Nina Dobrev

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Nina Dobrev

Born: January 9, 1989, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nina Dobrev Height: 168

Nina Dobrev Weight: 50-55

Nina Dobrev (real name Nina Konstantinova Dobreva) – Canadian actress, gained worldwide fame for his role as Elena Gilbert to show “The Vampire Diaries”.

Childhood Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev was born January 9, 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her mother – artist, father – Programmer. When she was two years old, the family moved to Toronto. Nina Dobrev has an older brother Alexander, the future engineer.

Nina Dobrev a child interested in music, dance and theater. Already as a teenager, she worked as a model, then started acting in commercials and walk on her acting auditions. The exotic beauty and outstanding abilities Nina Dobrev could not fail to interest producers – Nina Dobrev had roles in several feature films: “away from her” (2006), “Fragments” (2007), “Morph” (2008).

Great success of the actress was the role of 14-year-old single mother Mia Jones in teleepopei “Degrassi Street”. The series about the difficult life of teenagers, who intermittently aired on the Canadian and American television since 1979, has become for many young actors “ticket” in the big show business.

Nina Dobrev on her character: “Mia Jones – very strong person. Of course, having children at age 14 is not necessary. It’s too early. But what to do – she already has a child, and she did not hesitate and did not believe that life is over”.

The role of Nina Dobrev in the “Chloe”itself a small, became even less because of the tragedy that happened during the filming of the movie: the wife of actor Liam died Nisoma Natasha Richardson. The director had to reduce the number of scenes involving Nisoma to a minimum.”Under the Knife” hit and episodes, which was removed Nina Dobrev.

The heroine Nina Dobrev in the TV series The Vampire Diaries

The most famous work Nina Dobrev – most popular fiction series “The Vampire Diaries”. in which she sang just two main roles. One of her heroines – modern schoolgirl Elena Gilbert from the small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. Elena becomes “apple of discord” between the two in love with her vampire brothers Stefan and Damon, and she has to choose one of them & hellip; Another heroine Nina Dobrev – Katherine Pierce, the beautiful vampire with whom the brothers met a half-century ago, during the civil war between northern and southern states. Katherine turned Stefan and Damon in vampires and fully subordinated to his will. But it was she who gave immortality brothers & hellip;

“Sore spot” 21-year-old Nina Dobrev – education. She attended art school in Toronto, and then entered the Ryerson University to study sociology. However busy filming schedule was not possible to combine with their studies, and Nina Dobrev left the University.

Nina Dobrev not only actively acted in films and television shows, but often represents Canada at international competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. It is engaged in other sports, including football, volleyball, swimming, rock climbing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, horseback riding.

Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
Nina DobrevNina Dobrev

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