Meyer Lansky

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Meyer Lansky (Meyer Lansky)

Meyer Lansky was born into a Jewish family in the city of Grodno (in present-day Belarus, which in the early 1900s, was part of the Russian Empire). His family was forced to go to seek his fortune overseas, fleeing the pogroms throughout shirivshihsya. The Case of the rabbi accused of the ritual murder of a girl of Slavic origin and sentenced to death more then impressed on the small Mayer. It should be noted that this family name Lansky – Shushlanovskie (also sometimes appears different last name – Suhomlyanskie); at the beginning of April 1911, together with other Jewish settlers named their ship “Kursk” He arrived at Ellis Island in New York. The fact that the American representative of the immigration authorities decided to simplify the name of persons and to make it more familiar to English-speaking ear. He just cut off the first part of a long family, turning it into Lansky – as often it happened to hard to read the names of immigrants in the United States.

The American period of adolescence Meyer Lansky was not a simple – He was held in a constant competition with other national groups of the New York District Lower East Side, which is a good reason could be found depressed. For power and influence in the area of ​​fighting Irish, Italian and Jewish youth groups – and this long struggle Lansky gave the opportunity to also show and harden their fighting qualities. The composition of Jewish youth groups in Brooklyn and included children from families of Jewish settlers – Yaakov (Yasha) Guzik of Belarus and Louis Lepke from Ukraine – in the future they become faithful companions Lansky. Significance for his later life incident took place shortly after his arrival in New York – he faced a street confrontation with the recognized authority street Lower East Side, the leader of the Italian group Salvatore Luciano youth (he was older Meir five years), which attacked the Meir, shouting anti-Semitic insults. His players have raked Mayer out of his pocket the whole detail. Then Meir harbored deep resentment and decided on the spot, which was later added to it in respect of street community – He tracked down Luciano, who was much taller, knocked him to the ground and cobblestones arranged a public beating, shouting anti-Italian insults. This important episode affected the personality Lansky. Paradoxically, in the future, he and Salvatore Luciano became good friends.

The first loss Meyer Lansky also had an impact on the entire future life strategy Mayer – he lost in a street competition card given to him by his mother money to buy the eve of Shabbat challah, then, seeing the tears of the mother made a vow never to play and thoroughly learn the art of the game. After some time, Meyer Lansky closely engaged in the gambling business by opening several casinos that brought them to the young owner of a relatively good dividends.

However, the first serious financial success Meyer Lansky, who back in the street environment acquired the nickname of “Baby & raquo ;, were predetermined not successful investments in the gambling business, and active participation in policy violations”Prohibition & raquo ;, which is”rampant” in the United States from 1919 to 1933. Meyer Lansky and his associates in the criminal activity (of which special interest is another prominent American gangster Benjamin Siegelbaum. Whose family came from Poland), amassed a fabulous fortune in bootlegging, profitable advantage of the situation.

He signed a contract with the head of the Canadian concern for the production of wines and Samuel Bronfman began to supervise the illegal transportation of alcohol across the border Lake Ontario. Countries two enterprising smugglers contributed to the meticulous journalists called this lake “Jewish & raquo ;. It is known that textbook idea”rescue”illegal alcohol also owns Lansky. We are talking about the bags filled with salt, which is tied to the smuggling boxes of whiskey, which is attached to the pontoon. In case of danger of exposing the whole complex quickly thrown overboard, and then pop up, as salt dissolves slowly through the small holes in the bags – This ingenious idea was reflected in the film”Once in America”.

Despite the need to bribe the police, customs and officials bootlegging in the 1920s brought large profits to those who engaged in them. In fact Meir Lansky “rose”on this craft. It is worth noting that in the period of the US”Prohibition”there was no official ban on the implementation of rubbing alcohol that spodviglo Lansky and his associates look for ways to achieve agreements with the owners of large and small distilleries. Many holders of industrial enterprises for the production of alcohol for”purely medical purposes”chipped in with butlegerskim concern Lansky. Having at its disposal a professional assayer, Lansky gave them an indication of expensive Scotch whiskey mixed with an alcohol – Cocktail was tinted and then went on to the illegal implementation controlled by Meir and his friends network of shops, bars and restaurants. So, before we heard Statistics Profit – 17 million gallons of illegally imported by the US from Canada”normal”whiskey were sold 49 million gallons of whiskey” new generation & raquo ;, which works best on chemical head of New York and the surrounding area.

