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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Eng. & # 160; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ) & # 160; – an American television series. Rob created and embodied MakElhenni MakElhenni, Glenn Houertonom and Charley Dai. It aired on the channel FX August 4, 2005. The series tells of the situations in which heroes & # 160; – owners of Paddy’s Pub, not too successful Irish pub in Philadelphia.


The pilot episode of the series was originally filmed on amateur camera Charlie Dai, Glenn and Rob MakElhenni Houertonom for little money (according to the references in the press, to 200 dollars). [1] Then the video was presented to various television channels, which ended with the signing of a contract with the television network FX . After this episode was peresnyat using professional equipment and a full production team.

The last episode of the first season aired September 13 2005 and FX contract is renewed for a second season, which went from 29 June to 17 August 2006. In the new role of father Dennis (Houerton) and Deandre “Dee” Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) come Danny DeVito. In 2006, we began reruns of the first season of the series on FOX. Network-owner of FX.

August 18, 2007 brief episode of the third season of the series «Mac is a Serial Killer» was published on the group page on MySpace. The third season went from September 13 to November 15, 2007. March 5, 2008 & # 160; the year extended the FX It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on the fourth season [2].

July 15, 2008 it was announced that FX has ordered 39 more episodes (in addition to 13 shooting for season 4) that, according to IGN. It means that the show will go until at least the 6th season. Five actors starring in the long-term contracts entered into for the duration of filming [3]

6 August 2011 FX announced the eighth and ninth seasons, and an optional 10th.

Actors and roles

Heroes series often immoral and hostile to each other. They often lie to achieve their own goals. Most episodes of these features do not lead to anything good for themselves and for the innocent, in general, people they encountered. A lot of stories based on the conflicts that arise because of their permanent rivalry and desire something to prove to each other. This competition guys because women, and Dee, trying to show themselves as strong and successful as the others, and the whole “gang» (gang), compete to see who could steal more, and even one of them will be able to attract more religious followers. Almost every series they all, or most of them, start a loud argument, in which everyone is trying to outshout the others. Are references to the fight in the bathroom between Paddy’s Charlie and Dennis, and the whole “gang” arguing who could be guilty of the deaths of their potential in «Charlie Gets Crippled». They often bicker among themselves and generally behave rudely and rude, they find themselves in a professional environment, such as in an office with a lawyer («Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead») or a businessman («The Gang Sells Out»).

The main characters tend to avoid direct confrontation. In a series of «Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare», Mac and Charlie can not pay for the services of hired prostitutes and forced “to resolve this situation so that we resolve any situation ‘& # 160; – running away.

