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Dahmer Jeffrey (Dahmer, Jeffrey)

Lodging Dahmer became a place of treacherous murders. During the investigation it was witnessed cannibalism, sexual perversions, ruthless killings detainee. This case struck not only American citizens but people around the globe. The television broadcast horrific scenes: garbage barrels with acid and fragments of human bodies from the apartment where he lived Jeffrey Dahmer. First offender denied guilt in the murders of fifteen, but at the trial of the accused has been proven responsibility and involvement in the killings. The whole world, with bated breath, watched the trial. As a result, despite the conclusion of psychiatrists: the deviation in the sexual sphere in the form of necrophilia, the jury found Dahmer guilty. Tormented by remorse, Jeffrey prayed for death. The Court also delivered its verdict – the murderer gave 1070 years in prison.

The arrest occurred by chance (as it always does). At night, 22 July 91 while on patrol saw a police car approaching them black. He was handcuffed.

Escape as the last hope for life

Tracey Edwards (so-called begging for help frightened man) told the cops about a man who lives nearby. Tracy, trembling like a leaf, admitted that he had left the soul in the heel, as soon as he heard that they want to eat his heart. Flight was his last hope of life, or to Edwards joins the ranks of the countless victims of abnormal landlord. All together, we went to the house where the killer lives. He opened the door pretty blonde in a blue t-shirt and jeans. When the police entered the room, we felt the stench of decomposing bodies. On the stove, saw the strange spot. The apartment door was more like a safety deposit box that confirmed the opinion did not cross the threshold of application reviews: ” There’s something not right! & Raquo; The cops asked for an explanation. Tracy Edwards shared his story, said that he met with Jeffrey Dahmer during the sell-off in the city center, has not refused to drink with him a few beers at his house. When the guest wished to retire Dahmer began to threaten with a knife and a cuff strapped to his arm, and the second to him. Then the maniac lay down on his chest and began to listen to Tracy heartbeat Edwards scared to death, then went into a trance and tightening incomprehensible song, swaying from side to side. That’s when Tracy and turned to escape and run away.

It was requested file Dahmer. Entered immediate answer that the person is registered for attempted rape of a minor. Snapping the cuffs on his wrists Dahmer, the police continued to check the apartment. In the refrigerator they found a man’s head. Jeffrey uttered only a few words during the arrest: ” I can not stand gays and blacks! & Raquo;.

A collection of impressive size

The apartment was found a large barrel with acid filled the remains of victims of Dahmer. Eroded acid hands and genitals were banks in the kitchen cupboard next to the other parts of the body: fingers, hands, skulls. Also find photos of fifteen killed, who revealed detailed steps “medical examination” killer.

Jeffrey killed and then butchered corpses and the remains of destroyed with acid. His bedroom decorated with posters porn stars, porn movies and audio tapes (preferred hard rock). Of food in the apartment were 213 N chips, mustard and beer and Bank. hamburger with human flesh. It became clear that the detainee not only to kill, but eat their victims.

Hard to believe that the “collector” I was born and grew up in a happy family. Father Jeffrey Dahmer (chemist) married Joyce Flint in 1959. A year after the wedding, the couple was born a boy. Childhood child was relatively calm. Only after the divorce of their parents began to observe the strangeness of the nature of his son.

“he was not a monster.”

Jeffrey’s father blames his wife. Like, it’s mental illness affected the genes of the mother of the child, making him a murderer. Here’s what he said: “In retrospect, I’m starting to realize that I had to devote more time his son interested in his inner world. My fault that he did not. I tried to do for him what he could as a father, but I was not able to fill the spiritual emptiness and loneliness of his son. I am ashamed of his actions, but I still can not grasp how such a responsive, well-mannered man could do such inhumane acts”.

The school archives preserved documents about the progress Dahmer. (IQ Jeffrey equal 145). Fantastic, playing tennis, playing in the music circle.

The first victim Dahmer was Stephen Hicks. It took the guy on the highway on the way to a rock concert.

In 1979, Jeffrey went into the army. Becoming a medic-based Baumhold, Dahmer received a good knowledge of anatomy, that it will be useful in the future. Then demobilization for drunkenness, returning home to his grandmother. He was first arrested in 1982 for attempted rape of a minor, but it was not put behind bars for a long time. (Dahmer wrote tearful repentance, in which he asked to give him a chance to improve). After 9 months, he was released for good behavior.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed always the same pattern. He came to the club or to a meeting of homosexuals, which, under the pretext to spend time together, invited to his home. There is mixed into the alcohol with sleeping pills crushed tablets. Dormant handcuffed, then he strangled, raped. all imprinted on the photo. It is noteworthy that the victims Dahmer picked exclusively black people, homosexuals with inflated torso.

“Slow and steady wins – , Will”

Later, the police chief of the city of Milwaukee admitted that earlier in the flat killers were police officers. They called the neighbors who saw the half-naked bloodied Man, emerged from the house Jeffrey. Dahmer was an excellent psychologist and successfully been able to convince the cops that it was his lover to move alcohol. Police went back home, but at this time Dahmer strangled fugitive, and then dismembered the corpse. Maniac wanted to be a zombie, who would carry out his every whim, and therefore conducted experiments: a hole drilled in the skull and pour boiling water or to acid. One victim lived in this state overnight. But death is always separates “experimental” with Dahmer.

At the trial judge to the relatives of those killed have diminished the death penalty, but in Wisconsin abolished the death penalty. The court sentenced the defendant to fifteen life sentences. Dahmer subsequently expressed sincere repentance for his actions. At trial, his speech struck present: “I confessed to the murder of 17 people. By freedom I do not aspire. I wish myself to death. At the mercy of the Lord, and I realize that I have no forgiveness from the relatives of those killed. I am sorry that because of me, these people are suffering, and would like to give his life for the return of their dear ones. All because of my madness, but now the soul found peace. I have done terrible things, but there is no way to fix anything. I ask you to forgive me. The prison will be my final resting place. I give my body to medical research, to find out the cause of my becoming a monster. All forces will help psychiatrists understand the cause of cannibalism, murder and other abnormalities. Since unveiling the secret, you can save the other, that at large. I agree with the sentence handed down to me and is willing to accept the punishment. Life imprisonment – it’s awful, but I’m willing to serve his punishment”.

1993 was released the film “Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer & raquo ;. Dahmer played Carl Crew. The next year a book was published father Dahmer”his father’s stories”(” A Father & rsquo; s Story”).

November 28, 1994 Jeffrey Dahmer killed an African American prisoner during cleaning in the shower. Corpses lay in the morgue of one year. In September 1995, the body was cremated and the ashes given to the parents.

In 2000, the album was released “Dahmer”thrash metal band”Macabre”.

In 2002 came the film ” & raquo ;, Dahmer director David Jacobson. The main role played by Jeremy Renner.

Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer

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