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The world-famous opera singer Anna Netrebko announced parting with her civil husband, baritone Erwin Schrott. Shortly before the diva gave an exclusive interview with the television program “Let them say”, written in her apartment in New York. It Netrebko told that her five-year son Thiago diagnosis “autism”.

According to the singer, talking about a mild form of autism – that’s why the diagnosis was relatively late: the parents found out about it when the child was nearly three. “I think, well, not talking. I do not speak because he hears four languages ​​- shared Anna. – And then we noticed that sometimes turned to him, and he did not respond. And so it began. For me it was also very shocked, I was scared. But doctors quickly reassured me, I’m sure it is treated and Tisha will return to normal after a few years, only to have to deal with them seriously. [. ] I want to say to women who have autistic children, that should not be afraid that it’s possible to develop to normal standards that children should go to school and learn”. Netrebko said her son is treated by the best specialists in New York, and to attend regular schools, where children learn the most different. Anna added that his son rarely seen his father since he is busy constant touring, and misses her man’s attention.

In an interview with Netrebko does not relate to the topic of divorce – about it, she announced a few days later. According to her, the reason for parting with Erwin Schrott began mismatch work schedules, failure to balance between professional commitments and family life. The decision was taken together, Anna and Erwin remain friends and are planning a series of joint appearances. So, in January, both involved in the production of “love potions”Donizetti in the New York Metropolitan Opera. However, the main creative plans Netrebko this season associated with the name of Verdi. Only that the first time she sang Leonora in its” “, Troubadour staged at the Berlin State Opera and the end of the year will perform this role several times.

To “Troubadours”Netrebko was preparing for a long time. The most important step in this direction was the recent album””. Verdi There is not a”La Traviata”, or “”, Rigoletto or”Aida”- Half of it occupied by fragments”Joan of Arc”, “Don Carlos”and”Sicilian Vespers”. They are framed by two large blocks of arias and scenes from the “Macbeth”and””. Troubadour The album opens with the scene with the letter and Cavatina Lady Macbeth – almost the weakest point of the program. Lady Macbeth – diva in this game will debut in June – at Netrebko lacks any credibility or eroticism or multidimensional image – aria La luce langue, Act II performed much more successful. Undoubted success of the program – Aria Elizabeth”You who knew the futility of”from the”Don Carlos”, where Netrebko appears in all its brilliance, displaying an incredible wealth of nuances, and the scene from Act IV ” “. Troubadour To album foreign critics were cool: experts believe that Netrebko insufficiently penetrated deeply into the essence of the music of Verdi, and set it up as an example of such singers as Karita Mattila and Sondra Radvanovsky. It is also noted that the album – a preparation for the execution of roles by Verdi on the stage and that it is too short, less than an hour, and would benefit from a longer duration.

In the new production of “Troubadour”Netrebko sings along with Placido Domingo; performance staged by Robert Shtoltsl, conducted by Daniel Barenboim. December 27 Netrebko also perform the part of Leonora in the Mariinsky Theatre. In the second half of the season waiting for Anna as”Manon Lescaut”Puccini at the Rome Opera, and”Faust”Gounod in London, Vienna and Baden-Baden. And in August Netrebko again appeared as Leonora – in new production over which to the Salzburg Festival will run Alvis Hermanis in previous seasons enriched the festival poster operas”Soldiers”Zimmermann and”Gawain” Bertuisla. Partner Netrebko in this performance – and Placido Domingo; for the control of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will be the maestro Daniele Gatti.

Anna NetrebkoAnna Netrebko
Anna NetrebkoAnna Netrebko
Anna NetrebkoAnna Netrebko

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