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Ol ‘Charlie – interesting facts from the life

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Personally, I really like. Highly. Very talented and not stupid, otherwise there would have had such a huge state in this manner Microcontroller bases DC do not understand the secret of his insane popularity. Does anyone have any thoughts? Why was he loved by millions? For any other crucified in his place would be …

Charlie Sheen, birth name, Carlos Irwin Estevez, born on September 3, 1965 in the American metropolis of New York, the son of popular actor at the time of Martin Sheen and Janet Estevez, art teacher. Charlie was the youngest child in the family, his brothers, Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez, and Renée Estevez sister also decided to devote himself to acting craft.

The school guy successfully engaged in the baseball team, and even handed high hopes in the sport. But Toli genes played a role, family atmosphere Toli actor Charlie Sheen decided to still go in the footsteps of his father and chose the cinema baseball.

Yes and school years Sheen with his friends, like-minded people, among whom was future actor Sean Penn, with passion, and not bad, filmed home movies.

No one had any doubt that the youngest of the children of Martin Sheen in the footsteps of his father, in fact, Charlie even inherited his father’s nickname – Shin. Maybe more so, it is often overshadowed the glory of father-actor, and to establish itself as an independent creative personality, the young man had to work hard.

Movies Charlie Sheen’s debut took place in 1974 at the age of 9 years old, in the movie “The Execution of Private Slovik”. TURNING same kinomomentom for the young actor was a trip to the Philippines, where he took part in the shooting as an extra in a film masterpieces, a work of art, in thinking about the evil and destructive power of the authorities, “Apocalypse Now”, released in 1979, the brilliant director Francis Ford Coppola. The film was shot very hard: the leading man, Charlie’s father, Martin Sheen collapsed with a heart attack, Marlon Brando, put on weight, so I had to show both his face and in the dim light. However, the participation of fourteen actors in such a broad and talented statement was not in vain, and for all determined the fate and career choices Charlie Sheen.

Since then, the decision to become a recognized actor was decided once and for all. In high school, Charlie took an active part in the theater, the most successful of which was the role in the play “Alice in Wonderland”.

Charlie Sheen played a movie role, requiring, in some sense, physical endurance, “Red Dawn”in 1984 and”The team is not playing.”First is the popular role novice actor was the role of a bored guy from the movie”Guys like everyone else”, filmed in 1985. Well, his television career began with the film “The Silence of the heart.”After his first real job in the movie 1985″Grizzly II: The Predator”, Charlie Sheen for three years managed to play in nine different films. At first it was not very successful painting “Red Dawn,”melodrama”The day off Ferris Byullera”, directed by John Hugues, the film “Lucas” and others.

breakthrough of the young actor recognized Tape Oliver Stone, “Platoon”, filmed in 1986, where he appeared in the form of Chris Taylor – Good Soldier and beloved grandson. So well it was assessed another work of the same director with the participation of the tire, and such actors as Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Chris Pidersen, Corky Ford 1987 “Wall Street,” where he appeared before the public as impatient Bud Fox.

Game Bus fascinated by Oliver Stone, and he invited Charlie to star in new movie “Born on the Fourth of July”in 1989. But at the last minute approved for this role a rising star Tom Cruise and from that day, along with Stone actor he was no longer working. Their creative union collapsed. The gap with the director, whose painting has brought fame and respect of critics, however, did not prevent the young actor to continue his career and gain kinovysoty. In 1987, Sheen starred successfully in two interesting reel of film,”Three on the road,”and”No Man’s Land”.

The end of the 1980s, 1990s

From 1988 to 1991, Charlie Sheen has played in very successful films, and Shin dabbled in different roles. He became famous in comic roles in the films “Young Guns”1988 Christopher Kane and”Major League” published in 1989. These two films, however, did not bring the huge box-office, but strengthened the reputation of Charlie as one of the best young actors.

In 1990 alone, the actor was invited to shoot six films. The “recruits”brilliantly played by the actor on a film set with the famous Clint Eastwood, while the eminent role of the police Sheen took rookie David Ackerman. Then, successfully celebrated in the film”Reverse Trace.”Also in the film”Men at Work,”directed by Emilio Estevez – brother of Charlie Sheen, and even”Navy SEALs”, “disciplinary battalion,”where Sheen appeared in the form of a proud Franklin, and”Mountain of courage”.

In 1991, the actor starred in only one picture, and it was sensational comedy “Hot Shots”, in which he played the role of the charming Topper Harley. As a parody of American “Top Gun,””Dances with Wolves”and”9 1/2 Weeks,””Hot Shots” have won the sympathy of viewers worldwide. But in 1993 came the continuation of already beloved adventures of Major, and again to the point, and then success. As always, Charlie Sheen was irresistible.

The range of paintings featuring the famous actor is extensive. Charlie Sheen starred in the comedy and action films, mysticism, and even adventures. Hero of the adaptation of the novel by Alexandre Dumas – “The Three Musketeers”in 1993, in the image of the brave, but at the same time refined Aramis made an impression on the audience and the critics. Meanwhile, the acting career gaining the proper level. In 1993 it came out a few more pictures on the successful participation of Charlie Sheen:”Death drop,””Loaded Weapon” and the film”Outside the Law”, which was brilliantly played the role of a brave Dan.

But after five years of success in the film career of the actor called upon, came unexpectedly prolonged slump. Although in the filmography of Charlie Sheen and has more than 40 films, however, not all of them were successful. On the contrary, many of the paintings have not been evaluated or the audience or critics, such as “The Chase,” “speed drop”.

