Markus Zusak

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Markus Zusak

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Born: June 23, 1975 Australia, Sydney

Markus Zusak was born in 1975 and grew up on the stories of the parents – immigrants from Austria and Germany who survived the horrors of the Second World War.

The Australian and American critics call it “literary phenomenon” and is recognized as one of the most inventive and poetic novelists of the new century.

Zuzak – winner of several literary awards for books for adolescents and young adults.

Markus Zusak – Australian writer, the youngest of four children. His parents came from Austria; mother German, his father worked as a house painter. In an interview Zuzak said that while growing up heard numerous stories about Nazi Germany, and the bombing of Munich Jews who passed through the small German town where his mother lived. All of these stories inspired Marcus to write the novel “The Book Thief».

He had a great desire to write your own book, after reading the novels of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”and Peter Hedges’ What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Marcus began writing at age 16, and the first novel «The Underdog» was released after only seven years.

Since the publication of debut novel in 1999. Markus Zusak quickly turned into one of the most contemporary young artists in Australia. In his books, Zuzak, the son of working-class immigrants from Austria, tells the stories of other poor young people struggling with difficult life circumstances and his own demons to improve themselves and their lives. “History has always pointed out to me where I – Zuzak said in an interview. – The difficulties that have passed through my parents and their struggle for something to make a living – that’s the likely basis of all that I have achieved. I think, without stories we would all be empty ».

won the award a couple of novels Zuzak brothers Wolf «Fighting Ruben Wolfe» and «When Dogs Cry» (novel published in the United States under the name «Getting the Girl») – received a positive response and attention of critics, both in Australia and in the US . Books written on behalf of the younger brother of Ruben Wolfe – Cameron. Wolfe Brothers teens living in a family of “blue collar”, which is going through hard times. Their father was wounded and lost his job plumber. His mother works as a cleaner, but even this is not enough to make ends meet. Therefore, when at the beginning of the novel «Fighting Ruben Wolfe» boys suits the owner and organizer of illegal fights in boxing they are taking advantage of the chance to take his offer to get extra money. Ruben frequent participant after-school fistfight quickly adapts to boxing. He earned the nickname “Fighting Ruben Wolfe» (Fighting Ruben Wolfe) he wins most matches, bringing home $ 50 after each won the tournament. Cameron – the most cautious of the brothers, and he did not get everything. In the ring, he was nicknamed “The loser» (The Underdog), but despite this, he remains and continues to participate in the battles, overcoming his fear, seeing that the audience appreciated his tenacity. Contrary to what the brothers have to finally confront each other in the ring, they are close to each chapter of the book ends with a conversation between them.

In addition Zuzak wrote teenage romance «I Am the Messenger», and in an interview said he was going to write another book called «Bridge of Clay». Novel idea he nurtured for the past ten years and he hopes to be able to implement it.

Marcus lives in Sydney with his wife and daughter, was born in 2006. He likes to surf and in his spare time watching movies.

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2000 – Against Ruben Wolff / Fighting Ruben Wolfe

Markus ZusakMarkus Zusak
Markus ZusakMarkus Zusak
Markus ZusakMarkus Zusak

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