Michael Brown

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Michael Brown

18-year-old African American killed by police

What really happened in August 2014 in a suburb of the US city of St. Louis? How did it happen that the police killed an unarmed African-American teen? While under investigation, the Americans contend, and here and there a riot breaking out.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Michael Brown – 18-year-old American teenager, was shot dead by police officers in August 2014 in St. Louis. This case has caused massive unrest in the country, in St. Louis, rallies were held at the administrative building demanding to stop shooting at unarmed teenagers.

Police refused to name the officer who shot Brown, but the public still needs to give his name, in different locations have been riots, the police had to disperse the protesters with tear gas.

18-year-old resident of the American city of St. Louis (St Louis) Michael Brown has recently graduated from high school, and, according to his family, was about to go to college.

According to the story a friend killed Michael, on the day the two of them walking down the street near the home of Brown’s grandmother. Pass in the patrol car police demanded that guys make way, and then began to push them off the road with his car. A fight broke out, during which the Brown pushed one of the policemen, in return for which he took a gun and opened fire on the guy who decided to run away.

It is said that the hands of Michael at the time the shots were raised in a sign that he had no weapons, someone says that he even shouted that he had no weapons. But the police interpreted the situation differently, and as a result the US is again the buzz about police excess power.

The truth about who was really to blame for that fight, it turns out, each side insists on its right, in the meantime, parents, relatives and friends mourn Michael Brown, calling him innocent victim of police.

The police department is investigating, promising that the EU

Whether wine policemen will be proved, the guilty will be punished. Name policeman who fired the shots and killed a teenager, has not been disclosed – too many threats have sounded in his anonymous address.

under investigation and the FBI – in this case you need to find out whether there has been a violation of human rights, as many Americans have remembered the case with another teenager, which occurred a couple of years ago, when the unarmed teenager was also killed by the police.

Despite the fact that the investigation is not yet completed, many Americans have publicly accused the police and demand to stop ‘to shoot at unarmed teenagers’.

The murder of Michael Brown commented on President Barack Obama. which urged people to honor the memory of a teenager, and not to jump to conclusions patiently try to understand the situation.

It is clear that for many black Americans this case was another vivid confirmation of their oppression.

Michael BrownMichael Brown
Michael BrownMichael Brown
Michael BrownMichael Brown

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