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In six months the actor spent on girls and drugs $ 0.5 million

porn star Charlie Sheen was brought to the psychiatric hospital

Relatives of Charlie Sheen recently so concerned about his condition, that they are going to court to recognize him as incapable and get custody of the actor.

– Charlie looks awful. He is depressed and feels as if the whole world against him. His parents know that their intentions do not like it, but they try to do everything to save his life, – According to the source Radaronline.com.

Health actor has long been a matter of concern among his family and especially his famous father, actor Martin Sheen.

– Charlie is coughing a lot and do not see that he cares about his condition. He thinks he’s invulnerable, that will take some drugs, but she did not hurt, – tell friends of the actor.

Recall that recently Sheen was hospitalized with stomach pains after a party at his home in Los Angeles. According to the version voiced by the press agent of the actor, in a hospital bed, Charlie laid a chronic hernia. However, it is suspected that the actor “crippled” horse dose of drugs: before he was taken away in an ambulance, Charlie two nights carousing with five porn stars. Native Charlie insists that he should return to a rehabilitation center, but it is impossible to persuade him: the hospital after the actor went home.

– He categorically refuses, he is an adult person, he 45, and no one will make him do it. Therefore his parents and decided to act through the courts, – explain sources close to the actor.

porn star as nannies for the daughters

Even Sheen’s ex-wife, the mother of his two daughters, Denise Richards is trying to convince the actor to listen to the family said. After Charlie left the hospital, to receive medical treatment his hernia, especially Denise came to his house to persuade him to go into rehab. But Charlie just dismissed.

– He still does not think he needs help, he usually up all night, – Tell friends of the actor.

Radaronline.com reported. that over the past six months, the actor spent half a million girls and drugs bucks. He sniffs ” coke & raquo ;, eating ecstasy, which mixes even with methamphetamine. At a party in the house of actor often present porn star, one of which Charlie had even asked to sit with his children.

– He said that he needed a nurse and asked if I could be her, – said the actress “adult movies” Casey Jordan.

On hearing this, angered Richards wrote in his Twitter, which will not allow the “no porn stars who will babysitter for her kids”.

Casey Jordan

Charlie does not go to the clinic because of the greed of producers?

In the meantime, perhaps Charlie does not want to go into rehab is not because of their own stubbornness, but because of its multi-million dollar contracts. If Charlie would be in rehab for three months, he thereby frustrate shooting next eight episodes of ” Two and a Half Men & raquo ;, the website TMZ, adding that, probably, Shin left the show. As a result of disruption of filming the actor could lose $ 250 million. As soon as the show producer Chuck Lorre, the channel CBS, and Warner Bros. Television learned that Charlie is considering a rehabilitation clinic, then immediately announced the suspension of work on the show.

fashion model “Penthouse” Melanie Rios also admitted that she participated in group sex bus

According to sources associated with the show, because Charlie 300 people working in the project, will suffer losses, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The newspaper reminds that when the production of the series was discontinued in February last year – while Charlie was in a rehabilitation center, staff salaries teleproject “partially offset & raquo ;. But while the studio that produces the show, has not yet decided what he would do in this time. As previously reported, Charlie Sheen for one series”Two and a Half Men” receives about 2 million. dollars.

[“Express Gazeta”. 26.10.2010, “Charlie Sheen hospitalized after a stormy night with a prostitute”: Not Charlie Sheen had to withdraw from rehabilitation clinic where he was treated by the court from alcoholism and drug addiction, as immediately became the originator of another, even more scandal. The night before, New York City police found the Hollywood star in his hotel room “Plaza”dead drunk and naked. Law enforcement has caused the woman who was with the actor in him”suite”– as it turned out, it was a prostitute. Prostitutes claimed that Charlie felt bad after he nyuhnul cocaine. The police immediately took away the bus to the hospital. It adds piquancy to the situation that in New York, Charlie went on a family vacation with ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters. Denise daughters – six year old Sam and Lola five years – I stayed in the same hotel” Plaza & raquo ;, but in the next room. [. ]

Sheen told police that he had been at a party, where he picked up the woman with whom he returned to the hotel. How did you manage to unearth portal Radaronline.com, she was a prostitute. According to the prostitutes, after a fair amount of alcohol taken at the party, Charlie also nyuhnul cocaine in his hotel room. When the actor ” covered & raquo ;, he began to look for his wallet, but not finding him Man accused of stealing. Enraged Shin began smashing furniture in the room. The woman was frightened and locked herself in the bathroom, calling out the police. – Box K.ru]

[“Express Gazeta”. 28.10.2010, “Charlie Sheen thundered to the hospital because of the porn star”: If earlier it was reported that [. ] Actor spent the night with a prostitute ordinary, but now it turned – in a hotel room “Plaza”rowdy pleasuring porn star Capri Anderson. [. ] By the way, Capri – is not the first pornozvezdochka in bed Artist: Shin has long been famous for its propensity for actresses”paintings for adults & raquo ;, as well as the elite prostitutes. At one time he had spent one night with famous pornographic actress Ginger Lynn and spent a lot of money for the girls from Hollywood agency escort services” Madame Heidi Fliess & raquo ;, which he was stupid enough to pay for sex by check, signed his name. – Box K.ru]

Capri Anderson locked herself in the bathroom and called the police when, after a stormy night with her actor threatened to kill her

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