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Latest news Italian mafia

Nicholas Santora, then capo, was taken into custody in Deer Park, Long Aydend

Nicholas Santora can get ’22

July 4, 2012, New York, Nicholas Santora, anderbossu alleged Bonanno family, faces up to 22 years in prison for reket and extortion if he is found guilty in federal court in Brooklyn.

According to a report published in the New York Post, 70-year-old Nicholas (Nicky Mouth) Santora pleaded guilty on Tuesday. At his age, it means life in prison.

Sentencing is scheduled for October this year.

Santora was one of five members of the Bonanno crime family, were arrested in January this year on charges of racketeering, extortion, gambling and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Among those arrested was Vincent (Vinny TV) Badalamenti, owner of a bakery in Bensonhurst and Bonanno family boss. Santora passed on the news as the capo.

– I was trying to collect the money, that’s all, – said Santora.

– You have tried to convince the man that happened to him something bad, if you do not get your money back? – Judge Carol Amon said.

– Yes, Your Honor, – said Santora.

Santora was arrested because of a rat, the informant DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Last year, Hector (Junior) Pagano, former husband of Renee Graziano, star of the television series Wives mobs, recorded more than 70 conversations with Santora.

Santora was released after three years of imprisonment, and is said to prosecutors, began to live as before.

Thomas Joely found not guilty of murdering a policeman

Maureen Joel Thomas Joely wife in front of the court.

May 9, 2012, New York. Thomas (Tommy Shot) Joely, street boss of the Colombo family, was acquitted. He and Dino Saracino accused of six murders, including the murder of a police officer Ralph Dolce, 28 years old. Dols was murdered outside his home in Brooklyn in 1997.

The prosecutor’s office believes that this and other murders were the order of Joel (Joe Waverly) Casaccia, whose wife married Dolce. Also, the jury considered unproven, Joel was a gang of killers who killed Richard Greaves in 1995 and William Cutolo in 1999.

The charges were built on the testimony of former members of the mafia family because the jury found to be unreliable. Indications gave Dino Calabro.

Once the sentencing Saracino embraced a lawyer. Outside the courthouse, Joely wife, Maureen, almost jumping for joy.

Joely is accused of conspiracy to murder and racketeering. These charges drew a term of 20 years imprisonment. Otherwise, he would have remained in prison for life.

Frank Calabrese Senior. Jewelry killer up for auction.

House Frank Calabrese

June 26, 2012, Chicago. The cache was found with the values ​​of pi search Calabrese home in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook two years ago. For a family portrait in the cache had been hidden jewels, weapons and cash.

Chicago Sun-Times reported that jewelry worth about $ 500,000 will be sold at an online auction in Texas in July 2012. This 250 diamonds, earrings, engagement rings, luxury gold watch with the monogram, and much more.

Calabrese is now behind bars. He was convicted in 2009 for extortion and murder of 18-year-old. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and to the payment of $ 24 million. He stringent conditions of detention, allegedly due to the fact that he threatened to kill the prosecutor, he can only speak with a lawyer, the prison officials and priests. Communication with the outside world is forbidden, including notes, letters and phone calls.

The priest Eugene Klein was accused of complicity in the summer of last year, because the transmitted messages Calabrese at will.

The proceeds from the sale will go to the expense of jewelry redress.

Poor bastard. The trial of the killer gang Gotti

Charles Carmel

6 March 2012, New York. Charles Carmel was once a murderer, whom feared. He was nicknamed the Butcher. Now it’s just a pity.

There was a time when he dissolved the bodies in a barrel of acid, but now he felt a twinge of guilt for having offended his lawyer. In a letter to him, he asked for forgiveness, and now defends himself.

Carmel serving a sentence for four murders, and as his own lawyer, recently filed a new appeal. The court session was held in Brooklyn last Thursday.

Carmel looked bad, his pulmonary disease and asthma. He was treated at a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania.

– How do you feel? – Judge Jack Weinstein said.

– Awful. I can not breathe, he grunted in reply – I smoked 50 years.

Evelyn Colon, the daughter of an armored car guard Jose Delgado Rivera, who was shot in 1990 in Carmel Kennedy said about him – Poor bastard. Hopefully, his body will soon rest in the bag.

The death of a mole. Police cut his throat

The body of a former police officer in Montreal

January 20, 2012. A police officer retired Ian Davidson cut his throat in the Best Western Chateauneuf Hotel in Laval, Quebec.

The examination confirmed that it was a suicide.

This happened on the same day as in the Montreal police department announced its mole. Davidson was trying to sell the Mafia list of 2,000 names of informants working for the police for $ 1 million. But no charges brought against him were not.

His body was found by a maid in a pool of blood in the bathroom of his room. No signs of forced entry or presence of strangers was not.

No suicide note he left.

His death left many questions. The most important of them – who may have a copy of this list?

One of the former informants of the police department Syuret Quebec said that in the list there are also secret agents. Too many people will fear for their lives. Their lives are in danger and jeopardized the police investigation.

Now the newspapers say about the failure of trust in the police in Montreal. Deputy Director of the Montreal riot police Didier Dermon insists that no list exists, but this is debatable.

As the police learned that Davidson has this list and that he was going to sell it?

Claude Olivier, the lawyer of several clients, suspected of involvement in the Mafia, told La Presse, received an envelope where there were four copies of the list. But he says that he gave the envelope to the police in Montreal.

Two or three people have access to this database. How could it know about Davidson, who retired a year ago, after serving 33 years on the police? He served impeccably. Of course, the police bugged his conversations. The newspaper writes that the list has been encrypted and stored in the memory of the portable computer. Police itself has gone on breaking the law in this case. Such operations are known by the code C24 and allow you to break the rules if the informant can be disclosed and his life is at risk or evidence may be destroyed. So work embedded in the mafia agents.

Davidson was arrested in October last year at the airport. He was heading to Costa Rica, and the documents were with him. No charges brought against him were not. He was released pending charges against him.

According to other sources it does not bargained for the price, and the price of one million dollars for the list is greatly exaggerated. Davidson’s death surprised no one. In recent years, he lived under the pressure of their colleagues and families.

Renee GrazianoRenee Graziano
Renee GrazianoRenee Graziano
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