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Thursday – November 4, 2004

The rapper from San Francisco Bay area, Mac Dre was killed by a man who shot at the bus, which was traveling from Mac Kansas City, Missouri.

According to police, 34-year-old Andre Hicks, known as Mac Dre . He was killed at about 3:30 am on Monday, when another car pulled up close to the bus driver’s place, as he rolled on the 71 th Highway (US 71) and someone opened fire. Police also reported that Mac Dre was a member of the gang of robbers.

Reconstruction of the incident shows that the bus swerved into oncoming traffic, and then drove into the ditch. Hicks & # 8217; and was thrown out of the bus, but according to the investigation, he died of gunshot wounds.

The explicit motive for the shooting was not.

Mac Dre has recorded a couple of albums since its first release in 1989. In the beginning the police interested 90’yh Dre Vallejo, California because of his alleged links with the gang ” Romper Room & raquo ;, and the series of unsolved robberies of local banks and businesses.

He was arrested and charged with conspiracy and conspiracy to commit bank robbery after he and a couple of other people caught in preparation for the alleged robbery. He was arrested and charged with bank robbery in 1991, when the FBI identified him and another of the suspects when they were traveling in the same car, the second also predyavleno charges. During the subsequent investigation it was found that Dre was in a gang. He served five years in prison and was released in 1996, the year.

One policeman in particular was angry and cruel to Dre, it was Rick Nichelman, leteynant police Vallejo, which Dre have mentioned in one of his records. Dre also gave many interviews to wash off all the dirt with his name, which include interviews and anti-gang program for KMEL Radio, called “Street Soldiers”(“Street Soldiers”). He put forward his version of his arrest, and gave everyone know that the police was ” & raquo ;, a witness who simply lied about him and his crimes. The next day at the office KMEL Radio raided by the FBI, who were outraged by an attempt to desecrate justice, as well as an attempt to Dre endanger the witness, calling his name. In addition, the FBI reported that radio station managers live interview Dre was totally unauthorized. As a result, no more than one interview taken from Mac Dre . while he was in prison … After his release from prison in 1996, Dre was back to his roots …. His albums such as”California Livin & # 8217 ;,””Young Black Brotha” and”What & # 8217; s Really Going On?” Were heard from virtually every boom box, every machine and every nightclub in the city. After a long silence in the prison, Dre was really something to tell people after release.

Once Dre got home, he got in touch with his partner and producer Khayree and founded in Vallejo record label “Young Black Brotha” (named after the first album Dre). But it seems trouble always pursued Dre … 2 weeks after he finished his album on returning home, his chela from Vallejo decided to give him a surprise. Among the guests were vecheruhe about the release of the album were almost all chela with hip-hop community, and besides them there were thousands of police officers Vallejo, who claimed to have received the application for drag racing and drug abuse & hellip; Cops pelted with stones and bottles, and the party was shown on the evening news.

When he returned with his EP “What’s Really Going On”, he explained his position in the family “Romper Room”and released a song called”Punk Police”. The song is written for bank robbery, and he mentioned it to the police chief Vallejo personally and by name.

During his career Mac has released a couple of mixtapes and albums, including tracks recorded it when he was in prison on charges of bank robbery, and he did it long before Shyne & # 8217; a and Tupac & # 8217; and. Mac Dre has lived as well as talked about it in his lyrics, t. E. Tusil, trying to push him, still holding his business. … Not just another hip-hop star, made by the media … it was a real underground … never be the same.

We mourn the loss of hip-hop and express our sincere condolences to the friends and family Mac Dre . RIP (R. I. P.).

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