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Biography Miguel Cotto

Full Name: Miguel Angel Cotto (App. Miguel Angel Cotto)

Nickname: Hunito (App. Junito)

Nationality: Puerto Rico

Born October 29, 1980

Place of birth: Kahuas, Puerto Rico

The front: The right-hander

Height: 170 cm

span: 170 cm

The first battle: February 23, 2001

The last battle: June 9, 2007

Number of fights: 33

The number of wins: 32

Wins by KO: 26

Defeats: 1

Miguel Angel Cotto (App. Miguel Angel Cotto; October 29. 1980 Kahuas, Puerto Rico) – Puerto Rican professional boxer, speaking in the welterweight division. A member of the Olympic team of Puerto Rico 2000 World Champion in the 1st welterweight (version WBO, 2004-2006) and welterweight (the WBA, 2006 real time) weight classes.

At the age of 26 years, Miguel Cotto for 5 and a half years of experience in professional boxing. The first time he came to the ring in winter 2007 in the weight category of 147 pounds and became the world champion for the WBA welterweight title by defeating Carlos Quintana.

1 of boxing commentator wrote about this champion: “Now we know that Miguel Cotto – a terrible force in the welterweight division. Any hit Cotto is a great danger for the opponent – even shocks to the body and head made really sharp movements. Cotto was swift and merciless in striking. The fact is that the victory Cotto was not a surprise to us – the most surprising thing for me was that the victory he won quite easily “.

Once the fight, Miguel said: “I always go into the ring to win and win round by round. Any boxer in combat has its advantages in certain moments. During the battle, Carlos had its advantages, but I – my, however, mine was more. My blow was powerful and he could not resist them “.

“I always wanted to be one of the best boxers from Puerto Rico, like Wilfred Benitez and Felix Trinidad. I know I’m on the right track”.

Miguel became a huge star in the ring in Puerto Rico. In September. 2004, he won a world title by the WBO welterweight champion and 6 times successfully defended his own title, and later decided to move to another weight class. He got the award “Boxer of” 2004, 2005 ..

His last two fights in Puerto Rico was visited by 15,000 people. In June Miguel Cotto fight at Madison Square Garden on the eve of the parade in Puerto Rico has collected more than 14 000 people. Fight Miguel was the main event at the Garden in 2005 and gathered 10,000 fans.

An experienced boxer Miguel defeated world champions DeMarcus Corley (TKO5), Randall Bailey (TKO6), Carlos Maussa (TKO8), and Cesar Bazan (TKO11). In addition, he has won previously undefeated boxer Paul Malignaggi (W12), Ricardo Torres (KO7), and Kelson Pinto (TKO6), and those of competitors like Muhammad Abdulaev (TKO9), Victoriano Sosa (TKO4) and Lovemore N’Dou (W12).

Miguel said something about himself: “I was born in Puerto Rico in Caguas. I have 2 brothers. I am the most youngest in the family. My father, a military man, 25 years he served in the National Guard in Puerto Rico. My mother-housewife, who taught us how to live “.

“When I was 11, my weight was 156 pounds, and I tried to reset it. My brothers have trained and I tried to do well too. I started to do in the gym Bairoa in Caguas. I lost weight and started exercising. With the beginning, it was like a game for me, but later I began to realize that I like boxing “.

“Jose Miguel Cotto – my brother. Juan Miguel boxed as an amateur and did not become a professional boxer. In our family, each man named Miguel. My father – Miguel Angel, Juan Miguel – my older brother, Jose Miguel – my brother and I, Miguel Angel. My son also named Miguel Angel. Jose Juan Cotto – my cousin.

In my account of 125 amateur fights, 23 of them – defeat. I boxed with Panchito Bohado, Ricardo Williams, Kelson Pinto, Mohammed Abdulayev. Also I had a fight with Ivan Calderon, when I was in amateur boxing. Later, we both spoke at the Olympic Games in 2000. Today, it is one of my best friends.

In 1997, 1998, 1999. held Puerto Rican Cup of amateur boxing in the 132 pound weight class; in 2000 – Puerto Rican Cup of amateur boxing in the weight category of 139 pounds. Miguel was named “The brightest of all the stars of amateur boxing in Puerto Rico.” He led several times the top of the best boxers.

In 2000, Miguel won on points 28-22 at the Ricardo Williams.

Miguel returned to the ring in January 2002 after the injury, which he got in a car accident.

“It was a solid disaster. I broke my arm and shoulder in 4 places. My great physical shape has helped me to overcome my injury to recover”.

He made his debut in February 2001 ..

In December. 2003 Cotto in the 8th round knockout of Carlos Maussa.

In February 2004, he was in 4th round knockout Victoriano Sosa.

In May 2004, Cotto Eliminators defeated Lovemore N’dou on points.

In September. 2004, Puerto Rico hosted a fight for the WBO free 1st welterweight m / s from unbeaten boxers – local fighter Miguel Angel Cotto and Brazilian Kelson Pinto. As a result of the second round Cotto had a deuce – a right hook to the jaw, and then left there too. Pinto fell to the canvas. He stood up, and leaning on the ropes, nearly fell again. Cotto was unable to finish off an opponent. As a result, the 5 th round Cotto spent several series of blows to the head rival. The Brazilian fell, ran into an opponent, and after trying to resist flying polringa. Pinto immediately rose. The referee counted the knockdown. At the beginning of the 6th round Cotto closed the Brazilian in a corner and unleashed a hail of blows. Under the influence of shock Pinto fell to the canvas. The Brazilian was able to climb, but settled down in prostration. The referee stopped the fight.

In December. 2004 Cotto in 6th round KO over Randall Bailey.

