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showrunner Caroline Dries divided spoilers about the new Triangle series, “heart and soul of the conflict” and life after Elena.

«The Vampire Diaries” is officially ready for a new stage of the series.

Drama CW has an important chapter in its history in May, when Elena, the main girl series, was under the drowsy spell as long as one of her best friends, Bonnie, is alive … and Elena has decided not to fight this, tearfully saying goodbye ( temporarily) with the people she loved the most. (This plot device was invented to Dobrev was able to get away from the TV series.)

When the series will return this fall, life near Helena will continue.

«It is obvious that the most significant change for us – the loss of the heroine of the series – says the executive producer of”The Vampire Diaries”Caroline Dries The Hollywood Reporter. – We had an advantage in the fact that Nina gave us to know that we will lose it, even during the first half of the sixth season. So, given that we know that the main character to lose, we had a chance to build a base for the series, which would ensure its existence without it. Not only without Elena Gilbert, even without Katherine Pierce, who had already gone. We have asked this question when Katherine left: how can we replace a confident, sultry and sexy villain? And how can we keep the love, the heart and soul of the series – Helen? And this was our job as writers – to go on, “Let’s implement this».

Dries told THR bit more about what needs to happen in the seventh season:

The series will explore deeper the previous characters.

Despite the fact that after leaving the series Dobrev joined a group of new faces, Dries shared his plans for the seventh season in which they explore the characters that fans already know and love.

«In our series 500 000 actors, we had the opportunity to know them, to look at how they grow over 130 series, – she says. – So, to fill the void left from the main character, we’ll see characters who know and love even more. This season, the central part is occupied by the Salvatore brothers. As well as relations Stefan and Caroline. The series is still the “Vampire Diaries,” but it is another level of maturity. Especially now, in the presence of such characters as Lily and Caroline present. She already feels as it becomes more mature and more confident. Damon and Stefan were more serious problems. The series seems to be the same, but still have other ».

The season will start “a little gloomy».

Once a season in which we have seen the death of Sheriff Forbes, a pregnant bride Alaric, Joe, as well as care and Jeremy Tyler, at the beginning of the new season, not all will be smooth.

«In terms of tone, beginning to be a little dark, because you’ve already got a small glimpse of the future of the city – says Dries. – We are not necessarily start from that, but the atmosphere will be in the series at the moment. Personally, I think that the series is better code development occurs in this order: an emotionally heavy series after series with a party in college, then severe flashbacks, and then a cheerful dinner. I believe that when we mix it all, just great. My instinct tells me to make the event more fun and less gloomy and sad. And I think that sometimes it works ».

Family Salvatore form a sort of “love triangle».

Given that the Lily family – she’s the heretics – is now freely walking around the Mystic Falls, it will only complicate her relationship with her biological sons, Stefan and Damon.

«Here’s a love triangle, so if you want to call it, we have created between Damon, Stefan Lily – Dries teases. – Lily, of course, became the third vertex of the triangle ».

The advantage of Lily are rather complex feelings Salvatore brothers, they are experiencing to his mother. “They love it, care for it in different ways – recognizes Dries. – They hate it, have mixed feelings about it, they hurt, they love it because they loved before, but she reminded them about it. They feel guilty for what she died, but they did not know that in fact it is not. They just have a million emotions ».

A Lily difficulties affect not only her sons. “Right now it is the heart and soul of the conflict – shared Dries. – When I discuss with producers emotional, I say: “Lily Salvatore – the most complex character of this series. She had in mind a lot of things; it has a different attachment. It can make huge mistakes, but you can get sick of it. ” It’s kind of like our villain, because she wants to have happen what you do not want our heroes. But at the same time she’s very down to earth. It can be manipulated in various ways. Its purpose – to set them against each other ».

But being part of more than one triangle, which became the reason for the brothers split, Lilly plans may be implemented not as it hoped. “When setting them against each other, brothers, remind yourself:”Hey, you and I have been together for 150 years”, – says Dries, -” Let’s not allow this woman to destroy our relationship ».

Heretics become a problem.

At Comic Con Dries told to introduce the heretics. “Our heroes first met them, and it’s going to be like,”Oh, we know what to do.” It will be very difficult ».

One of the things that does not help, it is the number of characters. “A total of six heretics: three men and three women. The premiere series, we look at five of them – says Dries. – Girls – style company is bad girls. Valerie, who gave birth in itself evil. At the beginning of the season, we know how it burned in the past, because of what has become a man, because it was not always so. And then there’s Mary-Louise and Nora, which are not only fun, but also explosive. They are very different – they meet, but wish different. Nora wants to know the world, saying, “Look, we just got out of prison, let knead a little.”And Mary said:”I’m not sure you should go.” They were fun to watch, as they have a great, normal relations in an abnormal environment ».

«As for the boys, among them there is a guy named Bo, who is a henchman Lily – Dries continues. – He is a very loyal and mysterious. And so it is very frightening and strange. And there’s a guy Malcolm – toady and pet Lily. And Oscar was a mysterious man, who was only mentioned in the series premiere. We wonder where is this guy? But when you meet him, you will realize that he – the still frame ».

The series will explore the Lili via flashbacks.

While Lily and her heretics have a huge unexplored backstory episode flashbacks will not show more than usual. “We will distribute as you would normally do it – says Dries. – The third series will be a flashback. A little later there will be another. But there will be quite a bit ».

«Lily gives us an amazing opportunity to see her old life – she continues. – Even the boys have lived in this world, but we never thought about it. We are always looking for an excuse to show flashbacks, but the reality is that we have exhausted the life of Salvatore boys. We know every year of their lives. It gives us an opportunity to tell more stories of the past ».

Wesley and Somerhalder may again be on the other side of the camera.

And Wesley and Somerhalder directed the series last season drama CW (it was the second time for Wesley and Somerhalder for the first), and Dries said she was going to give them the opportunity to return to the camera in this season. “We want them to continue to grow, so if Paul and Ian want to do it again, you did a good job, like last time,” – she said.

Annie WerschingAnnie Wersching
Annie WerschingAnnie Wersching
Annie WerschingAnnie Wersching

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