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The late actor Klaus Kinski is responsible for the perverse connection

Text: Anna Roze

The German public come to grips with the analysis of the theme of pedophilia. Not one month goes by without a new scandal. The public and policy requires serious consideration of a number of incidents and the moral character of some celebrities.

It is, among other things, on the MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the actor Klaus Kinski. One prosecuted in life, another plan to punish the ignominy after death.

On the “Boulevard Star”in the center of Berlin, similar to the Hollywood prototype, and it is a five-pointed gold star in memory of actor Klaus Kinski. However, after the book of his daughter Flooring”Baby”, the mouth in which she accuses died in 1991 his father pedophilia, a committee of critics and experts decided to put a star next to the reference to the actor’s past.

Architect “a mile of Fame cast”, located near the cinema, where the International Film Festival takes place “”, the Berlinale should prepare a proposal to amend the plaque. This may be an indication of the star or small stele on the edge”Boulevard Star”. Changes will be made at the next extension of the boulevard. Details have not yet been named. In any case, the jury responsible for the execution of the thematic miles glory voted against the removal of stars Klaus Kinski with “Boulevard Star”.

However, in his review the jury wrote: “deeply touched the soul of the story Flooring Kinski to be inextricably linked with the star in memory of her father, which thus will be considered under a very different perspective, and will remind all of us the recent past, which will forever remain a wound in the heart of fans of actor”.

At the beginning of the year published in the book, the daughter of the famous actor Paul Kinsky openly described how his father for several years, raped her in their common home. “shocking” recognition sister named second daughter of Klaus Kinski, actress Nastassja Kinski.

The theme of pedophilia in recent years intensively debated in Germany. She gained widespread attention of the German public after it had revealed cases of abuse in the Catholic school in Berlin, and a number of scandals in the Catholic boarding schools for boys.

Not so long ago was accused of pedophilia and MEP from the party “Union 90 / Green”, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who worked in the mid-70s in its own kindergarten. In the 80 years Cohn-Bendit was a political ally of former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Joschka Fischer. Passages of a controversial dossier on the education of children, which Cohn-Bendit wrote in 1975, was published in 2001, and at the same time severely criticized the former Minister of Justice of the Free Democrats, Klaus Kinkel. Legendary German feminist Alice Schwarzer has written about the text Cohn-Bendit: “Who today reads his line, that will be bad not only for the interpretation of sexuality, but also because of the complete absence of any pedagogical competence of the teacher of a kindergarten”. Then the ugly facts left out of sight of politicians and the public.

However, last March, a wave of indignation swept over Germany – when for political and social achievements Cohn-Bendit has been nominated for the prize to them. Theodor Heuss. Despite the condemnation of many party members and, despite the fact that even the President of the Constitutional Court of Germany Andreas Foskyule refused to hold the opening speech in honor of the award, at the end of April in Stuttgart still were awarded a prize Cohn-Bendit.

“green”MP, lost his parents early and grew up in one of the boarding, which was oslavlen due to cases of pedophilia, took the prize with tears in his eyes. Sam Cohn-Bendit strongly resists the charges against him, insisting that violence was not the case and justify their statements of thirty years ago”the spirit of the time”and”striving for personal reflection”.

Once widely ensuing discussion a week ago, a politician withdrew his candidacy to the nominations for the prize of the German-French media that he soon had to give. As a result of the scandal, Daniel Cohn-Bendit was forced to abandon the nomination of its candidate for the next elections to the European Parliament, which will be held in May 2014.

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Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski
Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski
Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski

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