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Austin Healey Sprite (Austin Healey Sprite) – Photography – The history of the car

English sports car can not be confused with any other. Unique design, good dynamics and speed characteristics combined it with an almost spartan comfort. It was so “Ostim Healy Sprite» (Austin Healey Sprit), put into production in 1958.

Little Brother Healey 3000, Sprite developed a speed of 135 km / h.

The elongated front of the car has been designed to provide good access to the engine.

Its creator, Ostim Healy (Austin Healey), was well aware that he wanted to get away from it suppliers. Getting to the creation of the model of “Sprite”Ostim Healy had over their shoulders a great design and experience. Before the Second World War, he had worked at the company”Triumph» (Teiumph), where he was responsible for the creation of such popular models as the “Gloria» (Gloria) and “Dolomite» (Dolomite). Shortly before the war, he went to work at the firm, “Humber» (Hamber), but the dream to create your own, a car bearing his name never left him. Soon after the war ended in Warwick, he founded the firm “Donald Healey Motor Company» (Donald Healey Motor Compani) and in 1946 presented to the public two models of its cars. They were models of “Healey Elliot» (Healey Elliot) and “Westland» (Westland). Both cars were equipped with the new engine at the time, “Riley» (Riley) with overhead camshaft.

«Eliot,” stands out from the car range elegant aerodynamic perfect body, which is manufactured to the same aluminum alloy. He was warmly received by the audience, prompting Healy to the organization of its production.

In 1949, he made a 2-seater sports car, named after the famous track “Silverstoum» (Silverstone). He regularly took part in various car competitions, and those small cash prizes to ever win it, he invested in expanding production. In those years, many British automakers want to enter the rich and prestigious American automotive market. I do not stay aside and Austin Healey. Absolutely reasoning that US consumers prefer to buy a car with a “native”American, engine, he launches the”Healey Nash» (Healey Nash), six-cylinder engine equipped with American “Nash”, the volume of 3.8 meters. In 1950 he managed to sell 253 car overseas. Many British producers can only envy such results. This year has been a landmark in the biography of Healy. Speaking at the next 24 races in the L e Mans, he won an honorable fourth place. The decisive year in his life was the 1952 th. His new sports car, as always, has an elegant, but Healy could not pick a decent drive for him. Salvation came in the face of the company “Austin» (Austin), offer to equip the new creation as its new 2.7-liter engine, but in general it “Healy”was to be the unit of”Austin Healey» (Austin Healy). In 1953, Healy completely eliminated from the control of the firm and switched to work in “Austin».

But the most famous works Healy appeared in 1958, it became the “Austin Healey Sprite» (Austin Healey Sptite) It was a very tiny car. Its length is only 3.5 meters with a very kind, perky appearance: wide-gaping grille and goggle-eyed headlights, through which wags dubbed the car frog eye. Behind him it was difficult to confuse with another car: small graceful lights instead of the traditional bumper – two chrome fangs, the general impression has added defiantly sticking chrome gas tank tube. Convex lights, which have become a symbol of the brand, their appearance obliged unfortunate misunderstanding. Creating a model Donald Healy hoped to sell it in the first place in the United States. He wanted to please the American public and make the lights, retractable hood. But working out lifting mechanism required additional time and cost. Therefore, lights rigidly fixed on the hood, thereby betraying the car a unique look. Mechanics “Sprite”was not original. Almost all of its components and assemblies have been borrowed from other models of the concern of the Navy. Suspension used on the”Triumph”, the engine – from the “Austin A 35 ‘. A notable piece “Sprite”was his bonnet. It was made integrally with wings. Throwing it was easy to do and repair of the engine and repair the front suspension. The engine capacity of 948 cm3 capacity of 45 liters developed. since that allowed”sprite” confidently move at speeds up to 135 km / h. The design of the car has remained typical for English models of the late 50s. Lightweight body was located on a massive frame, drum brakes on all wheels Transmission 4-speed synchronization only on the higher gears.

«Austin Healey Sprite” was modified several times, becoming with every generation all smarter and more powerful. The last car of the series, released in the early ’70s, in performance significantly superior to the founder of the series. But none of the subsequent model does not have the aura of fascination inherent in the first frog eye.

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Austin HealeyAustin Healey
Austin HealeyAustin Healey
Austin HealeyAustin Healey

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