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Full biography Claire!

Claire Rhiannon Holt (Claire Rhiannon Holt) was born June 11, 1988 in the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane. She – two sisters, brother and 40 cousins, because her father – nine brothers and sisters. Mom – Englishwoman, so Claire has already visited Britain. Since childhood love of adventure with his father they wanted to conquer Kilimanjaro.

In 2005, she graduated from a Catholic boarding school for girls in Styuartholm Tuvonge, a suburb of Brisbane. She sang in the school choir and learned to play guitar and piano. His first theatrical experience acquired here – played chicken in a school play. He was excellent athletic training, devoting himself to swimming, volleyball, water polo and taekwondo (black belt). Periodically, she trains in her room, so as not to lose the skill and if the case rebuff offenders.

The world fame and the love of the fans brought her the role of a mermaid Emma Gilbert in the Australian TV series “H2O: Just Add Water” (2006-2010). She admitted that it was the most memorable experience of her life.

On the set she met Phoebe Tonkin, her best friend to this day. Communicating with dolphins, shark pups, amazing underwater world of reefs – all this she sometimes misses. She had to train hard, get up at 4:30 in the morning, swim to the “tail”, which cost $ 80,000 and was well adapted for swimming. Claire starred in two of the three seasons of the series.

Its heroine – the right girl, a good friend and a caring sister Emma – the exact opposite Rebecca of “The Vampire Diaries».

In 2008, she received a role in the horror movie “The Messengers 2,” directed by Martin Barnvittsa. Playing Lindsey Rollins, eldest daughter of the farmer John Rollins, inadvertently admitted the evil in their land.

Then we see it on the screen as Chastity Meyer, Mean Girls comedy of the same name in 2011. Holt coped with his role in “Mean Girls 2”, her character is a lot of conflicting emotions among fans charming Claire.

In the winter 2011 on the set of the series “Little Liars” she meets Chris Grismerom who shoots her first scene in this project. Her heroine Samara appears in five episodes of the series, focusing all their attention on Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell).

At the same time continue filming «Blue Like Jazz» directed by Steve Tyler. The film will be released in 2012 godu.V end of August 2011 Claire was approved for the role of Rebecca in the series “The Vampire Diaries.” “I come back to the set, looking forward to meeting with Nina Dobrev and vampires” – she wrote on Twitter.

In addition to the movie, Claire acted in commercials: Dreamworld, Sizzler, Queensland Lifesavin.

Interesting facts:

My favorite movie – «This is England», a fan of the rugby team «Qantas Wallabies», favorite color – yellow, loves all kinds of cheese, a favorite place in the world – Australia, but would like to visit Cuba.

She never gives up chocolate, prefers to spend time with family and friends, called the series «The New Girl» one of the favorite, school stores very good memories of her favorite series “The Vampire Diaries” – the eighth «Ordinary People» and Fifth «The Reckoning».

The man who inspires her, said her sister Rachel. Favorite Quote Holt authorship Milton Berle (1908-2002): “When the opportunity does not knock, it’s time to do the door.” One of its features called the ability to whistle with his two fingers in his mouth.

Personal observations and statements:

«I do not believe in life after death, so that I do not have a lifetime to be afraid of hell or heaven. Whatever the torments of hell, paradise boredom – even worse ».

«Democracy – it is just a dream: her place in line with Arcadia, Santa Claus and heaven».

Photo by Peter Brew-Bevan, Claire Holt, Nina Dobrev, Phoebe Tonkin, Twitter Holt and open network resources.

Filmography (Claire Holt):

• 2011 – Blue Like Jazz / Blue Like Jazz – Movie … Penny ________________________________________ • 2011 – Mean Girls 2 / Mean Girls 2 – TV movie … Chastity Meyer • 2010 – … & # 8211; Pretty Little Liars / Pretty Little Liars – series … Samara ________________________________________

• 2009 – … – The Vampire Diaries / Vampire Diaries, The – series


• 2009 – Messengers 2 / Messengers 2: The Scarecrow – video

… Lindsey Rollins


• 2006 – … – H2O: Just Add Water / H2O: Just Add Water – series

Claire HoltClaire Holt
Claire HoltClaire Holt
Claire HoltClaire Holt

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