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In pursuit of the “American dream»

The descendant of Cuban immigrants and one of the youngest legislators in the history of the United States, Marco Rubio has repeatedly said it carried out the “American dream”: his way to big politics, with no big money, no influential relatives. Rubio’s father worked as a bartender, his mother – a maid and a cashier.

Marco Rubio married to Jeanette Dausdebs, whom he met back in high school. The school was a cheerleader Jeanette team Miami Dolphins. It is also known that her family moved to the United States from Colombia. Marriage couple Rubio-Dausdebs lasts for 23 years, have four children (two boys and two girls).

After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Miami, Rubio became the head of the administration of West Miami, and in 1999, won a landslide victory over the more experienced rival Democrat, received a seat in the lower house of the legislative assembly of Florida. There, he worked for ten years, and then began to prepare for the elections to the Senate. Then the chances of young Republicans were assessed as insignificant: he opposed the venerable politicians – Democrat Kendrik Meek and independent candidate Charlie Crist, who served as governor of Florida. Krista considered the clear favorite. Rubio managed not only to catch up with the opponent, but also to get the primaries 84 percent of the vote. In the Senate, he became a member of the committees on foreign affairs and intelligence matters. This Rubio enters the small circle of Republicans critical financial issues of the party and its political future.

After Rubio came to the Senate, attitude change within the party. We started talking, that policy has a good chance in 2012 to become the Republican candidate. He was even considered as a partner of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and potential vice president in the event of victory Romney in the presidential election. Rubio himself said that he was not interested in participating in the presidential campaign and the post of the first or second person in the state.

In 2012-2013, the name Marco Rubio not get away with strips of American newspapers and magazines. The young politician was mentioned in the press more often than all the other Republicans combined. In February 2013 portrait of Rubio appeared on the cover of the American magazine Time with the caption: “The Saviour of the Republicans. As Marco Rubio became the new leader of the party. “On hearing this, the politician replied sheepishly.”I’m not Jesus Christ, but he was the Savior.” However, talk of the Republicans wanting to attract votes, making a bet on a young promising politician, did not stop, so Rubio nomination to participate in the presidential campaign was to be expected.

Not quite the usual Republican

Like most Republicans, Rubio advocated a balanced budget, a simplified taxation with a flat income tax and tax on investment ban, which is primarily in the interests of the wealthiest Americans, which has traditionally supported the Republican Party. He was also an opponent of abortion, gay marriage, legalize marijuana, and greater control over arms trafficking.

If this party members, intolerant relating to illegal immigrants, is alarming that Rubio not only supports immigration reform Obama to help get US citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants from Latin America, but also with seven other senators participated in the drafting of this reforms.

In foreign policy, Rubio – “hawk”, criticizes Obama for “spineless.”Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, he repeatedly gave US media interviews in which Washington has called for the introduction, and then to tighten sanctions against Russia. In March 2014 in the journal Politico, he published an article entitled”Eight steps that Obama needs to be done to punish Russia.” It Rubio called to cancel all trade agreements with Moscow to cease all negotiations with it, and start the supply of arms to accept Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.

Rubio opposes nuclear deal with Iran against ‘Chinese aggression’ and the strengthening of sanctions against North Korea. It is noteworthy that Rubio against other Republicans released a very negative attitude towards the establishment of relations between Washington and Havana, offering to return the trade restrictions against Cuba.

«When these negotiations began, only strengthens the Castro repression of Cubans, the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to it, offering one concession after another. It is not clear at all that has been achieved (…) What has changed in respect of the Cubans broader political rights and freedoms? “- Said he reported the resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba in December last year.

It is worth noting that of all the members of the Republican race only Marco Rubio boasts impressive foreign policy experience. Within four years, the policy is in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Intelligence for the US Senate, has made 15 trips abroad, during which meetings with heads of state. The most serious was a Middle East tour Rubio – he visited Jordan, Israel, where he was received by the then President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority. By the way, during the presidential election campaign in 2008, Barack Obama also traveled to the Middle East.

However, unlike Obama Rubio is not looking for new partnerships in the region, and seeks only to confirm the close relations with traditional ally – Tel Aviv. So, meeting with Netanyahu, he said: “The relationship of Israel and the United States – one of the most important for us and I have no doubt that our commitment to these important relations of party differences.”Rubio also said that he opposes the”reset” between the US and Iran and support Israel in the negotiations on the Middle East.

In the shadow of the Bush

Now the main rival Rubio for the party in the struggle for the post of the Republican candidate called even Donald Trump, well ahead of its rivals, and Jeb Bush. Piquancy of the situation makes the fact that Jeb and Marco are good personal relations, and a few years ago, Rubio claimed not to do anything that could hurt Bush.

Now, both candidates basically fighting for the votes of Hispanics (this is the most numerous ethnic minority in the United States – more than 16 percent of the total population), that is the part of the electorate, which traditionally vote for Democrats. Both candidates are fluent in Spanish, was in favor of reform and immigrant consider Florida home state. In contrast, Marco Rubio, Bush has managerial experience gained as governor. However, many Americans are tired of the Bush family name, so it is possible that this factor will play into the hands of a young politician.

Political flaws

In October 2011, journalists have unearthed what Rubio despite claims that his parents were forced to leave Liberty Island in 1959, they arrived in the United States three years before the start of the Cuban revolution. In other words, they are not political refugees but economic migrants. This deprived the opportunity to represent Rubio himself a descendant of victims of political repression.

Spiteful critics also commemorated by Rubio’s bad performance in a television talk show, dedicated to the treatment of President Obama to the nation in 2013. Live all the spectators saw how worried politician: his forehead and then covered sweat, he reached for the water bottle, but instead pour it into a glass, drank from the bottle. This incident became a cause for ridicule Rubio: it argued that it is not yet ripe for a big policy.

After Rubio once again changed his position on the Iraq issue, he had the reputation of all opportunist. Previously, he and Jeb Bush, said he did not think the invasion of the Americans in Iraq a mistake. In April this year, speaking on Fox News. Rubio on the appropriateness of US involvement in the Iraq campaign, said: “The world has become much better, because there is no Saddam Hussein.”But in June, Rubio said.”It seems to me that if the intelligence reported to the president that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, George W. Bush would not support a military campaign.”This Rubio argues that the cause of the”Islamic State” was not an invasion of Americans in Iraq, but on the contrary – the withdrawal of US troops.

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Marco RubioMarco Rubio
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