Muhammed Ali

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Muhammad Ali

biography of Muhammad Ali – youth

seventeenth day of January, 1942 in the small town of Louisville Kentucky boy was born, who later became a legend of the boxing world and man. His name – Cassius Marcellus Clay. Parents of young Cassius were very intelligent people and a child tried to instill love for the beautiful boy. His mother taught him to draw, and his father is attached to poetry. But it is extremely mobile and active boy was drawn to the sport, and it is not known how, would have been his biography. if once occurred to him not really make or break a case. As once a street bully away from him, just a bicycle donated by parents. Cassius lodged a complaint with the police and promised to personally beat the offender. He received advice from the policeman: “Before someone beat you need to know how well it is!” Surprisingly, this is the police became the first coach of the future star of his boksa.Zvali Joe Martin. It was he who instilled in the young boxer boxer main commandments that quality is the decisive battle and reaction speed.

Cassius himself cultivate these qualities. He often made his brother with all his strength to throw stones at him. Since the first bruises are less likely to appear on his body. The training began to bear fruit, the stones become less and less to achieve the goal. Later boxer, remembering these exercises, to answer questions about why sometimes the opponent is rarely slapped his face. Already being at the peak of his form with a weight of under 100 kg and height 192 cm, Cassius Clay had mobility lightweight boxer. His military tactics he called “Parkhaev like a butterfly, sting – like a bee!”. From the first fights a young boxer has a stunning intuition. He easily took the weapons complex techniques, and it allowed him to defeat opponents much older than themselves.

1959 can be called the year, when the sports biography of the greatest boxers of all time. That year he had won the first amateur tournament “Golden Glove”. During this year, he was included in the squad for the United States Boxing. And a year later, at the Olympic Games in Rome, he won the first gold.

Cassius craved fame! He wanted to be an authority. He’s never been shy about giving interviews. He took part in promotions. All this combined with follow one after the other sports victories. The neglect to the talent of the young boxer collapsed authorities celebrated his rivals.

At 22, the rising star of the future of boxing stunned his fans and admirers of the sudden entry into the clan of “black Muslims”. He accepted their faith and changed his name. Now his name was Muhammad Ali. The response of the World Boxing Association has been the deprivation Ali world title. With around it does not affect the boxer himself and his sports biography of Muhammad Ali successfully continued. So one by one, were defeated rivals for the title, and in 1967 he won already the reigning world champion Ernie Terrell.

Another scandal associated with the name of Muhammad Ali came when he refused to perform military service. He persuaded a medical examination in his dementia. What he was again deprived of his title of world champion and punished by a fine.

Biography Muhammad Ali adulthood.

In the summer of 1978 a great boxer makes a trip to Moscow. Meets with Secretary General of the Communist Party, conducts demonstration fighting with the giants of the Soviet boxing. And in Moscow, Ali was not without loud scene. Once, during a morning run, he appeared in his shorts in front of the mausoleum. On the personal order of Brezhnev when the incident was hushed up, and the athlete was given the normal conditions for training.

First in October 1975 Muhammad Ali spent his is perhaps the best fight in the career. 15 rounds equal to the fight against the reigning champion of the world, which resulted in the Champion was the most agile, fast and tough and competent boxer – Muhammad Ali! This victory was not so much muscle and creativity and judgment! It was this battle has become the battle that turned his fate.

Sports boxer’s career began to fade in his eyes. Former skill he did not show, and besides – an unexpected blow struck athlete Parkinson’s disease.

Life boxer has not developed. Eight children from three marriages. His fiancee approached marriage often purely consumer. With the end of his sports career, Ali a few years lived a poor life and almost human.

Currently, Muhammad Ali lives with his young wife on his own ranch in the state of Michigan. He brings up an adopted son. In the life business it earns from its former glory. Engaged in charity, visiting children’s hospitals, the National Fund, suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

More recently, his victory in the ring have been the subject of admiration throughout the world, and now a great boxer feels like a winner when for drinking morning coffee does not spill it on the tablecloth. Ali cheerful and optimistic soul. In his capacity he is absolutely no doubt. Years in the ring and fighting hard to keep the strikes had taught him not only from competitors but also by fate.

Today, Muhammad Ali veroposlushny citizen. It is obligatory five daily prayers, strict compliance with the covenants of the Prophet. Most recently, he published his own leaflet condemning human hatred. Sometimes the friends he can still show themselves as “dancing boxer.” At the moment the disease is let the great boxer and he presents to the audience the same – the great and invincible.

Biography of Muhammad Ali, and he earned the respect to the legendary boxer. And it was a symbolic tribute to the American people of the Great Ali, when he was entrusted to ignite the fire of the Olympic Games in Atlanta!

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Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali
Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali
Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali

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