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Alice Munro

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Born: July 10, 1931 Wing, Ontario, Canada

Alice Ann Munro – Canadian novellistka, winner of the Booker Prize, three-time winner of the Canadian Governor General’s Awards in the field of fiction and several times is a contender for the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013.

Munro was born in Wing, Ontario, the son of farmers. Her father’s name was Robert Eric Laidlaw and her mother, a schoolteacher, called Anne Clark Laidlaw. She began writing as early as adolescence, and published his first story “Shadow Measurements”in 1950 while studying at the University of Northern Ontario. During this period she worked as a waitress. In 1951, she left the university where she has specialized since 1949 in English, married James Munroe and moved to Vancouver. Her daughter, Sheila, Catherine and Jenny were born in 1953, 1955 and 1957, respectively; Katherine died 15 hours after birth. In 1963 he moved to Victoria, where they opened a bookstore called”Books Munro.” In 1966, a daughter, Andrea. Alice Munro and James were divorced in 1972. She returned to Ontario to become a writer at the University of Western Ontario. In 1976, she married Gerald Fremlin, a geographer. The couple moved to a farm near Clinton, Ontario. Later, they moved from the farm to the city.

The first collection of Alice Munro, “Happy Dance of Shadows”(1968), was highly otsenёn, so Munro won the Governor General’s Awards – the highest literary award in Canada. This success has secured”the lives of girls and women”(1971) – a collection of interconnected short stories published as a novel. This single product Munro, called the novel, sections are more like stories than chapters, this book – a fictional autobiography Del Jordan girls growing up in a small town in Ontario, and later becoming a writer, but also includes the story of her mother, aunts and friends . In 1978 he published a book”Who are you, in fact, is that?”. This book allowed Munroe win the Governor General’s Awards for the second time. From 1979 to 1982 she toured in Australia, China and Scandinavia. In 1980, Munro worked as a writer and resident at the University of British Columbia and the University of Queensland (Australia). In the 1980s and 1990s, Munro published collections of short stories about once every four years. In 2002, her daughter Sheila Munro published a memoir about his childhood and life of the mother.

The action of many works of Munroe’s happening in Huron County, Ontario. Her strong regional orientation is one of the features of her books. Her female characters are quite complex. Most of the work Munro illustrates the literary genre known as “Gothic Southern Ontario.”Works Munro is often compared to the great novelists. For example, American author Cynthia Ozick calls Munro”Our Chekhov”. Munro’s works, as well as in Chekhov, the plot is secondary. Garan Halkomb said: “Everything is based on the epiphanic moment of sudden enlightenment.”Munro Chekhov shared obsession with time. Often, Munro’s work, especially in her early stories were dilemmas girls mature age. In recent works, such as”hatred, friendship, courtship, falling in love, marriage”(2001) and”The Fugitive”(2004), she turned his attention to suffering women of middle age and older people. Sign of style for her character – experience the revelation that shed light and give meaning to events. Munro’s prose reveals the ambiguity of life,”an ironic and serious at the same time,””shrill tone of indignation and happy”,”bad taste, callousness, joy.”Many critics have argued that Munro stories often have an emotional depth and literary novels. Asked about what Munro writes in fact – short stories or novels, Alex Keegan gives a simple answer:”Who cares? In most works of Munroe is the same as in many novels”.

In 2009, the writer was the winner of the international “Booker».

In the summer of 2013 82-year-old Munro announced the departure from the literature: a collection of short stories, “The Road of Life» (Dear Life), released in the fall of 2012, should be her last book.

In 2013, Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize with the wording “masters of modern narrative.” He became the first Canadian writer to be awarded the prize.



Alice MunroAlice Munro
Alice MunroAlice Munro
Alice MunroAlice Munro

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