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Howard Stern

Born: 12 January 1954, New York, USA

Howard Stern (Howard Allan Stern, b. January 12, 1954) – the notorious American television and radio host, writer and screenwriter. The winner of the US premium Adult Video News Awards. Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Golden Apple Awards. Howard Stern for more than 20 years in the lead in the rankings as the best American radio is the highest paid DJ on the radio. In 1994, he called himself “King of All Media” and announced his candidacy for mayor of New York, gaining 18% of the vote.

Howard (Zvi) Allan Stern was born in 1954 in the New York in a family of Jewish immigrants. His father, Ben Stern. He worked as an engineer at a radio station, which largely affected the future career of Howard. Stern loved listening to the radio, but not the music, talk shows, and five years dreamed that someday will lead to a popular radio station.

Howard Stern: “I have never listened to music – I always listened to as a child talk show. My dream was always to come to a rock and roll station and start talking on the air ».

Later, Ben Stern has created his own recording studio, and Howard arranged for her various talk shows with fictional characters. In 1972, Howard Stern graduated from high school and enrolled at Boston University at the Faculty of Mass Communications. In this University and started his career as a radio host Stern. Together with friends he created the transmission «Chas King garrulous donut» («King Schmaltz Bagel Hour»), which is, in fact, is a parody of the popular at the show «Chas King Biscuit Flour »(« King Biscuit Flower Hour »). Howard and friends of withdrawal from the transmission after the first release of the comedy sketch «Give your sin», where the caller to the studio offered to talk about the worst sin in your life.

After graduation, Stern took a small radio station in New York, then worked on the radio in Detroit and Washington. His signature style has become a joke to the point of abuse, after one of them was fined a radio station of this size, the owner immediately fired Stern. But thanks to this scandal, Howard became known, and he was taken in a daily radio broadcast of the popular WNBC-AM. But there he was soon fired for being too outspoken jokes about sex. By that time the Howard Stern Show had such high ratings that it did not have to sit without work, and many radio stations were willing to broadcast it. Transmissions Stern tried several times to close the Federal Communications Commission. but each time their high ratings are not allowed to do this.

During his ether Howard Stern allowed himself a lot. He easily talked with students about sexual perversions, asked the girls who came to visit the studio, to strip naked, did not spare even his wife, describing her live abortions. Russian public he is known as a radio host and a disgrace to live in the then Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova. He asked her questions frankly intimate and humiliating nature, such as, for example, whether it uses the toilet paper “Pravda”. Fedorov, bad speaking in English, did not understand the meaning of questions and answers from that it looked even more forthright.

In addition to the radio broadcast, Stern participates in TV shows, music and writes books (“Miss America”, “Body Parts”). In his autobiography, «Body parts» («Private Parts») in 1997, movie was filmed in which Stern played the role himself.

Beth SternBeth Stern
Beth SternBeth Stern
Beth SternBeth Stern

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