  • Glenn Houerton . in the series Dennis R. Reynolds . Dennis & # 160; – co-owner of Paddy’s and the twin brother of Dee. He’s cocky, egotistical dandy and a womanizer. He manipulates women to drag them to bed, and do everything for the sake of others envy. In episode 501, «The D.E.N.N.I.S. System », Dennis Banda committed to his six-step system ohmureniya girls. Overconfidence Dennis relies mainly on its appearance. He is very sensitive to criticism, for example, in episode 204, «Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom», Dennis hard about the fact that my mother and Charlie Mack refused to sleep with him, did not find it very attractive. He often throws a shirt without a shadow of doubt in the belief that its appearance is impressive people and resolves conflicts. Dennis was popular at school, but the steam outlet left him for another. Despite the fact that he earns at the bar less than $ 400 a week, the state of his family allows Dennis stylish dress and ride the Range Rover. It & # 160; – the most educated in the “gang” was getting good grades at the University of Pennsylvania and was interested in psychology. Although originally wanted to become a veterinarian. He listens to glam rock and shows the ability to sing in falsetto, dressed in silver spandex. He has some artistic talent and & # 160; – to draw a caricature of busty girls who Charlie finds attractive. Ironically, sometimes he smokes cigarettes Dennis than annoyed Charlie and Dee. Unlike Charlie and Mac, Dennis always clean-shaven, without a distinct bristles. In episode 101, «The Gang Gets Racist», Dennis sodomiruet huge negro.
  • Kaitlin Olson . played Diandra [4] «Sweet Dee» (Cutie Dee) Reynolds . Dee & # 160; – twin sister Dennis and waitress at Paddy’s. She retired from Penn (where her specialty was psychology, which she filled up) to become an actress, but do not put too much effort for the realization of this dream. Although she considers herself altruistka and liberalkoy. She is selfish and often share the same prejudices that other members of the “gang.”She is very sensitive about their appearance and professional failures. Dee was unpopular at school because of the strong scoliosis. because of which she had to wear a metal brace. and was there the nickname”Aluminum Monster.”Since then, it pursues long line of failed relationships with men. Like the other four, she drinks a lot, often to forget after a failed meeting with an attractive man. She is also a phobia towards the elderly. Despite the many complexes, Di aggressively express their opinions and angry can go to violence. Dee was the only main character in the series, was not invented for a specific actor. Deandre Although originally was supposed to be sober”voice of conscience”in female form, to contrast it with the mercenary companions, her character quickly became a party to all the outrages equivalent”gangs” when Olson took on the role. The remaining constantly criticized and humiliated her for her appearance (often comparing it with a huge bird), lack of talent, and the fact that she is a woman. Her ideas are constantly ridiculed by the other characters, but they enthusiastically support any idea if it was immediately repeat someone else. The will Deandre mother reported that she was disappointed and error, although it was one of the twins [5].
  • Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly . childhood friend Mack and co-owner Paddy’s. Probably the most unpredictable and unfortunate member of the “gang”, a complete failure, not showing the capacity to deal with daily problems and falls into hysterical fits in the style of Bobcat Goldthwait. It does not follow its own hygiene, and often sniffing glue. Several characters in the series say that he lives in a “fucking hole”, referring to his shabby apartment. His poverty is partly caused by the tendency to make “bad investment”in one point reaching to the sale of shares in the Mack Paddy’s half of the sandwich. Throughout the series, Charlie is suffering from learning disorders, up to dyslexia. and often accused the other heroes in illiteracy and”retardation”. Sometimes he does not understand what they say, and not familiar with both the history and current events. All of the most tedious and loathsome duty at the bar called “Charlie’s work,”even when they temporarily do not have to carry him. Mac and Dennis often get involved in testing his endurance and believe that it is almost impossible to hurt. Charlie was not lucky with women, moreover, it is unrequited love in”Waitress.”In the fourth season, we learn that he hired a spy to follow her. He cooks on the stove-top, plays the piano, good carpenter (as we see in «The Gang Exploits a Miracle») and sews (in «The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty McGoo»), which allows him to maintain order in the few pieces of clothing, that he has. Charlie can also dress up in costume and transform into other characters, including the mysterious «Green Man», kinogeroya Serpico and the”Texas Charlie.” At the beginning of the third season of Charlie’s mother tells us that he survived in an unsuccessful attempt abortion.
  • Rob McElhenney as Ronald “Mac”MacDonald . Mac & # 160; – Charlie’s childhood friend and a school friend, and then the neighbor Dennis. He is co-owner of Paddy’s, and usually most active of his manager. He failed in the family; His father is in jail for distribution of methamphetamine. and the mother still does not care. Mac support is always looking for others, especially their parents, but their attempts to overdo, which leads to the fact that he is considered the”asshole.”He is also very strongly sweats in situations of high stress (series”Frank ignites cutie Dee (03.08)”). Dennis says that the Mac has gone through high school only because popular kids selling drugs, and even then was considered a “goat”. Mack tries to be cool, sometimes to impress the father of the perpetrator, but often away from conflict and not too good in a fight. He considers himself a master of martial arts and a bouncer, often taking stupid tricks and wearing a sleeveless shirt to show his physical form. Mac & # 160; – Catholic, the only religious figure. And although he has a sense of social responsibility on issues of abortion or child rearing, he has a decent size and the moral emptiness. Before season 7 Mack surname was not known, in the fourth season («The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell») there is a hint that it might be a MacDonald. In season 7, it becomes known real name Mack, Ronald McDonald («The High School Reunion»). True earlier in the series “Poppy – a serial killer (03.10)”Frank calls his mother – Mrs. Mak, but according to the documents for early release in a series of «Mac & amp; Charlie Die part 1″father Luther Mack Mack’s name.
  • Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds . Frank – the father of Dennis and Dee. In the episode “The new father of Dennis and Dee (02.10)” it appears that the biological father of Dennis and Dee – philanthropist Bruce Mathis. Frank was a successful businessman, spending a lot of illegal and violent operations. In the first episode of the second season, he appears as a man experiencing a midlife crisis. He is divorced and the mother of Dennis and Dee decided to join their children and lead a lazy lifestyle. Frank was among the co-owners of the pub, having bought the land on which it stands, which allowed him to impose himself gangs. He considers himself skillful manipulator and often plays a leading role in the machinations of gangs. Among his friends have a lot of dark personalities. Frank and Charlie live in one room and sleep in the same bed. In one episode it is revealed that Frank might be the father of Charlie, as had a relationship with his mother in the past. He likes to talk, as he was in Vietnam, creating the impression of a seasoned soldier, but in fact, Frank went to Vietnam in 1993 to open the underground workshop.

Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson
Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson
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