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world stars from Germany? Yes, and with Latin rhythms? That’s really a combination that hardly anyone could have imagined up until the resident of Munich Lou Bega ( Lou Bega ) – a descendant of the Sicilian mother and father Ugandans are not attracted to him spotlight his hit “Mambo No. 5”

A few weeks after the release of the single, Lou Bega literally soared with his variation of the classic ’50s Perez Prado on top of the German charts and did not concede leadership to anyone for 11 weeks. In France, where it remained number one for 26 weeks, “Mambo No. 5” was the longest-running top hit of all time.

With his sensational album “A Little Bit Of Mambo” Lou Bega rose everywhere in the top positions of the charts. In the US, the album ranked third album charts Billboard. Around the world, from the shelves sold over 6 million copies of the album. In the US alone it has sold more than 3, 5 million copies. His second single was in the”top 20″ in more than 5 countries.

The entire disc simply oozes cheerful insouciance. Lou Bega made the whole world to dance and have fun. His compositions revolve on all radio stations, it is – the biggest television show guest. Lou Bega on the magnificent English talking with Jay Leno-and-Co. He and his team were enthusiastically received at the biggest festival of the South-American music “Vina del mar”. In Mexico City Lou Bega , visited the grave of national hero Perez Prado. live broadcast of the event went to the morning news. Many Mexicans were moved to tears when they heard as Lou Bega utters a prayer for their national hero. Sher invited him as a special guest at their concert tour. Lou Bega traveled with his band, consisting of 10 people, 22 American cities, including New York and Las Vegas.

Artist simply littered with various awards from around the world. On the “Echo 2000″he was nominated five times and has received awards in two categories:”The most successful foreign artists”and”The most successful pop-rock single of the year.”He was nominated for a Grammy and went to Cannes to receive the prestigious music award as”the world’s biggest-selling German artist”and”Best New Artist-man”.

Lou Bega, like anyone else, have managed to create his own style of music, which he put together the elements of music svёl 40s and 50s and contemporary groove. Artist who, as before, he writes lyrics and music, has completed his new album. The first presentation of the album gives a single “Gentleman”, released in late April.

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