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Berkowitz, David (Berkowitz, David)

The first half of the day Berkowitz lived an ordinary life: he worked at the post office, but when darkness fell over the city nice and kind citizen, living in a bachelor apartment in the suburbs of New York turned into a fiend, hunting for innocent girls and boys. David Berkowitz (who gave themselves a different name – “the son of Sam”) was known in the neighborhood terrifying killer. The fact is that the motive of the man later identified as was the beauty, youth and innocence of the victims.

chreda killings began with the mid-summer of 1976 and lasted more than a year. During this entire period of “killer .44” (Berkowitz is given the nickname because of the tools by which and commit crimes) wounded seven people shot 6. 5 killed were a woman with dark hair. This circumstance has raised panic among local residents. Filled with fear, they turned for safety in blondes using simple device – wig. Thus, they believed that exclude yourself from the list of future victims. Indeed, what else could they do when wandering around town crazy killer with a gun in his hand, and police at that time was occupied with eternal fruitless search? For some reason, careful work the cops did not give the results?

And they were the following: lack of system perpetrator was not a motive for murder. This investigation and the plant to a standstill. Meanwhile brazen criminal act on the nerves of his threats sent to the media and the police: “I’ll be back & raquo ;,” Hunting – my favorite hobby. What a delight to wander through the streets and to choose victim! & Raquo;

Package to “Presents”

By the middle of next summer city choked by fear and uncertainty devastating. Everyone worried about the answer to one question: When, when will catch this devil turned the lives of the people in hell?

At the end of July 1976 young beautiful girl Donna Lauria (18) was killed by an unknown from a revolver, and her boyfriend seriously wounded. The pair sat in a car near the house of the girl’s parents when they were approached by an unknown man, silently pulled out a package of gray weapons and fired three times. Puzzled police tried to understand the senseless murder. This incident was not particularly so soon was forgotten for a while.

The chain of tragic events

No one thought that a few months later the murder of Donna Laura raise from the archives. Until the middle of autumn the killer did not lodge ” signs of life & raquo ;. Out on the hunt until the end of October. Once again the victims of David Berkowitz was a young couple: Carl Denaro (miraculously survived after being wounded in the head) and Rosemary Keenan (18 years, daughter of a detective), apparently born in a shirt because remained intact. In view of the workload more important police investigation did not notice the obvious similarities in the murders of two – crime weapon (revolver .44), victims – young couples in parked cars, the commission of crimes (either late at night or early in the morning).

But the killer did not stop. He wanted more victims, more blood, fear and suffering. Soon he had killed the woman, then made another disabled. After the murder of twenty-six secretaries Christine Freund cops began to notice the connection between the events. The killer did not waste time, unlike the police, he sowed death everywhere. At the beginning of spring it was found another victim in his parked car.

It was a special unit to investigate the case. Thousands of versions were put forward in the unraveling of the coil deadly accidents, but no progress. The motive of the murder, the identity of the killer remained a mystery.

How I was born “the son of Sam”

Everything changed after the murders in mid-April 1977. Next to the corpse of Valentina Suriani and her boyfriend Alexander Iso was found a message the killer. It took four pages to express their indignation at the media, considering it a hater of the fair sex:

& laquo ;. Considering me a monster, you are sadly mistaken! Who am I? Son of Sam, who loves to drink blood. Daddy makes me kill. I live in another dimension. I run. How do I stop it? Kill. Therefore, dear cops when you meet me, shoot without hesitation, because otherwise I will kill you.

I’ll give an effect. Be on the lookout!

Monster ” .

Message “Son of Sam”has not been published in other words did not reach the destination. That’s why the killer decided to do things differently. He wrote a letter to journalist”New York Daily News” Jimmy Breslin, who published it a day later. That which sought a murderer finally happened. the city was in a panic.