In February 2005, in Puerto Rico Miguel Cotto met with DeMarcus Corley. At the beginning of the first round Cotto had a right hook in the chest and then left to the head. Corley dropped to one knee, but got up immediately. The referee counted the knockdown. As a result, the 5 th round Cotto had left hook to the body and knelt Corley. The referee counted the knockdown. Corley did not agree with him. Immediately after the resumption of the fight Cotto went to the opponent. Departing from the blows, Corley again knelt. The referee stopped the fight without opening an account. Corley again disagreed with the decision of the referee. Stop has been controversial. HBO commentators Larry Merchant called the stoppage shameful (Eng. Stoppage disgrace).

In June 2005, Cotto met with Mohamed Abdullaev, who lost in the Olympic Games in 2000 at the end of the battle at Abdullayev closed right eye. At the beginning of the 9th round and the referee stopped the fight led Uzbek medical advice. The doctor recommended to stop the fight. The referee gave the benefit of the Puerto Rican knockout.

In September. 2005 a battle 2 undefeated soldiers – Miguel Angel Cotto and Colombian Ricardo Torres. All R. first round Cotto counter deuce – a right hook to the jaw, and then left – sent an opponent to the canvas. Torres immediately rose. In the 2nd round, Torres immediately began to bomb the Puerto Rican. All R. Torres held the second round two in the jaw. Cotto tried to escape in the clinch, but Torres broke away from him. Cotto fell to the canvas. The referee counted 1st knockdown of his career. Cotto did not agree with the referee, arguing that he was pushed. All R. 3rd round Cotto had a blow below the belt. The referee stopped the fight and gave Torres time to recover. All R. 4th round Cotto had a right hook to the head, and then left in the body. Then he put his right hand on the head of Torres, and he fell to the canvas. The referee counted the knockdown. In the end of the 6th round Torres during the attack missed its own counter-deuce in the jaw and dropped to his knees. The referee counted another knockdown. All R. 7th round Cotto closed his opponent in the corner and held a series of blows to the head and body. Torres collapsed on the canvas. He had not raised at the score of 10, and the referee gave the knockout.

In March 2006, he was in the 8th round KO over Gianluca Branco.

In June 2006, Cotto won on points undefeated Paul Malignaggi. After this fight Cotto went up to welterweight.

In December. 2006, a battle for free the WBA welterweight m / y 2 undefeated Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto and Carlos Quintana. The fight was spectacular. As a result, the fifth round Cotto’s left hook to the liver sent an opponent to the canvas. Quintana scrambled. Cotto threw it to finish, and after a series of blows Quintana fell again. He stood up again. Referee Steve Smoger, who is known by the fact that the boxers povzolyaet kill each other before a heavy knock, made it possible to continue fight. Quintana lasted until the bell. In a break m / s from the 5th and 6th rounds, the doctor recommended to stop the fight.

In March 2007, Cotto met with a German of Turkish origin Oktay Urkal. In the 7th round, the referee took a point from Urkal for the movement of the head. In the 11th round for the same offense again, the referee took a point from him. Dissatisfied with the judgment of the German trainer threw in the towel.

In June 2007, Cotto stepped into the ring against former undisputed world welterweight champion Zab Judah. All R. 3rd round Cotto had a left hook to the groin. Judah bent and fell to the canvas. The referee took a point from the Puerto Rican. At the beginning of the 11th round Cotto had a right hook to the head after a left uppercut and a right hook in passing. Judah fell to the canvas. He rose at the expense of 5. Cotto continued to attack. Judah went into a clinch. Referee separate the soldiers. Cotto again went on the attack. Jude missed a few beats, and tried to get away from the attack. At this time, he forced the referee to stop the fight, and events. Judah did not challenge the decision.

In November 2007, Miguel Angel Cotto met with Shane Mosley. In close combat the judges announced the winner of Cotto.

In April 2008, Cotto stepped into the ring against Alfonso Gomez. Cotto dominated the whole fight. As a result of the second round he got a right hook in the stomach, and Gomez fell. The Mexican immediately rose. As a result, the third round Cotto had left hook to the liver area and Gomez fell to his knees. The referee began counting a knockdown. At the expense of 5 gong sounded, and the referee stopped the countdown. The Mexican was still on the floor. Hong Gomes saved, but according to the rules of battle not the gong rescued boxer. All R. 5th round Cotto threw counter left jab to the head of the enemy, and he fell to the floor. Gomez stood on the account 4. In the interval m / s from the 5th and 6th rounds of the referee called a corner Gomez doctor, who recommended to stop the fight. Cotto won by TKO.

July 26, 2008 Miguel Angel Cotto – Antonio Margarito. Result: Cotto lost Technical nakautom in the 11th round.

In June 2009, Miguel Cotto defeated Joshua Clottey. Already in the I round Clottey was knocked down after hitting an oncoming Cotto, but in general, the fight was held in equal fight moments were successful and both competitors. Cotto moved and boxed nice, and Clottey overlap and went ahead, trying to “extract” the competitor a powerful blow. In the sixth round Cotto closed the competitor off the ropes and a number of times very shocked Clottey, though the boxer from Ghana was able to withstand the pressure, and in the II-nd half more confident than in the I-th, but it was not enough for him to win.

After the 12th round, two judges gave the victory to Miguel Cotto with a score of 116-111 and 115-112, while the third thought was stronger than Joshua Clottey – 114-113.

The victory Cotto in this difficult fight has made him one of the candidates to fight against Filipino Manny Pacquiao, who is going to leave the ring at the end of the g ..

“As for my family, I have a husband, whose name is Melissa, and three children – the eldest son named Miguel Angel, he was 10 years old. My daughter, Alondra, she was 7 years old, and the youngest son’s name is Miguel, he was 5. “.

Miguel CottoMiguel Cotto
Miguel CottoMiguel Cotto
Miguel CottoMiguel Cotto

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