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Jason Scott Lee – Red Mighty Morphine

Actor: Austin St. John (Austin St. John)

Name: Jason Scott Lee (Jason Lee Scott)

Full Name: Jason Scott Lee (Jason Lee Scott)

Function: Red Mighty Morphine (Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger)

Medallion of Power: The Red Medallion of Power (Tyrannosaur)

The team activation of transforming the & # 33; (It’s Morphin ‘Time & # 33;)

Cry: Tyrannosaurus & # 33; (Tyrannosaurus & # 33;)

Weapons: Blaster-Blade, Sword of Power

Zordy: Tyrannosaurus

Note: Strong and fearless Jason Lee Scott will of fate was the first in the history of earth Red Ranger, as well as the party leader Mighty morphine.

When Jason first met with Zordonom, he realized that Zordon told him and his friends the truth, that their world was in great danger from attack by Rita. The fact that the Earth Rangers general appeared, a considerable merit of Jason. As Red Ranger, Jason became a team leader and took responsibility for all the battles themselves.

To becoming a Ranger Jason uses the Medallion of Power Tyrannosaurus, and controls a huge Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and later Red Dragon Gromozord. For melee voooruzhen Sword of Power, a very powerful weapon with a sharp razor blade. When his weapons combined with the remaining weapons morphine Blaster Force is Jason manages this powerful power plant. His Red Morph features more power and offensive abilities.

Jason is physically the most developed of the Rangers, as well as a man who never retreats. This quality made him a capable leader, who led the friends to victory. His extensive knowledge of karate, as well as his natural courage and

determination make it almost perfect head of the Rangers.

With others, he is very loyal and honorable man, and ever mindful of the responsibility that comes with the Force. Although he is better known at school as an athlete, Jason – as an intelligent and serious student with a passion for history. Although he considers himself a pretty boring person, for friends Jason is very friendly and approachable, and at the same time – a strong and fearless.

His dream – to someday teach martial arts in their own school. However, steps to that he has done – in “Youth Center” he teaches karate lessons for everyone, including Bill.

When Tommy lost his powers of Green Ranger, he gave the Armor and the Dragon Dagger Dragon to save Jason, who was able to re-activate them, thus saving Drakonzord and strengthening its own Morph.

In general, the relationship between Tommy and Jason can not be called simple. Perhaps there is no competition between them for the reason that everyone sees each other as a part of yourself. Jason never envied Tommy, even though he was his constant rival, and then replaced him as the leader of the Rangers. Jason Tommy always supported in difficult times.

Once it has a lot of trouble to the benefit of business Ranger, Jason left the Angel Grove at the World Summit Youth in Switzerland, where he remained for a long time to protect the peace of the world in various anti-war conferences and summits. His Power then gave Rocky Jason De Santos, and the leader of the squad – Tommy Oliver.

Jason returned to Angel Grove, only when there was no Mighty morphine, they were replaced by Zeo Rangers, and the Earth was attacked by the Machine Empire.

Could born Ranger stand aside? Soon Jason get power from the triune man Trey Trifonov from the planet and become the new Gold Ranger. In this position he remained until late age Zeo until Trey took on his back to the Force. A little later he took part in the adventures of the Turbo Rangers Murantias on the island, however, already without forces.

Austin St JohnAustin St John
Austin St JohnAustin St John
Austin St JohnAustin St John

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