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Jeff Healey & amp; The Jeff Healey Band


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Norman Jeffrey Healey was born March 25, 1966, in Toronto, Canada. Jeff lost his sight at the age of one year, and got his first guitar for Christmas when he was about three years. Show more .. Even then, he realized that to fully play those ‘ standard; guitar hooks that use other, he was not destined. Healy began to experiment and quickly realized that it’s best to play it turns out, putting the body of the guitar on his lap. With six years Jeff began to compose and sing.

After school for the blind in Branford (Branford), Healy 15 years formed his first band, nosivshuyu name Blue (s) Direction (s). But the real moment of the beginning of the musical career of Jeff is still considered in 1985, when the legendary guitarist Albert Collins asked nineteen Healy play along while performing in a club in Toronto. Collins was so impressed with the young blind guitarist, he asked again to play with him and another blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan (tragically crashed helicopter Eric Clapton in 1990). And in 1986 he BB King asked Healy to speak with him on Vankuverovskom music festival. Stevie Ray Vaughan, who by that time a true friend Jeff said as much, and that “Healy revolutionize the art of guitar playing”.

So, Jeff was recognized as the monsters of the genre. It remains to conquer the public. Actually The Jeff Healey Band was founded in 1985 in Toronto clubs Grossman ‘ s Tavern, where Healy met bassist Joe Rokmena (Joe Rockman) and drummer Tom Stephen (Tom Stephen). The group toured Canada for two years, which was the result of the work of a few singles and the organization’s own label, Forte Records. Soon the musicians managed to contract with a major label Arista Records, which is engaged in distribution of production BMG Music Canada Inc.

It’s time to record their first album, produced by Jimmy Ayovin. Firstborn was named “See the Light”and left in 1987. In 1990, The Jeff Healey Band released their second studio album,”Hell To Pay”. The guests began to drive such iconic musicians as George Harrison and a wonderful guitarist Mark Nopfler.Vyshedshy year later “Feel This”It has reached only 174 seats. But if”Hell to pay”drive was certainly strong, yielding first-born, quite a bit, then”Feel This”group quite frankly gave the audience feel that tired. In 1995, the group is completely out of the crisis, returning almost to his best album consisting of cover versions of other people’s songs. The masterpiece was called simply, but tastefully,”Cover to cover”. The disc musicians presented things such iconic artists as George. Hendrix, Robert Johnson, B. Dixon, R. California, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Creedence and others. In 2000, on the independent label Eagle Records released fifth studio disc group, “Get me some”, which has been very strong.

Jeff HealeyJeff Healey
Jeff HealeyJeff Healey
Jeff HealeyJeff Healey

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