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The King retired

Larry King, mastodon of American television, the legend of TV journalism and the person who took the interview almost all the most important people in the world over the past 25 years, has decided to retire. June 29 King announced that in the autumn of exchange the permanent job on CNN to communicate with children.

76-year-old journalist, who had decades of work on radio and television to take more than 40 thousand interviews, began his career in 1957. Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, who later became Larry King, who was born in Brooklyn, but soon after school, which did not like, went to Florida for work on the radio. This extremely successful, later shown time, the idea of ​​King filed a employee of CBS, who told the young man of dreams radio that a radio station in Florida take no work experience.

This has proved somewhat as promised well-wisher of CBS, and the future of Larry King had to work as a janitor and auxiliary worker at the radio station WAHR (current WMBM) in Miami Beach before there was no vacant place. The chance to prove himself King failed. His first broadcast took place on May 1, 1957 – Lawrence Zeiger put music and entertaining talk radio from nine in the morning until noon.

It is WAHR was born a new surname Zeiger, when the control station told him to pick up less “ethnic”nickname. Looking leading a few minutes before the start of the next program fell on advertising”royal sale of alcohol” in the newspaper Miami Herald. Since then, the son of an Austrian Jewish emigrant from Belarus and became known as the Larry King.

Soon energetic King has mastered the genre of the interview and that brought him worldwide fame. For WIOD radio station in Miami, he spoke live with the visitors one of the restaurants, and the first person with whom King had a chance to talk to the waiter turned out to be the institution. Two days after the start of an unusual show was saved by accident: the restaurant has gone well known at the time the singer Bobby Darin, marked the beginning of a string of “star” King interview. Through the program on WIOD journalist became a local celebrity.

After three years on the radio, Larry King got his own Sunday evening show on one of the TV stations in Miami, which quickly gained recognition Florida viewers. King himself attributes his success using a talk show host and popular comedian Jackie Gleason. They were in different weight categories – Future Legend had just started his career, and the comedian was well known throughout the country, but Gleason, whose show was filmed in Florida, has expressed interest in the program King “Miami Undercover” and taught his newfound colleague all the secrets up to the features of placement of decorations. In particular, thanks to the efforts of Gleason’s Larry King managed to invite to its transmission Frank Sinatra, the parties at the time of the media.

Police shot Larry King, 1971. Photo from

By the early seventies, King was well known in Florida and even commented on the American football matches with local teams Miami Dolphins, but to work on the first team to the Super Bowl, he could not. In 1971, King was accused of stealing 5,000 dollars, and radio stations, television channels and newspapers (King led a popular column in the Miami Herald) began to refuse services discredit the lead. The initiator of the case became known for his not too legal machinations financier Louis Wolfson (Louis Wolfson), who claimed that the King has appropriated the money allocated for journalistic investigation.

Already in March 1972, all charges against the King removed the expiration of the statute of limitations, but osadochek, as they say, was, not without the help of Wolfson, circulated to the local media journalist incriminating letter. Almost all of the seventies King spent away from politicians and the public of important issues. Favorite work, he did not leave and focused on sports programs and magazine articles.

In 1978, Larry King was seriously engaged in the revival of his reputation as a professional interlocutor on any subject, and even brought his career to a new level, having your own radio show on the night of the national level. The show went more than five hours, three of which were reserved for interviews with studio guests. The rest of the King took calls from radio listeners and at the end of the program have voiced their own opinions on the subject of the program. It was on the radio Mutual Radio Network, and Larry King honed his trademark style, subsequently transferred to the TV screen.

Transmission King on Mutual Radio Network a success, but the real fame in the United States and abroad brought him to offer CNN to create their own daily talk show Larry King Live. The first program aired on 3 June 1985, and it became a guest of the governor of New York Mario Cuomo (Mario Cuomo). 60-minute show was the first program on American television that viewers receive calls, often significantly aggravate the situation in the studio.

Larry King and Barack Obama. Still channel CNN

Larry King decided not limited to a single theme, and every day would invite different people, from politicians to musicians and madmen claiming that they were abducted by aliens. Against the background of the world map of colored dots, which has become as much a symbol of transmission, as well as broken vintage microphone King (he visit the studio for a long time using tabs), there were all American presidents since Ronald Reagan, leaders of most of the public authorities, pop stars, businessmen , film actors, writers, witnesses of disasters and other large-scale events, the heads of foreign states and all the people whose opinion was interested Americans at this particular moment.

For 25 years on the air was Larry King Live, it seems everything that could happen. King joked with those with whom it could not afford one, in his trademark calm manner and talked about issues that are not made to lift, and has become a living monument to late-night talk show. Exit programs and recorded and live, and interviewed the guests King took all possible ways: by phone, via video link, on the street and even in the White House.

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