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Executive Decision | Executive Decision (1996) – Watch Online Free

Released: 1996

Kurt Russell Dr. David Grant

Steven Seagal Lt. Colonel Austin Travis

Joe Morton Sergeant ‘Cappy’ Matheny

BD Wong Sergeant Louie

Len Cariou Secretary of Defense Charles White

Whip Hubley Sergeant Baker

Andreas Katsulas El Sayed Jaffa

Mary Ellen Trainor Allison, Flight Attendant

Marla Maples Nancy, Flight Attendant

The terrorists seized the plane flying from Athens to Washington, as if for the release of their leader.

The expert David Grant suspects that there is another reason, and urges not to let the military aircraft in the airspace of the United States.

The plan worked release Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal). At a meeting with the Minister of Defense decided to send a reconnaissance plane Lockheed F-117 with a detachment of Travis, who will switch to Boeing, using the pull-gateway for connections with military aircraft. Travis requires the presence of a team of Pentagon terrorism expert Dr. Grant, because it is his intelligence led to the storming of houses and destruction of one of the soldiers Travis. Developer Engineer Gateway Cahill will lead the dock. Grant fears that the true purpose of Hassan – to bomb the gas over the territory of the United States confirmed, as Hassan continues to aircraft track after the liberation of Jaffa. Troop gets on board a Boeing, but its pilots raise the plane, and the gateway is falling apart. Travis, sacrificing himself, closes the sunroof Boeing, with its equipment and half the unit takes off, sapper detachment Cappie breaking his neck.

The detachment sets the camera and gets ready for the assault, but convinces the commander Grant Rat wait, because I am sure that an accomplice of terrorists disguised as passengers, willing to blow up the bomb. Kehil led immobilized Cappie parses bomb-hornblende and is a true bomb. Grant comes to contact with the flight attendant, who notes that one of the passengers hides control. Defense Minister ordered to shoot down a Boeing, but the commandos manage to send a message in Morse code using the flash parking light aircraft. Grant held the passenger compartment and snatches the remote from a suspicious passenger, but it is a case with diamonds. He learns of the passengers Algerian DeMouy and attacks him. SWAT turns off the lights in the cabin and proceeds to assault. Mortally wounded DeMouy starts the device, but Cahill manages to insert an insulator between the fuse contacts. Hasan before the shooting death of the pilots, the crash will inevitably cause an explosion of bombs. The novice private pilot manages to land a Boeing Grant.

Marla MaplesMarla Maples
Marla MaplesMarla Maples
Marla MaplesMarla Maples

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