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Tara Summers

Born: December 19, 1979, London, England, UK

British actress.

Tara Summers (Tara Summers) was born in the winter 1979 in London. Her grandmother Fritz Gordon – the incomparable champion of the world and master of the game in the smart card game “bridge.”She gave birth to her daughter, without departing from the table at which to play poker. Due to the unexpected combination of”Royal Flash” she simply refused to go to the hospital, and this passion could not affect the baby.

Mother Tara Summers was suffering from drug addiction, as the actress said in an interview:

– It never occurred to me that my mother had some not so. I was sure that most of her contemporaries are sleeping all day, and at night spread out your makeup in the bathroom, in alphabetical order. Yes, I honestly dreamed that my mother wore rubber boots, drove by Volvo and was walking with Labrador as mothers of my friends. But she fell in the face of the cake in the days of my birth, and I regularly lost in shopping malls.

Tara Summers was in boarding school when she was ten years old. The reason was that her mother had passed long-term treatment for drug addiction at a clinic in the UK. This story has a happy ending – she got rid of his addiction to cocaine, she took her daughter home and was appointed editor of the English edition of «Vogue».

Creative way Tara Summers / Tara Summers

Tara Summers a Bachelor of History at Brown University in 2001. Two years later, she graduated from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London and the National Theatre Institute.

– I’ve always been grateful listener. She dreamed of becoming an actress, but I heard from parents is something like: “First, get a diploma and then do what you want.” The story became a very good choice, at least I got the real pleasure of learning.

Tara Summers has acted as a member, author and producer of the biographical theater project « Gypsy of Chelsea ». which can be seen at the theater Hudson in Los Angeles, Theatre Royal in London and Kurt Studio 54 in New York.

In 2008, Tara Summers appeared in the crime series “Boston Legal» (Boston Legal), and together with his colleagues was nominated for the award a SAG Award.

The actress also starred in the television series “Twin» (Ringer), «Monday Morning» (Monday Mornings) and appeared in the image of Rita Riggs in the film “Hitchcock» (Hitchcock), dedicated to the legendary director and His works “Psycho».

Filmography Tara Summers / Tara Summers

  • Monday morning / Monday Mornings (series 2012 -.), Allison McDaniels
  • Hitchcock / Hitchcock (2012), Rita Riggs
  • Double / Ringer (TV series, 2011 – 2012), Gemma Butler
  • The effect of the Lake / The Lake Effect (2010), Natalie
  • The enemy of reflection / Luster (2010), Rachel
  • Stephany + Me (Video, 2010), Short
  • 15 minutes / 15 Minutes (TV, 2010), Karen James
  • Sons of Anarchy / Sons of Anarchy (TV series 2008 -.), Karen Dunhill
  • Love and extortion / Love Lies Bleeding (video 2008), Detective Alice Sands
  • Private Practice / Private Practice (TV series 2007 -.), Janel Chase
  • Real / Damages (TV series, 2007 – 2012), Alex Benjamin
  • Tabloids / Dirt (TV series 2007 – 2008), Abby
  • Wedding Album / The Wedding Album (TV, 2006), Milla
  • Factory Girl / Factory Girl (2006), Brigid Polk
  • Rabbit Fever (2006), Ally
  • The Great San Francisco Earthquake (TV, 2006), Lucy Fisher
  • Unnamed project Dayemonda David and David Uaysmena / Untitled David Diamond / David Weissman Project (TV, 2005)
  • Vado a messa (2005), Frances; Short
  • Jacket / The Jacket (2004), Nurse Nina
  • Handsome Alfie, or What men want / Alfie (2004), Carol
  • Boston Legal / Boston Legal (TV series, 2004 – 2008), Katie Lloyd
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York / CSI: NY (TV series 2004 -.), Dr. Carly Emerson
  • What a Girl Wants / What a Girl Wants (2003), Noelle
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