Graphomaniac to be complacent in the letter, using a variety of metaphors and similes:

“Greetings from the backwoods of New York, impregnated feces of dogs and people! Hello from the cracks of asphalt of New York! Greetings from insects and tarakashek living in crevices in which blood leaks shot. I – Son of Sam will kill more. If you can not hear me, that does not mean that I do not. I do not know tiredness, waiting in the twilight his next victim. I like to please the old days of Sam. He is a bloodthirsty fellow. Stopped when he sated deaths” .

The envelope was signed as follows: “the totality of Vice, 44th caliber, Death and Darkness” .

Once another murder (25 June 1977), the police joined the Avengers group formed of local residents. How to operate the newly formed organization? Everything was simple: looking fellow with a revolver and arranged a lynching.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming anniversary of the killer. For the year as a “Son of Sam” commit crimes with impunity. Many thought that the killer did not miss that date and announced. It was then that he and hot to catch on, but the culprit was not stupid, and to mark the anniversary the following night. Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Vayoleyn become its victims. But all someday come to an end. So it was with killer and as always by accident. Lucky the cops.

The Road to Hell

What is known about the person to keep at bay the floor of New York City?

He was born June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn (New York). He was brought up by foster parents Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. They created all the conditions for a safe and happy childhood of his son. At school, the boy does not stand out among their peers. I do not fall in love. (which is the first love he did not know). At fourteen, he buried his mother. As a teenager, this death forever left an imprint of his life, affecting the psyche in the future. Then, in the Army, which began in the summer of 1971. David liked the uniforms, in addition, he went to serve an evil father.

After the service in the Army in 1974, he returned to the apartment Berkowitz adoptive parents. He got a job as a security guard. Perhaps subsequent events served as the catalyst that caused the birth of ” Son of Sam & raquo ;. The relationship with his father spoiled more and more fueled news that David’s adoptive parents. Stress replaced by depression, cheerfulness – sullenness. Then the change of residence and work. Six months later – the first murder.

The fatal accident

Ten days after the forcible deprivation of life Stacy Moskowitz, Berkowitz worked quietly in the mail. Meanwhile, an expert on criminal investigation, James Justus searched car owner, which was parked near the site of the murder of Stacy Moskowitz. He found out that the car belongs to David Berkowitz, and wanted to personally meet with the suspect. Detective telephoned Wit Carr (police control room operator). It turned out that she was acquainted with David. The woman immediately told about the strangeness of Berkovitsa: the murder of her dog 44 caliber revolver, the threat of his father by the name of Sam. James Justus immediately reported to his superiors that he found “Son of Sam & raquo ;, but colleagues accepted information without the proper enthusiasm (for the time of the investigation it was found many times imaginary”Sons of Sam”).

The next day, the police went to the house of David Berkowitz. On the sidewalk, we found the suspect vehicle. A search of the car found a gun in the glove compartment and the message police inspector Timothy Downey who led the investigation into the ” murderer .44 & raquo ;. The letter had a lot of threats and promises to commit a variety of other more brutal murders. But the plans of David failed to realize. In the evening he held a special squad.

Great was the surprise of reporters, when instead of a savage killer with wild eyes, they saw a good-natured man with an innocent, naive expression. During interrogation Berkowitz around vinyl neighbor Sam. Like, he led the consciousness with the help of dogs. Suggesting commit murder, pointing to the place of the murder and the victims. After the interrogation, David immediately sent to a psychiatrist. A diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia”.

But there was one psychiatrist (David Abrahamson), which is considered a detainee sane and motive called hatred of the girls from the insolvency of the men (not the ability to have a relationship with the opposite sex).

As a result, in mid-summer of 1978, David Berkowitz put behind bars for the murder of 6 girls and wounding 7. The Court passed a sentence – 310 years in prison.

It is interesting that in apprehending the perpetrator played an important role psychic Uri Geller. This unique people visited the crime scene, concentrated on photo of the slain. As a result of the scanning area and the psychic energy of victims were able to determine location killers – Yonkers.

Photo Berkowitz David (Berkowitz, David)

David BerkowitzDavid Berkowitz
David BerkowitzDavid Berkowitz
David BerkowitzDavid Berkowitz

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