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Why Chris Chan Represents Anti Gamers Not in the way you think!

The internet has allowed many of the weirdest human beings to congregate and advertise themselves. No human being in my opinion can be described more succinctly as the king of the “Weird Internet” than Christian Weston Chandler. As the creator of the famous Sonichu fanfiction, his public and private antics of finding love, establishing a professional career, and relating with his family have spawned thousands of pages. Chris’s fans have even made a wiki and forum to document his life. He is the court jester of the internet whether he likes it or not.

You might be asking, what does this weird dude who is the laughing stock of the internet have to do with Reaxxion? That is a valid question. I would have said nothing two weeks ago and written about another topic, but Chris’s gamergate’s fate have interwined to create a whole new facet in the debate. Chris decided to enact his own boycott separate from gamergate. The new Sonic game (Sonic Boom) came out and Chris wasn’t happy-Sega changed Sonic’s arm from tan to blue.

Christian started a grass roots project of defacing Sonic games to protest this decision. He went to a GameStop on the 26th of December. After being told by the GameStop that he was banned from the store for defacing their property, Christian walked out of the store telling people not to call anybody. He then sprayed mace on a random GameStop employee. A customer managed to film it.

Gamergate used this incident to show the true face of anti gamers. In October, Christian wrote a long paragraph on why he doesn’t support gamergate. I can’t verify how knowledgeable Chris is about the topic or why he wrote his response, yet like most anti gamers, he believes what has been fed to him from mainstream institutions.

You might be saying, this is the same man who thought that drinking his own semen is “recycling”. And you would be correct. Chris’s life is micro-managed by a template of delusions. He’s not a full blown anti gamer soldier who reads /GamerGhazi/ and is part of their party, yet isn’t that true for most of the anti gamers anyway? Most of the anti gamers are like Chris; they’re individuals who go on their soap boxes rambling about topics they don’t really understand, only doing so because of lies told to them by manipulative individuals.

What’s the difference between a guy like Brianna Wu and Christian Weston Chandler? Both are individuals that live in a Hermetic bubble of delusion. Both have lied about being afraid of their lives for pity points. Both were born male but magically turned in to women by lying to themselves. Both are “victims” of the mean internet hate machine which spews “misogyny”.

Watch that 12 second clip I posted a few paragraphs up again. It was written way differently than what happened. Here are some choice quotes from Christian on his facebook about this event:

In Christian’s mind, he was allowed to vandalize private property because it offended him. The man who was maced by a 30 year old man-child deserved it for “scaring” him. How many times have we seen this behavior in anti gamers? In the last month, Dan Olson documented child porn on 8chan by downloading it and not reporting it to the mods/authorities. Brianna Wu who has been talking about fleeing her house multiple times, might have not done so. It’s not surprising that anti gamers share a lot in common.

Chris is playing with the same playbook as other anti gamers by being perpetual victims who are never wrong while self-imposing themselves onto others.

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Chris ChanChris Chan
Chris ChanChris Chan
Chris ChanChris Chan

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