Adrien Broner

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Adrien Broner

Name: Adrian

Name: Bronner

March 18, 2013-go Adrian was arrested near the nightclub located on the hotel in Miami Beach, Florida (Miami Beach, FL), on charges of beating, and was released on bail of $ 1,500. Several readings said that the boxer allegedly bitten by a security guard who tried to separate the fighting around 3 in the morning.

Jerome Adrian Broner (Adrien Jerome Broner), nicknamed the problem (The Problem), was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the USA (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), 28 July 1989 st. At the amateur level, he acted in more than 300 matches. Broner became the champion junior tournament National Silver Gloves Champion in 2002 and 2003. He went out in the semi-finals at the Junior Olympics in 2005.

On a professional ring for the first time Broner was admitted in May 2008, in a match in the second featherweight. After the first seven wins, he came face to face with Fernando Cunter (Fernando Quintero). As a result of eight rounds of heavy Mexican Bronner walked on points. June 27, 2009 On Broner met with Australian boxer William Kickett (William Kickett) in the ring sport complex ‘Staples Center’. He sent an opponent in a knockout in the sixth round.

After four victories in 2010, Broner in May received the title of Intercontinental Youth World Boxing Council (WBO). In January 2011 he was in the first knockout round of the fight led by John Revisha (John Revish) in Cincinnati, and was awarded the title of champion of the US version of the WBO.

In the first lightweight champion Broner in March of 2011 points on the beat former champion, Mexican Daniel Ponce De Leon (Daniel Ponce de Le & # 243; n), and this victory will allow Americans to get the Intercontinental Title WBO. Finally, Bronner was named the world champion under version WBO, when the fall of 2011 knocked out Vicente Martin Rodriguez (Vicente Martin Rodriguez).

The new champion successfully defended his title in 2012, but later it was found that during the victorious battle with Eloem Perez (Eloy Perez) Broner exceeded allowable weight in the designated categories. He lost the title and received a fine of $ 60 thousand. After the dust settled, July 21, 2012. Adrian in his native Cincinnati knockout won the match with Vicente Escobedo (Vicente Escobedo), and became the champion in the second featherweight champion version WBO.

March 18, 2013-go 23-year-old Broner and 24-year-old Michael Ouensbi (Michael Owensby), escorting fighters, they were involved in a brawl, when they arrived, the security guard, to which Bronner his teeth. The boxer was arrested. Later Broner, accused of beating, put in your Twitter magshot – photo taken immediately after his arrest, and some information, which was soon removed with the pictures. On the site the sports channel ESPN Broner tale L as follows: “People thought it was a great fight, but it was not. And I did not fight. Everything was in order. I was fine. ” From further explanation he gave.

evening of March 19. 2013th Broner tweeted: ‘I would like to apologize to all my fans in the world for my behavior over the last two days. I know that these people look at me with respect. And I’m sorry ‘.

The day before, received the news that the cable channel HBO, which regularly show fights Broner and promoting young talent on the air, broke his ties with his promoter Oscar De La Hoya (Oscar De La Hoya), known as The Golden Boy (Golden Boy). Broner said: “I heard about it. But Adrien Broner continues Mr. HBO. I remain, Mr. HBO, mark my words. I – Mr. HBO, and I will always Mister HBO ‘.

As of March 2013th, Boxer made in 26 professional fights without losing any of them.

Adrien BronerAdrien Broner
Adrien BronerAdrien Broner
Adrien BronerAdrien Broner

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