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The series Rules of Engagement (Rules of Engagement)

29 January 2013

29 January 2013

The American sitcom coming on CBS from February 2007.

The main role in the TV series “Rules of Engagement“/ & Laquo; Rules of Engagement” played by Patrick Warburton / Patrick Warburton, Megino Price / Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson / Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich / Bianca Kajlich and David Spade / David Spade.

have aired more than 100 episodes of “Rules of Engagement“.

Date start the seventh season of the sitcom “Rules of Engagement” – February 4, 2013.

The plot of the series Rules of Engagement

Two couples and their single friend live in the same house, make friends, quarrel, make up, fall in love, get married, disagree and discuss all the vicissitudes of personal life with each other.

Finance Manager Jeff Bingham (Patrick Warburton) and Audrey glossy magazine editor (Megino Price) have been married for more than 10 years. Jeff loves sports, addicted to spend wisely and planning the family budget. Despite solid income, he happily uses discount coupons and ready to go shopping in the neighboring state to spare. At the same time he can succumb to the impulse and make an expensive purchase when it comes to luxury sports car. Jeff believes that his wife was with him constantly competing and trying not to lose the lead in the marriage.

In contrast to her husband, Audrey often make rash purchases. She does not like to plan and easily tempted. She generally likes to improvise and surprise others. Audrey tries to please everyone, but sometimes overstep the limits and becomes obsessive. On the other hand, it is not making fun of friends, Jeff, if it is not about Russell. She was not angry at Jeff, because he knows that he never meant anything bad.

Adam Rhodes (Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer Morgan (Bianca Kajlich) and only engaged to be married. Adam is very naive, but has a good heart. He believes Jeff example to follow and often asks others advise against women. Adam does not know how to keep secrets, he said without thinking, and therefore often gets into silly situations. Friends play a trick on him, believing that his manner of behavior characteristic of sexual orientation.

Jennifer like docile nature and attractive appearance of her groom, although its naivety it is often annoying. It is easy to manipulate Adam, forcing him to do what she wants, but often regret it.

Russell Dunbar (David Spade) – colleague and neighbor Adam. At Russell no permanent pair, it is always in search. He is a true optimist, but it is often mistaken by evaluating their chances of success with another stranger, so he was repeatedly accused of harassment. Adam common with prostitutes and young girls. Friends make fun of his unfortunate choice of women, as well as on the short stature and strange manner of dress. Russell takes a high position in the company of his father, but knew nothing about the business.

With the third season of the show “Rules of Engagement” there is another idle neighbor – Timmy Patel (adhira Hookah / Adhir Kalyan). Indian descent, he came to the United States from South Africa. Timmy is fluent in seven languages ​​and holds a MBA, however, the position of assistant sitting Russell is forced to deal with its concerns.

Interesting facts about the series Rules of Engagement

Megino Price and Bianca Kajlich starred together in the season 6 of the popular youth series “Dawson’s Creek & raquo ;. In 2000, David Spade and Patrick Warburton sounded along the main role in the movie”The Adventures of Emperor”.

The series “Rules of Engagement” producing company Adam Sandler / Adam Sandler.

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