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psychologist to corporal Affair to Benjamin Boyce | “It’s a wonder that such things do not happen more often!”

The Jungle campers to have beaten his girlfriend

31.01.2015 – 12:11 clock


This message shocked TV Germany: Ex-boy band Schnuckel and jungle campers Benjamin Boyce (46) is said to have beaten his girlfriend


After a dispute Boyce was obviously palpable. His girlfriend Mareike said to have facial injuries.

Until his Rauswahl on Day 9 Boyce fell into the show on mainly by their unobtrusiveness. The Briton avoided conflict with the co-campers, was instead the nice good uncle from the bush camp, washed the dirty dishes, took care of the fire. From Benjamin’s soul lives of viewers learned nothing.

Enlarge What a reunion friends! After nine days at the Camp Benjamin Boyce was allowed to his girlfriend Mareike


Photo: Andreas Thelen

Back in the freedom he went to his girlfriend going on.

psychologist Konstanze Münstermann told BILD: “I am surprised that such a thing does not happen more often.”

The stresses in the jungle are extremely, especially for the psyche. Since Benjamin Boyce could simply nerves have lost.

“There could be many reasons,”says psychologist Münstermann on.”Lack of sleep, little food, dirt, rain and no privacy. Since forces act that can in many lead to a breakdown. “

It’ll be loud Münstermann not on the period of time such outbreaks could also happen after a shorter time. But Boyce had been a week no longer in the jungle camp.

Münstermann: “His resilience was probably not big enough.”

According to psychologist Münstermann

It does not fundamentally aggressive person to do such a thing. In addition, also could have played an important role alcohol. The acts disinhibiting.

What happened?

The ex-Caught-in-the-act singer and his girlfriend said to have quarreled at the bar. After that they went to their common room 235 in the Versace luxury inn – and the situation escalated: Benjamin suggested Mareike


IMAGE learned: Mareike sent by 6 clock in the morning a help SMS to a Mitcamper, wrote: “Help, the beat me up.” She was trying to reach other campers. At the end helped her family of Jungle candidate Rebecca Simoneit-Barum (37).

A few hours later Mareike was picked up by a security woman and taken to another hotel. You should have facial injuries. Whether they filed charges against him, is not yet known. Even Benjamin has now been transported to another hotel.

Enlarge A kiss for his Mareike could not be missing. Which he had specially still fly at their own cost to Australia, so he did not have to miss as long

Photo: Andreas Thelen

Benjamin lost abruptly in Australia everything. Mitcamper refused after this incident to occur with him in the big reunion show after the finale. And RTL now pulls the emergency brake: his contract is terminated and Benjamin today flown to Germany yet


An RTL spokesman told BILD: “We are informed that there was an incident at the hotel obvious between Benjamin Boyce and his girlfriend. What exactly happened, we do not know, because no employees of RTL and the production company was there. Until the incident finally clarified, Benjamin Boyce will no longer be part of the show. Even in our tomorrow’s jungle show ‘The Big Reunion’ He is not a guest. “

Benjamin Boyce


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Benjamin BoyceBenjamin Boyce
Benjamin BoyceBenjamin Boyce
Benjamin BoyceBenjamin Boyce

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