A notable landmark cinema event in the biography of Charlie Sheen began shooting in the series. First appearance on the list was the youth film “Friends.”This was followed by shooting in the”Drew Carey Show”and”Spin City,” where he faithfully and skillfully played the role of Charlie Crawford.

Follow kinoraboty Charlie clearly showed that cast the crisis is over. Roles radio astronomer in the fantasy thriller “Arrival”and adviser on security”shadow conspiracy”, released in 1996, brought some success tire and showed that his early to completely write off kinoschetov. And then I went insane cycle of roles. In 1998, the screens went several paintings with his participation: “After death,””Letter from Death Row”,”easy money,””Feast of prostitutes”,”Operation”, where Sheen played a balanced Jake Peterson.

The actor was not afraid to experiment and try yourself in new genres, as in 1999, came three more interesting pictures, “Sugar Hill”, “Five Aces”cult”Being John Malkovich”.

the 2000s

Though the addiction to alcohol and knocked an actor for a while from kinokolei, but after appropriate treatment and rehabilitation period he also resumed his activities. In 2000, the actor starred in the TV series “Spin City,”released in 1996 by Michael J.. Fox in the lead role. It was a kind of new season, but suffers from Parkinson’s disease, Michael was forced to leave the project, and”give” character is no less talented receiver. Charlie made his personality, his sense of humor. The series, which became a big hit in its time the channel ABC, worthy of continued existence.

Later, Charlie Sheen and got the lead role in the television series “My Uncle Charlie”, as well as one of the central, “Oscar-winning”roles awkward educator Charlie Harper in the series 2003-2009,”Two and a Half Men,”in which he starred with his father – Martin Sheen. The actor always gave the impression of his acting game, or if the role is not allowed to show their dramatic talent, not less impressive appearance. He greatly expanded the range of his acting, starring in films:”Pauly Shore is dead”with Earl Brown, Camille Pauly Shore, and Anderson, and”Deeper than the deep”, released in 2003.

It is impossible to ignore the film works of the eminent actor in the films “Scary Movie 3, 4”, where he made his acting company, Pamela Anderson and Gianna Ballard produced in 2003 and 2006, respectively. Once proven in the burlesque genre, Charlie did not hesitate to accept the role of the farmer Tom Logan in this exciting youth comedy. Unfortunately, the list of mediocre and frankly bad films with the bus is not small, but list them all does not make sense. But optimism actor did not lose heart and continued to work hard, releasing year 2-3 pictures. Therefore, to talk about the decline of its stars was nevertheless premature.

In 2006, Sheen also launched a children’s clothing line «Sheen Kidz».

In 2005 came the picture “Destined Hearts”, and in 2007 he starred in the series “The Big Bang Theory».

Charlie has caused indignation of the authorities, saying that the US government was behind the Sept. 11, 2001, and starred in a number of documentaries about 9/11. In 2010, Sheen was the highest paid television actor with an income of $ 1.8 million per episode. He is also known for its numerous scandals in his personal and public life, including due to drug abuse. March 7, 2011 Sheen was fired by CBS and Warner Bros. Television from the TV series “Two and a Half Men”, received compensation in the amount of $ 25 million

Charlie Sheen has been married three times and is the father of many children: he has five children.

From 4 September 1995 and February 1996 to actress Donna Peel.

From 2002 to 2006, he was married to actress Denise Richards. They have two daughters: Sam (b. March 9, 2004) and Lola Rose (b. June 1, 2005).

From 2008 to 2011, was married to actress Brooke Mueller, they have twin sons Bob and Max (b. 14.03.09).

In 1994, the grand opening of Charlie Sheen’s personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Charlie Sheen was born blue, with signs of cyanosis

In 1993, the Court of Charlie Sheen admitted that he spent 50 thousand dollars for prostitution

Charlie Sheen says that slept with five thousand women, and the number only continues to grow

One of the 12 tattoos Charlie Sheen says, “I’ll be back in 15 minutes

Charlie – a poet. In 1990, he published a book of poems «A Peace of My Mind», which you can buy on Amazon

In 2011, Charlie Sheen was in the Guinness Book of Records with a record of “world record on speed dial subscribers on Twitter” (adding an average of 129,000 new subscribers). March 3, 2011 Charlie Sheen signed a contract with the marketing agency specializing on Twitter and Facebook.

Status actor is estimated at 125 million. dollars.

Some of his quotes:

«I asked the director to my scenes was a table. Well, to him it was possible to lean or fall off from lack of sleep. This would be a professional decision on his part »

«I took so many drugs that anyone else would have died. I smelled semigrammovye stones – because I am. I only have one speed. And she called: forward! »

«If you borrow my brain, then three seconds later comes back – so you do not just survive””Compared to me, Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards look like unarmed children with extinct eyes. I’m hooked on a drug, it’s called – Charlie Sheen. He’s not for sale, because if you try it, you will die immediately. Your face will melt, and children will mourn your exploded body”

«I am proud of what I did. I gesture to the fullest »

«Death for fools! Death for amateurs! »

«The best way to avoid a broken heart – to pretend that you do not have it».

«With zeal and concentration, with a fierce hatred. You either love or hate. You live in the middle – do not get anything ».

He was lucky to work with directors whose names forever in the elite masters of cinematography: John Mills, John Hague, Oliver Stone, Dennis Hopper, Francine Ford Coppola, John Sayles, Clint Eastwood, and many others.

Charlie RiinaCharlie Riina
Charlie RiinaCharlie Riina
Charlie RiinaCharlie Riina

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