Bugsy Siegel

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Bugsy Siegel (Bugsy Siegel)

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& # 8250; Biography Bugsy Siegel

Casino “Flamingo”is among the five largest casino-hotels in the world, since 1970 owned by the Hilton Corporation. The current owners are reluctant to recall that the gambling establishment has built and opened 26 December 1946 the legendary gangster Benjamin”Bugsy” Siegel. The project cost mafia partners Siegel 6 million dollars – at that time it was an incredibly large amount of money, an ambitious project and a new era in the development of Las Vegas.

Benjamin Siegel (Benjamin Siegelbaum) born on February 28, 1906 in Brooklyn, New York area. Criminal career started with the racket Jewish hawkers in the area. He met with Meyer Lansky and they switched to car theft. After some time, the partners expanded its zone of influence in the whole of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Bugsy and Lansky also engaged in contract killings.

In 1937, Bugsy Siegel arrives for “organization”in California, in addition to the traditional racketeering, blackmail and drug smuggling, he is actively interested in the gambling business – or rather opens at a distance of 12 miles from the coastal zone to the courts a number of casinos that do not fall under the the jurisdiction of the state. Bright appearance, sociable and persistent character, extensive contacts, and virtually unlimited access to a huge amount of cash allowed Benjamin Siegel easily become fashionable in his Hollywood coterie. His new friends and girlfriends seemed Bugsy athlete detail he did not ask. However, Siegel apparently lived”all”: a wife, two children and a beautiful red-haired mistress, Virginia Hill, who played a fatal role in the life and death of Bugsy Siegel.

New York mobster Benjamin Siegel saw a great future in the gaming industry. In early 1945, he began to actively implement their vision into reality: chose a solitary place seven miles from downtown Las Vegas, threw a symbolic lump of earth in the middle of the construction site and said the prophetic words, “In a few years, this place will be filled with beautiful hotels.”

Then Bugsy persuaded Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano to invest $ 1 million in the case, the original cost of the project, and proceeded directly to the construction of the hotel-casino “Flamingo”, named in honor of his mistress red. And all would do, but stole Siegel on building what is called “black”, not disdaining anything. Money transfers to European banks on accounts opened in the name of Virginia Hill.

The cost of construction has increased from the initial one million to six, and still to the promised date, Christmas, 1946, the hotel was not completed. But the grandiose opening of the casino “Flamingo” still held on 26 December 1946, both Bugsy and promised its partners. He brought two of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars planes and made spectacular show. This attracted the press, but not the players: beautiful – it’s good, but the hotel does not work.

Only on March 1, when the re-opening took place on “Flamingo”casino and hotel for 200 guests, the company was profitable.”Flamingo”was a star in Las Vegas for many years, but it’s Bugsy Siegel could not save: the Mafia knew about the account in the name of Virginia Hill in a Swiss bank. At night, June 20 at the age of 41, Benjamin Siegel was shot through the window of his home in Los Angeles. Media all over the world happy to savor the tiniest details, but Hollywood friends and girlfriend to the funeral Bugsy did not come & # 133; But the death of Bugsy Siegel served as a good advertisement for the casino”Flamingo”, transformed into a night of the murder under the joint leadership of the Mafia: people were curious to see the place that they have read so much in the press.

In 1991, film director Barry Levinson golivudskih shot gangster saga ” & raquo ;, Bugsy told in romantic shades on the life of Benjamin Siegel. And although life Bugsy was not so attractive hero and did not cause sympathy, you must give him his due: he laid the foundation to the creation of Las Vegas today – the world capital of gambling.

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Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel

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