Aileen Wuornos

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Wuornos, Aileen (Wuornos, Aileen)

Are there female maniacs? FBI agent Robert K. Ressler (who, incidentally, invented the term “mass murder”) in 1984, made a report on the characteristic features of serial killers, and the first place was this: more than 90 percent of maniacs – white males. So, after all are not only white and – not only men.

Aileen Wuornos (otherwise – Wuornos) is probably the most famous and characteristic the fairer sex maniac, and in general it is – a romantic and tragic heroine.

Born Eileen (at birth received the name Pittman) February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan, US, parents of teens who parted a year earlier – in 1955. Subsequently, the young father was in prison for sexual abuse of a minor girl, which was hung up (shortly after that his mother gave the child his last name).

But at Eileen was a native brother and young flighty mother tired to bother with the children – in 1957, when Eileen was six months old, his mother left them with my brother in the care of either the nurse, or neighbor allegedly for a few hours, and then from -That phoned and said that is not going to return home. Then Eileen took foster grandparents.

In spite of this, Eileen childhood did not become happier. Later, she told police that she had first sexual experience with svomi brother at an early age, although this statement is inclined to question. Anyway, to 13 years, our heroine has definitely had a similar experience: she gave birth to an illegitimate child and then grandparents kicked her out of the house.

So in 14 years, in 1970. Eileen was the tramp – for life. She wandered around the cities and villages of his native state, stealing, drinking, drug addiction. At the same time it acquired a special road prostitutes (and enjoyed success with men, because was very attractive bolondinochkoy).

In the 20 years she was in Florida. There Wuornos met senior (70 years), a businessman and married him. The marriage was very short-lived – a month later he terminated his husband whether for drunken hooliganism Eileen at the bar, or for the fact that she beat him to get hold of the keys to his car. In divorce proceedings, he claimed that the young lady to squander his money and beat him – the old and weak, and she kept saying the opposite – that he beat her with his cane.

Eileen again left alone.

Soon after her brother died and she got insurance – 10 thousand dollars, which it was only enough for a couple of months – she bought expensive trinkets and a new car, which soon broke. Once again, left without money, she continued to engage samotorgovley near the highway.

In 1978, she attempted suicide by shooting himself in the stomach.

Once the recovery in 1979, Eileen took part in an armed attack on the shop. She was arrested and imprisoned for 1 year and 1 month. On the freedom of it came at the end of June 1983.

After a couple of years, she was detained on suspicion of theft of weapons. The police, she was named after her aunt in Michigan – Lori Groday. It was released than inspired and forged a check under a new pseudonym – Susan Blahovek, for what was also arrested. And also released.

In 30 years – in 1986, the fate of Aileen was a turning point – in a bar for homosexuals to Daytona Beach, she met the love of his life – a lesbian named Tyria (otherwise – Tirya) Moore, is strikingly similar to her strawberry hair, freckled face and dense father figure Eileen, whose daughter never saw.

Even cooled to one another sexually, they were inseparable friends. They roamed the motel where Eileen often written as Cammy Green. Sometimes she took odd jobs – in their tandem, she sang the role of breadwinner male and Tyria remained “on the economy.” However, to have sex with men Eileen never wavered, because the money is needed to keep to yourself Tiriyu.

When this character Eileen changed accordingly – it has become more courageous and even aggressive, able to stand up for himself and his beloved. In 1987, in a bar, she launched a bottle in the head a man who dared to dissolve the language. She was then arrested for driving a car with an expired license, but the clerk of the District Court came several threatening letters and the case was hushed up. Then she had a fight with someone on the bus. Then, in a rented apartment destroyed after all the innocent remarks mistress.

All this time, she did not leave her with confidence pridavashim .22 pistol.

November 30, 1989 Eileen “withdrew”near highway 51-year-old Richard Mallory, the owner of the repair shop. The next day near Ormond Beach found his”Cadillac” to open the door, and next – with the remains of a bottle of vodka, scattered papers from his wallet and condoms from a torn pack. And more than anything or anyone. And after 20 days, December 19 two friends who sought to dump scrap metal on the side of the 95th line, found the body of Mallory, raked by three bullets and wrapped in a car mat.

This was the first murder of Aileen Wuornos, followed by 6 more.

She told me about the murder of his girlfriend, but Tirija replied: “I do not even want to hear about it”, but the police did not say, as always feared Eileen.

The 2nd victim – 43-year-old David Spears, in May 1990.

3rd victim – 40-year-old Charles Karskedden, May 31, 1990.

June 7, 1990 a retired merchant seaman Peter Sims went on a gray “Pontiac”from Florida to Arkansas to stay with relatives and disappeared. July 4 in Florida near Orange Springs local Indian saw the road descended gray”Pontiac” and crashed into pridorzhny bush, and then out of the car and got out, swearing and rushing beer cans, went to the forest, two women – blonde and redhead. The Indian went up to him and offered to help (at the blonde’s shoulder was torn apart and bleeding), but the women refused. Soon vigilant Indian call the sheriff, who found that the car belonged to the missing Sims.