One of these pubs – New York tavern ” Chumley`s & raquo ;, which was under the control of the bootleggers, regulars which in the 1920s was a classic of American literature, John Dos Passos and poet Edna Millay – still exists today, and the perfect advertising it makes it a rich history.

Once the notorious collapse of the New York Stock Exchange the position of Meir Lansky, Luciano Salvatore, Louis Lepke, Jack Guzik and Bugsy Siegel only strengthened. They obeyed all the recognized authorities of the criminal America, including Al Capone, that many of their actions was to personally coordinate with Lansky.

In the early 1930s, Meir Lansky always distinguished purely entrepreneurial insight, realized that bootlegging era, a period of decline. Even before the cancellation “Prohibition”in 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lansky founded several casinos in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit. One of the first events that strengthened the effect of Lansky and Luciano Italian friend in the gambling business was a visit caused to this pair of Cuban president (who did not hide his pro-American pragmatic) Ruben Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar-and-1933. Batista eagerly accepted American friends, by the time accumulated a reputation”& raquo ;, modest but successful businessmen middling, but immediately expressed skepticism about whether they have sufficient funds for the development of the gambling business in Cuba. Do not hesitate for a minute, Lansky dumped in front of the Cuban leader six million dollars – and this risky but justified the gesture immediately dotted all over the” and & raquo ;. Stunned by Fulgencio Batista immediately wrote them a unique patent for the discovery and management of all gambling houses, which will be opened on the island.

Later, realizing what an enticing prospect open for gambling, and teaming up with Salvatore Luciano and Bugsy Siegel, Meir Lansky invested in the creation of a new gambling center in the United States on the territory of Las Vegas, by analogy with the world-famous European center in Monte -Karl. It is believed that this idea occurred to Bugsy Siegel, who purchased 200 thousand. Dollars a villa in California – Bugsy money earned back-breaking labor-intensive extorting tribute from then still not protected stars of Hollywood. In fact, in the wilderness, which is located far away from civilization, Lansky, Siegel and Luciano founded the company for the construction of casinos and hotels in Las Vegas – and they are not miscalculated with their attachments. Now Las Vegas – one of the gambling capital of the world, not just the US – the foundation was laid of the American mafia clan Meir Lansky. But really the whole complex of Las Vegas was opened only in 1947, after more than ten years of work on the place in which any average American can feel like a millionaire.

The first-ever transfigured Las Vegas casino has been named “Flamingos” – in honor of the twenty young actress Virginia Hill, possessed red hair: her at Bugsy Siegel, Hollywood has long been patron, in many ways, been a love relationship. It is, however, like the rest of the casino and the hotel was decorated with gold and cut glass, which cost a fortune; everywhere hanging expensive paintings, furniture was upholstered in velvet, all adorned with palm trees and other exotic plants. Product six million of investments under the plan founders was to appear before demanding mafia-bohemian audience on Christmas Eve in 1946 – To this end, the two planes to Las Vegas were brought American Hollywood stars (among which were Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner) and the leaders of major US mafia clans. However, the creators suddenly find themselves faced with an unfortunate embarrassment – Not all casinos were ready, and the luxury hotel has not yet been completed, so that the resettlement dignitaries banal not have enough seats.

In addition, as early as July 1946, when the construction work had come to a logical conclusion, it was revealed unpleasant circumstances – Benjamin Siegelbaum regularly subscribed to its partners fictitious accounts, taking some of the money themselves. In addition, some workers, which was in charge of hiring Siegel, suddenly found themselves dishonest – often it was that expensive exclusive palm trees that were planted in the yard of the Casino for the night were exported, and in the morning again clever dealers concluded an agreement with Siegelbaum the sale of the same trees. Systematically faced with financial fraud, Meir Lansky and investors soon guessed everything, and in mid-summer 1947 Bugsy Siegel was shot assassin through the window of his home in Los Angeles. Thus, the opening ceremony was postponed to 1947 – partners headed by Lansky death Siegel correctly reduced the debit with credit, and all the casinos, including a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, have been completed on time.

Here’s how Meir Lansky at the end of life responded to reporters about his financial investments, which led to the prosperity of gambling: “People came into our casino and playing, and when they returned to New York or Washington, uttered pious speeches about how immoral game. But they have not said in their speeches that could be a lot worse. When we started, most of Florida and many other parts of the country were closed to Jews. Before World War II, Jews were forbidden to go into the many hotels, casinos, and apartments. Our casinos are a great place, open to all. Jews, Christians, Arabs, Black could come to us and play”.

