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Linda Evans / Linda Evans (biography)

Linda Evans – beauty and talent

In 1942, the United States (Connecticut) was born one of the most beautiful women in the world. November 18 in Hartford was born the future actress Linda Evans. Career actress began spontaneously when it was noticed by the director of an advertising agency. She starred in several commercials and then began to appear in episodes of TV series.

The incredible beauty and coherence of the actress allowed her to obtain a more significant role in the popular series. As a result, she became one of the most famous actresses “soaps & raquo ;. The first significant work was the role of Linda in the series”Bachelor Father & raquo ;. A first film that she appeared -“The Untouchables & raquo ;,”Beach Blanket Bingo & raquo ;,”The Lieutenant“,”Those Calloways & raquo ;,”Twilight of Honor & raquo ;,”Wagon Train & raquo ;,”The Eleventh Hour“.

The most interesting of her numerous roles in famous series:

  • “The Adventures of Ozzie & amp; Harriet” – Years 1960-62 (Linda);
  • “The Big Valley” – Years 1965-69 (Aulra Barkley.);
  • “Hunter” – 12 roles in 1977 (Marty Shaw);
  • “The Love Boat” – Years 1981-82 (Barbara Fields);
  • Dynasty” – 201 series in the years 1982-89 (Crystal Carrington).

In addition to these, and other notable works serial Evans, for example “The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw & raquo ;, and”Bare Essence & raquo ;. Interesting and her role in the film”Dynasty: The Reunion & raquo ;, which has become a full-length extension of the television series. She starred in several television movies, and after left the project”Dynasty”1989. There are TV movies”The Stepsister“and”Dazzle“.

It has also demonstrated its charms the audience by taking part in a candid photoshoot. The pictures were taken for the magazine ” Playboy & raquo ;. The first publication was in 1971. But eleven years later in 1982, the magazine once published on the pages of her photos, to pay tribute to her beauty and sex appeal.

On the eve of the new millennium Linda Evans has completed his active acting career and began to devote more time to close people. However, in 2001 she starred in the project – “intimate portrait & raquo ;, in which Linda frankly narrated viewers about themselves and their long-term career. And in 2006 the famous actress made her debut on the stage in a concert tour with the play”Legends & raquo ;. The project she was involved with a colleague Joan Collins, which until then had been her partner for serial project”Dynasty“.

The personal life of the famous beauty no less rich and interesting than her acting career. The actress’s first husband was John Derek. Famous actor and producer was her husband for six years from 1968 to 1974. Within two years, Evans again married producer thrillers Wall Evans. However, in 1981 they divorced. Prior to 1989, Linda engaged in work on his role in the Crystal “Dynasty” and personal life receded. But then she met Yanni Krisomallisom. They had a long affair that ended in 1998. Despite two marriages and an affair with Yanni, Linda Evans has not appeared their children.

The actress has won recognition from the public and critics and won numerous awards and nominations. These include the “Emmy”and”Golden Globe & raquo ;. In 1964 and 1982 she received an award”Golden Globe & raquo ;. The first nomination, which was won by Linda was”Miss Golden Globe & raquo ;. It is usually awarded to children of famous parents. However, the actress had already made a good career, not conceding successes parents – professional dancers. The second award she received (Best Actress TV Series) for his role in the Crystal”Dynasty”.

Today Linda Evans for nearly 70 years. But she continues to surprise its enduring beauty. She even became the author of ” New you & raquo ;, in which it gave details of its women the secrets of eternal youth and attractiveness.

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Linda EvansLinda Evans
Linda EvansLinda Evans
Linda EvansLinda Evans

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