virus»

– Close friends with Key from the group SHINee

& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: D.O. / Dio – lead vocalist

Real name: Do Kyung Soo / Before Kensei

Born: January 12, 1993

Nationality: Korean

According to the Chinese horoscope: Monkey

Height: 180 cm

Interesting facts:

– Dio mommy group, he cares about the participants, loves to cook and clean

– passed casting for the label in 2010.

– the most accurate in the group

– friends with rewq of Super Junior and HenShikom from the group BTOB (they were at school together)

– Very cute and very charismatic appearance on stage

& shy; & shy;

Born: January 14, 1994

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: A

Height: 182 cm

Interesting facts:

– Came on SM in 2006 (6-years old was a trainee agency)

– Became the first presentation of participants

– Included in the trio makne online with SeHunom and Tao (the youngest in the total group)

– friends with the group Taemin SHINee

– Appeared in an advertising clip of DBSK / TVXQ / TOHOSHINKI “Ha Ha Ha”

– starred in the video group TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

– recorded a joint single with dance team SM Entertainment – “MAXSTEP” Company Hyundai

Nikmeyk: Se Hun / SeHun – junior group EHO (makne), the main dancer, singer, rapper

Real name: Oh Se Hun / O SeHun

Born: April 12, 1994

Nationality: Korean

Nikmeyk: Kris / Chris – the leader of a group EXO-M, singer, rapper Chief

Real name: Wu Fan / Fang Wu

Born November 6, 1990

Nationality: Chinese


According to the Chinese horoscope: Horse

Height: 187 cm

Interesting facts:

– the label was a competition in 2008 in Canada (a long time he lived there)

– speaks several languages: Chinese, Korean, English, katonskim (one of the dialects of Chinese)

– His name (Wu Fan), in Chinese, means “unusual”

– For the first time performed at the concert tour group SNSD / Girls’ Generation in 2011.

– He likes to sleep, often talking in his sleep, and it is difficult to wake up early in the morning

– The group called Chris caring leader and consider it the most beautiful in the EHO

– The highest member of the group along with the Tao and ChanЁlem

– He calls himself the grandfather of the group, because grumbling, but thoughtful.

& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: Xiu Min / SiuMin – the main dancer, singer

Real name: Kim Min Seok / Kim MinSuk

Born March 26, 1990


According to the Chinese horoscope: Horse

Height: 176 cm

Interesting facts:

– For a good plastic and “sweet behavior”was nicknamed”Lil ‘Fattie”

– the runner-up in the “SM Everysing Contest 2008”

– His nickname in the “loaf” because SiuMin likes to eat bun

According to the Chinese horoscope: Horse

Blood Group: O

Height: 178 cm

Interesting facts:

– He enjoys a variety of sports: basketball, football, baseball

– can draw

– The closest SeHunom talks to take care of him as a little brother

– In 2008, participated in the global audition for JYP Entertainment, but failed

– Took part in the Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School, learning to exchange in Korea, where in 2011 he was found SM Agent Entertainment. offering to audition in their company

– recorded a joint single with dance team SM Entertainment – “MAXSTEP” Company Hyundai.

& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: Lay / Lei – lead dancer, singer

Real name: Zhang Yi Xing

Born October 7, 1991

Nationality: Chinese


According to the Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Blood Type: A

Height: 179 cm

Interesting facts:

– ranked third in the “2005 Star Academy”

– has performed with the band SHINee Jonghyun instead to SWC (the latter was a sprain ankle)

– is fond of basketball

– came in the label in 2008.

– One of the main group of dancers

– the most shy and quiet participant EHO.

& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: Chen / Chen – lead vocalist

Real name: Kim Jong Dae / Kim Jondi

Nationality: Korean

& shy; & shy;

Nikmeyk: Tao / / Tao – reper lead vocalist

Real name: Huang Zi Tao /

Born May 2, 1993

Nationality: Chinese


According to the Chinese horoscope: Rooster

Height: 183 cm

Interesting facts:

– speak several languages: Korean, Chinese, English, Cantonese (a dialect of the Chinese language)

Do KyungsooDo Kyungsoo
Do KyungsooDo Kyungsoo
Do KyungsooDo Kyungsoo

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