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The Moscow group Mad Dog was founded in February 1995, when drummer Young Guns – sensational project Ajzenshpisa Yu, the defeated – Dmitry Khakimov decided to create their own team. All the rest of the Young Guns music career left. Time for trial and experimentation with the composition was not, and in a short time and purposefully sprawling other alternative bands and pulling promising musicians Khakimov collect battle-worthy team.

The first concert took place on 20 February 1995, the club In Toyo is the birthday of the group. Since 1995, the core group remains unchanged: Dmitry Khakimov Snake (drummer and lyricist), Konstantin Savelyevskaya (bass and vocals), Peter Arsenyev (percussion). At the beginning of the creative team of searches performed melodic mainstream rock, known in Russia thanks Rearl Jam, Nirvana, Candlebox, Bush, Foo Fighters. This largely explains the fact that the majority of the audience Mad Dog is composed of young people and adolescents, alien conformism and not yet spoiled by life, so is an indicator of sincerity and honesty of performance. Moreover, it is this audience is most appreciative audience. 1996 to Mad Dog was marked participation in the anti-narcotic movement “Learn to Swim & raquo ;, which resulted in the publication of the song”My friend”on the same cd and mc collection, and its rotation in the capital fm-stations was a complete surprise for the group. Then there were the first reports on television. A large number of people are discovering the Mad Dog in the spring of 1997, when his performance on April 20 at DK Gorbunova concert is preceded by Irish band Sheer. A little later on an independent record company Feelee band released a demo tape with her debut album” MadDog & raquo ;, became an original result of the painstaking work of two years.

The demo album consisting mostly of Russian-language material, the club has strengthened the popularity of the team. Later, the group has deliberately refuses to perform songs in English and targeted to begin preparing Russian-language program. In mid-1996, lead singer Igor Bob Chomsky went to Germany to participate in the alternative project. The group raises the difficult task – to find a worthy replacement for Bob, who is a striking frontman and had become the face of the group. More than six months in the group singing guitarist-singer Yevgeny Afanasyev, and in the process of preparing material for a new album Dmitry Khakimov offers to join the staff of one of the suburban vocalist Artem Makarov groups. All summer 1997 the band spent in active concert activity, acting on all platforms, wherever the opportunity presents itself, from small clubs to large festivals. August 2 at Cape Kazantip in the festival of youth music and culture “Kazantip” Mad Dog appears as the headliner to 7 thousands of people gathered at an alternative site. August 24 Mad Dog , along with other stars of contemporary music opens the season Disc Channel in the Luzhniki Stadium, and in September the program”Learn to swim”Maximum radio Mad Dog is a melodic ballad”Grief & raquo ;. According to the poll, conducted annually FeeLee Promotion, the group is among the ten best alternative groups in the country (as of summer 1997). 20 February 1998 Mad Dog takes part in the festival”born in nirvana-3 & raquo ;, on the birthday of the leader of Nirvana Kurt Cobain, which performs a cover version of the song”Something in the way & raquo ;. In November 1997, SNC studio with a sound engineer Eugene Trushin (Spleen, Daydreaming, Moral Code) Mad Dog to begin recording a new album. Originally recorded 5 songs: Traditional grungy, hysterical, with ragged riffs”Together & raquo ;,”Monologue & raquo ;,”Fly & raquo ;; melodic”My peace”and”shards of luck & raquo ;. Overwritten”Grief & raquo ;. At the same time in the studio eyepiece being sought electronic sounds encountered in the Garbage, Republica, Smashing Pumpkins. So with the help of Igor Zhigunov (ground beat) are born songs”Strange games people”full electronic version and”Fear of the dark & ​​raquo; (trip-hop). For studio work on the album the band returns only in April 1998, recording”Licked”(“6. 3. 0.”),”the devil”and”Strange games people & raquo ;, thus adding sounding album missing dynamics. Since April, the Moscow radio fm-are beginning to rotate the new material:”Strange games people & raquo ;,”My peace & raquo ;,”shards of luck & raquo ;.”Fly”6 days after the broadcast on Radio Maximum explosion recognized the week in the charts of the two capitals Alexander Nuzhdina – a stunning result for the group before audiences of radio almost no one knew. The song does not fall below 10 in the official charts in a maximum period of five weeks. A. Black (Sampled Pictures (Kiev)), known for his work with Green Grey Vidopliassova and wailing, taken to find a conceptual video to accompany the album”Six-Three-Zero”and makes a video for the song”Fly”and”Licked”(“6. 3. 0.”). August 14, 1998 Mad Dog again declared at the festival”Kazantip & raquo ;, where this time satisfied with the presentation of a new program of”Six-Three-Zero & raquo ;, overshadowing his performance even recognized headliners site Tequilajazzz. The audience cheers happy with this, the group encored three times in the metropolitan press poslefestivalnyh reviews accepts Mad Dog the discovery of”KaZantip & raquo ;. After returning to the capital after the triumph of Kazantip, Mad Dog are satisfied with the attack on the youth audience has with television screens and from the depths of the Internet. Mad Dog becomes the first Russian group, officially presented his album in the network and clips”Fly”and” & raquo ;, licks at a breakneck speed which is rotated on MTV, making it difficult for the usual concert practice group: small underground clubs are not able to accommodate all comers. At the end of a music track MK 1998 the band entered the top ten best alternative groups in the country.

In autumn 1998, lead singer of the group becomes Saevich Denis, who served before backing vocals and plays guitar. Since December 1998, the Group is actively working in the studio Mixed Media perfecting arrangements. In January 1999 Mad Dog write a new song “Call me a river & raquo ;. Producer recording acts Roman Bokarev from the group Ego. Since February, song”Call me a river”beginning to rotate the station. February 20 Mad Dog serve as a headliner at the fourth Festival”born in Nirvana & raquo ;, attended by more than 2,000 spectators. Also, along with the groups A-mega, Agatha Christie Mad Dog is involved in the last call on Manezh Square in front of seventy thousandth audience participates in the campaign” Rock Against Drugs & raquo ;, opens his speech the first after a long break, concert of Mumiy Troll in the Luzhniki Stadium on site during the holiday Megahausa MK.

In July 1999, a group of Mad Dog removes the video for the song “Call me a river & raquo ;. Director of the video was made by Mieczyslaw Yuzovsky (who previously worked with Bogdan Titomir, spleen, etc. In Vad.). December 1 released the album”6. 3. 0.”(cd, mc). During the first month sold more than 50 million copies of the album, he finds an enthusiastic reception from the press and public. In early January, he came fourth video Mad Dog for the song”Tears”(a joint project Mad Dog . Vad Valance and Decl) directed by Philip Jankowski. At the end of 1999 Mad Dog enters the list of the best rock groups of the country (“Soundtrack” for MC 24. 12. 99). In February 2000, the same Philip Jankowski shot video for the song”Strange games people”.

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