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More recently, in the summer of 2007, a young and talented singer Kat DeLuna . as they say, I woke up famous. I help her in this single “Whine Up”, made with Elephant Man. It was at that time the girl only nineteen, and had an enormous fame – the world.

The first disc Kat – “9 Lives” – does not fall from the first lines of the charts all the holiday season. A common number of copies has reached several million! The CD was released by the studio GMB Music Group / Epic Records. Needless to say, the company made the right decision, risking and betting on young talent more.

And all because singing Kat DeLuna – really stunning. She is capable of with the same sincerity and dedication to perform hip-hop and R & B, and Merengue, and electronic music, and pop direction, and Latin, and disco. And even turns her jazz. Critics have spared no sweet words to the singer, and she really deserves it. It is called the opening “New Salvodoriyskoy Selena”.

In the nineteen – world fame. It seems that it fell into the hands of Kat, sparkling celestial asterisk had only to make a wish. But, of course, to achieve such lightness planned – only an appearance.

Kat was born in Bronski, his youth spent in the Dominican Respulike. Even when she was four years old, close to understand what an unusual gift is in this child. At nine years old girl with roitelyami moved to America, I began to live now in New York and New Jersey.

But the American life did not go to the benefit of the preservation of peace in the family. The first blow of life, the first drama – parents divorced. And Kat, is very worrying, as any normal girl would have experienced the abuse of adults, the same people dear to her, though not quite normally goes – she writes the song “Estoy Triste” (I Am Sad).

It is often the case with people in which a child is born something creative – spodvigaet their sadness at his expression Y. The first song was about this – about how scared little girl to see their parents in separation and hear my mother crying .

However, the fact remains. Pope Kat throws their loved ones, and starts hard and sad time. At Kat with her mother is simply no money. Kat – is not the only child in the family, and even my little sister goes out to beg from the neighbors.

A little later, she arranged with her sisters in the school theater. Try not to miss any of the carnival. This all brings some no, but the money. But besides money, and something else. Nascent fame. Because Kat found to work with popular actors – Milly Quezada and Marc Anthony.

Hobbies Kat at all times remains the singing. And the idols – Franklin and Billie Holiday. Growing up, she becomes a student New Jersey School of the Performing Arts. And then luck smiling girl, and she is a member of the girl group – “Coquette”, performing Latin, NPC-hop and R & B.

And at one of the festivals she wins the competition with the single “I Will Always Love You”. So begins the path to glory.

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