Meir Lansky came from a family of the faithful Jews who regularly celebrated all important religious holidays adopted Judaism. Since childhood, Meir was raised in an atmosphere of patriotism and love for his people. Later there was a story that has received wide acclaim. In 1939, Cuba attempted to stick another ship that transported the Jewish families who had fled from Europe because of Nazi persecution, – they seek refuge in the territory of American States. The authorities of the island have expressed disagreement with the fact that the refugees were moved to Cuba – They issued an order not to allow the ship to enter the port of Havana and deploy it without delay in the opposite direction. Meir Lansky intervened in the case and spoke with officials of the migration department, stating that it would pay five hundred dollars for each immigrant. The issue was resolved in favor of the Jewish settlers, and officials from the department have received decent compensation from the life of the main island of gambling.

In the middle of the 1940s ensued delicate geopolitical intrigue associated with the formation of the State of Israel. At the beginning of 1947, when most European countries have rigid arms embargo, so necessary for the young state, which led the struggle for existence, Meir Lansky has thought elegant operation. US officially maintained a policy of demonstrative neutrality toward Israel. However, in the States after World War II gradually returned weapons, highlighted Europe and the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease policy. Meir Lansky maintained close ties with the head of the port of New York and New Jersey, in the back rooms of which received weapons regularly held secret perekomplektatsiyu and sent to Haifa in aid to Israel. More than half of weapons have never been used in hostilities. Thus, under the influence of Meir Lansky bolevshego fervently for the success of Israel was done by a new marine shipping route New York – Haifa – through the supply of weapons, the Israeli army has strengthened considerably. In addition, due to efficient management Lansky interrupted regular supply of firearms Egypt, fought on the other side.

After 11 minutes after the proclamation of the state sovereignty of Israel, held on 14 May 1948, Meir Lansky officially transferred huge amount of money at the expense of the new state. Immediately after the landmark event in the history of the United States – opening in Las Vegas – Lansky agrees to one-tenth of the profit, the proceeds from the activities of a casino, a transfer in favor of Israel.

Once the Cuban Revolution “Beardy & raquo ;, headed by Fidel Castro, who came to power in 1959, and before that six years led an armed uprising against the Cuban dictator Batista, the position of Lansky in Cuba a few shattered, as the new government has given instructions to close the & laquo , the Center of wrinkle”– casino. It is worth mentioning that even in 1937, Meir Lansky makes a profitable investment, basing”Nacional” Havana – at that time the most luxurious hotel-casino in the world. Also during this period Lansky actively lobbying for a new law, according to which gambling in Cuba are not taxed, but only allowed in the hotel, the total value of which was not less than a million dollars. However, after the revolution, Castro Lansky was forced to part with $ 17 million, as well as the entire network of hotels, casinos, equal which was not in the period of 1930 – 1940. Personally, on its own aircraft to fly to Cuba and met with Castro and Che Guevara about his casino (which means uncommon courage Lansky, no more such did not commit). The meaning of the conversation had to be in – or casinos operate in normal mode, or Cuba pays compensation Lansky. Comandante Che in response to proposed Lansky leave Cuba as soon as possible, until the safe, at Lansky had no options, the meeting was held in the yard of the government, which was an open shooting range, in which Castro and Che practiced shooting before the arrival Lansky.

In the second half of the XX century criminal ascending glory Lansky contributed to constant pressure from the FBI and the print media. Soon Lansky stuck honorable nickname “godfather godfathers & raquo ;, and after a while journalists at all times eager for sensation, just to track his every move in 1950 – 1960, came up with his new”brand”–”Chief mafia bosses”.

By taking repeated attempts to convict this “businessman middling”having links with criminal circles in the USA, the FBI regularly put wiretap in his apartment, tracked his routes were aware of all of his telephone conversations, often frequented by the searches with the aim to catch him red-handed, but for a long time, these measures did not bring the desired result. In a report that agents of this department filed on Lansky superiors, all the time to focus on”the Jewish component of the American Mafia & raquo ;. In addition to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and the issue of catching”curb” Lansky – a matter of honor and principle, as an entrepreneur becomes his personal enemy after he organized a secret shoot in a safe house Hoover, where the head of the chief of the police department of the USA indulged in homosexual pleasures. p>


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Meyer LanskyMeyer Lansky
Meyer LanskyMeyer Lansky
Meyer LanskyMeyer Lansky

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