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& lt; & lt; Biography Christian

• Full name: Christian Collins (Christian Collins)

• Nickname: WeeklyChris

• Locations: Calgary (Canada)

• Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada.

• Born: 18.04.1996 r (18)

4) Karisma Collins

• In 2010, Chris Highlighted

• Pets: a cat, a cat Romeo.

• The first video: March 26, 2010

• Favourite drink: Pepsi (Cola)

• Favorite Eye Color: Blue

• Favorite season: Summer

• Loves accent: English

• Important in others: Sincerity

• Favorite Dog

• Favorite cartoon: Spongebob Nemo

• Places escapes Los Angeles

• When boring: Makes the video.

• The machine on which dreams: Bugatti Veyron

• The breed his dogs: German Shepherd

• My favorite actor: His sister (jokes)

• Girls do not have

• Irritating: Homework

• ask for Santa in 2009, US $ 1 mil

• Lyubimay Song: Black & amp; Yellow

• In addition to English knows French, and Spanish

• Favorite movie: Due date (Due Date).

• What do think about Justin Bieber: “He is a great guy. Jealous of his Lamborghini”

• Make Phone: Iphone

• He loves all nations, even that was not

• Favorite phrase: haha ​​maybe?

• He likes when girls little makeup

• There are 10 pairs of shoes.

• The greatest fear of spiders and ocean /

• School: Bearspaw Christian School

• Chris played drums when he was 6 years old, as well as performed on stage several times.

• If Chris was a superhero, he said that he needed invincibility and the ability to fly /

• Chris went to his first football match in the history of July 28, 2012

• A favorite subject in school was math Chris.

-Color hair. Dark brown

-Color eyes. His eyes – chameleons.

” To be honest, I do not even know the color of my eyes. They are changing, becoming something blue, then green, then gray, depending on what I’m wearing. & Quot; – Chris wrote on Facebook

-Activities. Model

-Tools. Piano, drums

-Year activity. 2010 to the present day

-Zhanr songs and covers. Pop, Rap

is the sign of the zodiac. Aries

is the sign on the eastern horoscope. Fire (red) rat

-Weight. ± 66 kg

-Zhivotnye. Dog and cat Romeo Shendou

-Lyubimy color. Blue and red

The family of Chris 6 people.

Father John Collins, mother Stacey Collins,

The younger brother- Crawford

And the two sisters

The senior-junior-Kirsten and Charisma

-In his spare time, Chris shoots video and record their own covers. With its video he proslavilsya.Seychas his videos are very popular all over the world, especially in Canada.

-You Chris tens of thousands of fans around the world.

-That’s what Chris wrote on his public page on Facebook:

-In August 2015, Christian and his family bought a house in Los Angeles. It can be assumed that the family Collins linger long in this beautiful city. Let me remind you to move to Los Angeles, Chris was a dream.

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-No & # 33; He is looking for his one.

Chris CollinsChris Collins
Chris CollinsChris Collins
Chris CollinsChris Collins

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