Arielle Kebbel

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Arielle Kebbel (Arielle Kebbel)

– biography

Ariel was born February 19, 1985 in Florida. Since childhood, she decided she wanted to become an actress. High school she finished very early.

Natural blonde with brown eyes, the actress is not only beautiful, but on a par with a pretty face she had good intelligence.

Arielle Kebbel is focusing its efforts on a career that it prospered and developed further. From an interview with Ariel it becomes clear that it is not just a girl with a strong spirit, but also a man who weighs his actions and is ready to solve any problem.

In addition to his career in Hollywood, Arielle Kebbel is a charitable organization – A Place Called Home (APCH). Fans are happy that Ariel care about such important things.

When Ariel came to Los Angeles in 2003, I immediately took the lead role in the television series “Gilmore Girls.”The following year starred in”Soul Plane transport”as Heather. Ariel can be seen in an episode of the popular series”Law and Order. A squad of special purpose”.

Kebbel also starred in the film “American Pie 4 Band Camp”.

In 2006, Ariel took the lead role in “The Grudge 2,” directed by Takashi Shimizu.

In 2009, Ariel appeared in an episode of the popular series “The Vampire Diaries.”Where she played a vampire Lexi, old friend Stephen. Ariel is also known as a model. In 2002, she became Miss Florida among teenagers. Twice was awarded the magazine”Maxim”: in 2005 – 95th place in 2009 to 48th place in the list.

There is no doubt this girl will go far in terms of creativity and do in life. It is going to continue and continue to engage in the activity of acting, dancing and modeling career.

Biography WiKi

Arielle Kebbel (born. Arielle Caroline Kebbel, was born February 19, 1985 in Winter Park, USA) – American actress.

Ariel was born and raised in Florida. Even as a child she decided to become an actress. She graduated from high school a semester early. She participated in the contest “Miss Florida”among adolescents. In 2005 came the list of the”hottest” women on the magazine «Maxim» and took 95th place.

A career in the movie

In the first week after his arrival in Los Angeles in 2003, Ariel took the lead role in the television series “Gilmore Girls.”In 2004, she starred as Heather Hankey in the movie”Soul Plane,”as well as in an episode of the popular television series”Law & Order. Special Forces. “In 2005 Kebbel starred in”American Pie 4 Band Camp.”And in 2006, she starred in the horror film-Japanese director Takashi Shimizu”The Grudge 2”. She described her character in the film, which has been involved in the curse “curse”, as part of a rite of passage, as “the girl you see in the background of all the episodes, which wants to be a part of all at once, but it is never obtained.”In 2009, Ariel starred in the television series”The Vampire Diaries».

Career Model

2002 – Miss Florida among teenagers.

2005 – 95 th place in the list of “hot girls” magazine «Maxim».

2008 – the 54 th place in the list of “Sexiest Women in the World” by the Croatian magazine FHM.

2009 – the 48 th place in the list of “hot girls” magazine «Maxim».


2003 – “Gilmore Girls» / Gilmore Girls

2004 – “Soul Plane» / Soul Plane

2005 – “Ricker» / Reeker

2005 – “Be Cool!» / Be Cool

2005 – “10 dirty deeds» / Dirty Deeds

2005 – “American Pie 4: Band Camp» / American Pie Presents Band Camp

2005 – “The guy I» / Kid & I

2006 – “Aquamarine» / Aquamarin

2006 – “Die John Tucker!» / John Tucker Must Die

2006 – “The Grudge 2» / The Grudge 2

Arielle KebbelArielle Kebbel
Arielle KebbelArielle Kebbel
Arielle KebbelArielle Kebbel

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