Anthony Kiedis

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Anthony Kiedis

Born: November 1, 1962, Grand Rapids, United States

The American rock musician Anthony Kiedis around the world known as the lead singer Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony – very scandalous and controversial personality, if closely examine its way of life, creativity and achievement.

Anthony Kiedis was born in the American town of Grand Rapids and three years, did not know the sorrows, the most common being a child in an ordinary family. But one day, Anthony’s mother decided she’d had enough and filed for divorce from the boy’s father, average talent actor, who preferred a free life too. Subsequent years Anthony grew up with a stepfather and again saw his father only when he was 11 years old. It is this age that can be considered a point of reference, which began to form known today all rock bully Kiedis.

Anthony Kiedis: “I think I owe a lot to the fact that in the 13 years I have traveled in”Austin Healey”, which sat behind the wheel of my father. His brain at that moment had acid and radio airplay Barry Manilow ».

After moving to his father, the young Anthony got into quite specific environment where the actor’s work is not conceived without drugs and alcohol. Despite the very tender age, Anthony quickly became a part of this kind of world, where smoking “grass” was considered something ordinary and even allowed the child. Becoming a little more (but not much), Anthony tried more serious drugs, among which has found its place and heroin. With him coming rock singer met in 14 years. Around this age, there was another landmark dating Anthony – with his best friend and future musical partner Michael Blezari. whom everyone called simply Flea.

Together Flea and Anthony quickly became legendary duo of the most daring and unpredictable inventors. They often venture were as incredible as it is dangerous, and one of the most popular cases began jumping into the pool from a height of several floors. We finish these games fractured spine Kiedis. After that, he was a little tempered his passion for games and become dangerous to think seriously about the music. Especially because it was at this time (Anthony is already 15 years old), he met with a third man, who in the future will be one of four members of the legendary group Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was the guitarist Hillel Slovak. Soon to join this trio and Jack Irons. which was to take the place of the drummer.

Anthony Kiedis / Entoni Kidis and the band Red Hot Chili Peppers

Group Red Hot Chili Peppers was born shortly after the young people have left school. Initially, she was wearing a long name Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. but by 1983 it was renamed and got a name known to all. Anthony became its permanent vocalist.

During the existence of the group Red Hot Chili Peppers worldwide has sold over 80 million copies of her music albums.

For the first time he has tried to adhere to the “decent” way of life – I went to university even started … But a few months later Kiedis decided that training – it’s fun not for him. Music, girls and drugs took all my free time, Anthony.

Anthony Kiedis: “Inspiration – a strange thing. Many believe that the creation of music can inspire just different music. But this kalechnaya idea – as long as you have a thousand other sources of inspiration, and as long as the music created in other universes, to get your head directly ».

It is not known where the young musician would lead this rough road, but after 5 years after the creation of the group, one of its members, Hillel Slovak has died from an overdose. This greatly and permanently changed his mind and led Anthony to pull myself together. Not immediately, but he was able to cope with his own addiction and learn to have fun and inspiration from life itself. The musician traveled dozens of exotic countries, traveled to many different amazing places in the world, met a lot of people, among whom was even Dalai Lama.

The group Red Hot Chili Peppers is among the musical groups and performers that are included in the global Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This museum is dedicated to people who have the greatest influence in shaping the direction of the music.

For its 50th anniversary, which the musician said in 2012, Anthony Kiedis has become a legend of rock ‘n’ roll, an experienced traveler, father, vegetarian and even a writer. His autobiography was published in 2004.

Anthony Kiedis and film / Entoni Kidis

For the first time Anthony Kiedis starred in a movie in 16 years – it was a movie «Fist». where the boy played with the famous actor Sylvester Stallone. Experience in the film Anthony seemed interesting, but not enough to devote a lifetime. In the same year Kiedis took part in two film projects, playing a small role in them, and then there was a break in his film career for three years. The next time the audience could see Anthony in the film «Tough guys» in 1990, and a year later the musician appeared in the cult film «On the crest of a wave». The last in his filmography of feature-length picture has become «The Chase» in 1994. However, in addition, Anthony Kiedis has repeatedly acted in films as himself.

Anthony KiedisAnthony Kiedis
Anthony KiedisAnthony Kiedis
Anthony KiedisAnthony Kiedis

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