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The musical biography of Glenn Hughes to a career in Deep Purple

Glenn Hughes (Glenn Hughes) was born in the town of Cannock, which is located near Birmingham August 21, 1952. I leave school early in the 15 years immersed in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Glenn was the guitarist for Birmingham group THE NEWS, then played bass in FINDERS KEEPERS, where he first showed vocal abilities. Incidentally, guitarist Mel Galley later played in WHITESNAKE, and drummer Dave Holland – in JUDAS PRIEST.

I would also like to note an interesting indirect link between Glen and members of DEEP PURPLE. In an interview, Hughes told the following story: “I first fell in love with a girl named Jackie. Her parents in Cannock was a club where I used to play golf. Later I found her twin sister – Vicky. She worked as a model. About the marriage, and then I thought – I was only 22, and Vicky – 20 had a lot of time ahead and I did not think it was then that the marriage was too much needed, well, except that in three years. »

However, Hughes was late. A few years Vicky married another. Her husband was John Lord. And her sister Jackie in 1977, became the wife of Ian Pace, giving birth to his three children.

Glenn loved music soul and funk, with pleasure listening to singers such as Otis Redding (Otis Redding) and Wilson Pickett (Wilson Pickett), and Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder) simply adored. As a bass player, he is also oriented on the black performers – Dzheymersona James (James Jamerson), famous musician of the company «Tamla Motown» and Donald Dunn (Donald «Duck» Dunn) of BOOKER T. & THE M.G’s.

In 1968, together with the galley and Holland Glenn joined the professional ensemble TRAPEZE. After the band performed in the program “Bi-Bi-Si” called «Colour Me Pop”, they drew the attention of famous countrymen – Birmingham quintet THE MOODY BLUES. Their firm «Threshold» released three albums the group and senior comrades, in fact, took patronage over the trapezoid, whose producer was bassist THE MOODY BLUES, John Lodge. Two staff also frequently toured together.

In June 1970, after the departure of Terry Rowley organist and vocalist John Jones, TRAPEZE performed as a trio. In the homeland of the great success they have not earned, but in America they have managed to attract attention. His first independent and very successful concert of the guys played in Houston (Texas). Touring the south of the United States, the group has gained more and more fans. An interesting fact is that the two sold-out concerts in 1971 KEYSTONE performances preceded begins career ZZ TOP.

In early 1973, the band played at the London «Marquee Club» and impressed. «TRAPEZE played”Marquee”about four times, and each concert attended one or the other member of DEEP PURPLE, – says Hughes. – I did not know what could it be, suggesting that they look out for yourself anticipating the group ».

In May TRAPEZE became a quartet by inviting a member of bassist Peter Mackie (Peter Mackie). Hughes becomes the second guitarist. In July 1973, when TRAPEZE once again rolling on the Texas Hughes was invited to New York, where the hotel «Plaza» Lord Paice asked him to join the DEEP PURPLE. By the way, at the same time, Hughes received an offer to join the Roy Wood created by ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA. Naturally, Hughes gave preference to DEEP PURPLE, hoping to become not only a bass player, but also the lead singer of the group.

musical career after Glenn Hughes rasspada group since 1976

Having learned from the newspapers of the decay of DEEP PURPLE, Glenn once again gathered TRAPEZE, but their summer tour of the UK and the US have failed. In 1977, he released his solo album Play Me Out, an event in the musical life did not become, even though the Hughes considers it his best work.

In 1979, the second album, Four On The Floor. According to Hughes, the disc was conceived as a joke: “It was a comic album with disco music, addressed to all those who love to dance. A very amusing little thing. “Then,”mark”on the albums Pat Travers (Pat Travers) and CLIMAX BLUES BAND, Glenn in 1982 with guitarist Pat Troll (Pat Thrall) released an album,”modestly”named Hughes-Thrall. “Pat Troll – very solid and talented musician. In addition, this person fully understands what I want to say with their music. He – one of my best friends, and in fact is. my Jimmy Page. ” The disc has been popular in the United States.

In 1985, Hughes recorded on an album by Gary Moore Run For Cover, and also takes part in the project PHENOMENA, a kind of hard-rock get-together of many famous musicians. At the same time he is a member of BLACK SABBATH (as a singer!), Releasing them from the album Seventh Star.

«Felt like I was in this group is very uncomfortable. And from the start thinking about quitting. The greatest torment were the concerts. Coming on the scene, I was not feeling that dissolved in it does not have to do with me. They discussed topics such as the darkness, the evil, the fate of death. Large hunting sing about it was not. ” After six concerts Hughes left the band (evil tongues say that he was simply kicked out).

source: Deep Purple – Star motorway

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Mark HughesMark Hughes
Mark HughesMark Hughes
Mark HughesMark Hughes

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