Jelena Karleusa

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The Early Years

She was born August 17, 1978 [1] in the family Serb Dragan (a police officer by profession) [2] and Slovene Wonderful. She spent her childhood in Fontana (district New Belgrade). At an early age she left school, having been engaged in a musical career.

musical career

In the mid-1990s, Elena started performing at various concerts and became well-known after the release of the first turbo-folk album «Ogledalce» in 1995. In Serbia and Montenegro, it has sold more than 100 thousand of this album. She later switched to pop music. Several of her songs took first place in the Serbian radio charts, author of the text was Tutsakovich Marina. Total Elena has recorded nine albums, which are widely sold out in the Balkans. The best-known songs of Helena began: «Ženite se momci», «Ko ovu dramu režira», «Zovem se Jelena», «Gili, gili», «Ludača», «Nije ona, nego ja», «Još te volim», « Manijak »,« Samo za tvoje oči »,« Moj dragi »,« Slatka mala »,« Upravo ostavljena »,« Ide maca oko tebe »,« Nisi u pravu »,« Casino »,« Tihi ubica »,« Testament » , «Jedna noć i kajanje», «Baš je dobro biti ja», «Ko ti to baje», «Insomnia», «Muškarac koji mrzi žene» and «Nova religija (Plava Šeherezada)».

The first single Elena «Insomnia» has been downloaded nearly half a million times since its official site the day before the official premiere of the final episode of the reality show “Big Brother.” On YouTube, the video won two weeks 4 million views, coming in third place in the ranking of most popular video [3]. The second single «Muškarac koji mrzi žene» came out on January 4th 2011 and a third «Nova religija (Plava Šeherezada)» June 26, 2011. Since 2007, producer Helena is Zoran Birtasevich.

Vnemuzkalnaya activities

In 2006 Karleusha released a collection of clothing under the brand name JK Wear [4]. which included a variety of dresses. In 2010, she participated in the show “Big Brother” as a guest star. [5] In the same year there were rumors that Karleusha going to start a political career [6] [7] and will run for the National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Serbia [7].

In the same 2010 Karleusha started to conduct their own column in the newspaper Kurir . Elena in his column repeatedly criticized Serbia’s celebrities: were criticized then-President Boris Tadic. Policy Čedomir Jovanović and Ivica Dacic, singer Lepa Brena and Ceca [8]. In November 2010, Helen stopped to conduct the column, she said, fearing for their lives [9] [10]. Furthermore, it has repeatedly been criticized for such an attempt to attract attention [11].


In 2004, he married Bojan Karic, the son of a prominent businessman Sreten Karic, but divorced two months. Since 2008, Dusko Tosic married. Serbian footballer [4] [12]. September 7, 2008 her daughter was born Athens, September 7, 2009 was born the second daughter of Nick.

Jelena KarleusaJelena Karleusa
Jelena KarleusaJelena Karleusa
Jelena KarleusaJelena Karleusa

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