30 July 1990 did not come home from work driver, transported in a van sausage. His body with two gunshot wounds in 5 days found a family who came to the Ocala National Park for a picnic.

A Sept. 11 disappeared retired sheriff from Alabama, traveled to Florida on business. The next day we found his body, riddled 7 times and robbed.

The latest victim – 60-year-old Walter Antonio, who died November 19, 1990.

All of the victims were single (without passengers) for drivers male and middle-aged (last victim – even older). Agreed to lift and Eileen met vtupuyu with her sex (or have already entered). That is, she killed their potential or held clients (this is one of the distinguishing traits of serial killers female – they kill people is not completely foreign, and those with whom they have some connection, with times – even relatives !). Machinery victims remained in the forest. The murder weapon – a .22 caliber pistol, used to make at least two shots at the victim, usually – more. In some cases, the killer was trying to hide the evidence.

Local “Homicide”led Captain Steve Binegar. He knew about the similarities of several murders committed in the county. He came to the conclusion that the killer – road prostitute. Probably one of the two women with whom talked Injun near the broken”Pontiac” Sims.

Press opublikovla orientation on the alleged killers. In December, a woman from Tampa reported that at a motel south of Ocala lived two lesbians – Tyria Moore and Susan Blahovek like verbal portraits of the press.

The detectives found that the pair recorded in other books of guests, with Susan Blahovek sometimes changed the name to Cammy Green. As it turned out then, in one of the local pawnshops woman named Cammy Green handed the camera. It turned out – it was a camera killed Richard Mallory. On receipt, as expected, featured a fingerprint of the owner – it coincided with the imprint of Lori Groday, once accused of theft and possession of weapons and with the imprint found in the “Pontiac” Peter Sims. Thus, the investigators established, Cammy Green, Susan and Laurie Groday Blahovek – one woman, whose real name is – Aileen Wuornos.

… and that, meanwhile, survived the tragedy – the loss of a loved one. She could not keep to himself Tiriyu which broke impoverished nomadic life and “professional” Eileen cheating with men, and went to live with her sister in Pennsylvania.

Therefore, Aileen was arrested one. It was January 9, 1991 in a bar “The last refuge» (!).

But the police did not have a direct irrefutable evidence against her and pretended to arrest her Laurie Groday for long-standing problems with the weapon. Eileen was more or less calm.

Meanwhile, two police officers went to Pittston to visit Tyria Moore, who “laid” ex-girlfriend, a mistress, and even agreed to assist the investigation (perhaps under pressure to rid itself). Tiriyu brought to Florida and had a telephone conversation with her prisoners. Of course, I listen to and record the conversation.

Tyria Eileen said that the police allegedly going to blame all the killings of her Tiriyu Moore what Eileen said: “You do not go to jail. If a whiff of fried, I’ll take everything ».

And she kept her promise – January 16, 1991 admitted his murder, but opradyvalas “I shot because it was self-defense! If they survived, my ass would be in great danger! They were all just crap, I had to kill them! How dare you, you bastards, so long torment me with your questions! “. In other meetings, she cried: “I am innocent! I was raped! You raped and American scumbags! “Or”I hope your wife and children, fuck in the ass!”(The Public Prosecutor).

Journalists called maniac gently – Lee.

There were at Aileen Wuornos admirers and defenders – 44-year-old owner of the ranch with her husband formally adopted her and led the defense of his adopted daughter in court.

The body of Peter Sims has not been found, because it was impossible to establish the fact of his murder, and Eileen was convicted of 6 murders.

In February 1993, Eileen was sentenced to capital punishment – the death penalty. But before the execution of a sentence passed nine years. When the date of death was already close, Wuornos apologized to the relatives of their victims and often expressed that she was very sorry for what he did, and if she’d had the chance, would like to change all that. But as you know, the offense can not go back …

Throughout his last night with his girlfriend Eileen spent his childhood. Later, she told reporters that sentenced talked a lot about what is waiting for the coming encounter with God, and prayed for the souls of those who died on her hands.

The next morning, October 9, 2002 at 9:30 am local time, Aileen Wuornos was executed by administering a lethal injection into a vein (originally an instrument of execution was appointed chair). “I’ll be back” – this phrase was the last of her life. It was the third woman, who was executed in Florida since 1976, when the death penalty was re-established as the highest measure.

About her were dropped 2 movie – “Aileen Wuornos: Portrait of a Serial Killer”documentary screened at the New York Film Festival in 1993, and”Monster,”in which the main role performed by Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron. A H.Shehter and Aileen Wuornos D.Everit devoted a separate article in the”Encyclopaedia of serial killers.” Well, well deserved.

Update. Full spiskok victims Wuornos.

    November 30, 1989 – Richard Melrou, 51 years old. May 1990 – David Spears, 43 years old. May 31, 1990 – Charles Karskedden 40 years. June 7, 1990 – Peter Sims, 65 years old. July 30, 1990 – Eugene Barros, 50 years old. September 11, 1990 – Dick Namfris 56 years. November 19, 1990 – Walter Antonio, 60 years old.

All of the victims were killed by numerous shots from a revolver .22.

Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos
Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos
Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos

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