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Biography Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen – American actor, star of “Wall Street”and”Two and a Half Men.” In 2010 he received the highest fee for the shooting on television. Known for his outrageous statements about the attacks of 11 September 2001, the use of drugs, scandals with women.

Charlie Sheen (born Carlos Irwin Estevez) was born in 1965 in New York. His whole family is in some way connected with the life and the art scene. His mother was a teacher, his father – an actor. Brothers and sisters also fed into the world of theater and cinema.

In my school years, Charlie has worked well in the sport. Coach saw in him a future athlete. However, Charlie, remembering how short-lived career in sports and how often the result is different from desired, chose a career in the movies. This has contributed to the general atmosphere, where everyone wanted to make a circle and shoot the movie. One of his friends was Charlie Sean Penn, which already at that time the first attempt to do amateur movies.

As a creative nickname Charlie took his father’s “Shin.” Therefore, they are often confused. As a result, the young actor had to work hard to confusion ceased, earning his own portion of Fame.

For the first time Charlie was in a movie when he was 9 years old (The Execution of Private Slovik). The decision on a career in film Shin took the Philippines, where he went as an extra in the filming “Apocalypse Now.” Filming this masterpiece paintings on the theme of the dangers of power, they were extremely strained. Charlie’s father had a heart attack. Sheen really penetrated this film and decided during that whatever was held in the movie.

Charlie began playing in the theater. As for the movie, it was here that he made a bid for the painting, demanding sport, hardy heroes. And there were many, because it was the era of “militants”. Charlie starred in the film “Red Dawn”, “Guys like everybody else”, “Grizzly II: The Predator».

The real success was the film “Platoon”(1986), where the actor played a Taylor series. Also prominent work was the painting”Wall Street.”Playing the young actor made a deep impression on the director, so Charlie immediately received the following proposal – the main role in the film”Born on the Fourth of July.” Alas, at the last minute tire replaced by Tom Cruise. Offended Charlie vowed never to communicate with Oliver Stone.

However, Charlie was left without work. In 1987 he joined filmography such films as “No Man’s Land”and”Three on the road».

Great success had the painting “Young Guns”and”Major League.” Although they are not a lot of money raised, Charlie Sheen suddenly became famous.

Thanks to the exposure of the talented actor in 1990, Charlie Sheen invited simultaneously in six paintings – including “Rookie”, which the actor starred with Clint Eastwood.

A year later, followed by only one role, but the fateful – in the movie “Hot Shots”. The success has inspired the creators of the tape on a sequel two years later.

Charlie actively acted in films – as in adventure films (“The Three Musketeers”), and in the thriller “Loaded Weapon,””Lethal fall”and”Outside the Law”,”Operation”, “Easy Money”.

Then, Charlie’s career on the big screen began to decline, but his talent came in handy in a Comedy Series. He began with the famous series “Friends.”But the most famous television series with his participation was, of course, the project”Two and a Half Men”, where Charlie, in general, played himself – a charming and successful, popular with women and having a sparkling sense of humor middle-aged man who enjoys life at his home in Miami, and each day welcomes new girls. The usual course of things violates the appearance of a failure, his brother, who drove his wife and his nephew, who is the “half”in this delightful trio. The series has won many awards. Some of them went to Charlie Sheen – Award ALMA, as well as two nominations for”Golden Globe”. Unfortunately, in 2011, Charlie allowed himself unflattering statements about the creators of the show on the air, for which he was immediately expelled from the project, replacing Ashton Kutcher. Fans of the series have been extremely disappointed, because loved Charlie, and his role.

Sheen also starred in the comedy “Major League 2”, “money talks,””Scary Movie.” He played himself in the movie”Being John Malkovich».

Another TV series, which starred Charlie, was the project “The Big Bang Theory».

Charlie Sheen – is not only an actor, but a director. He directed several films – “The discovery of Mars”, “Operation».


Life Charlie Sheen has always been turbulent. As a result, behind three marriages and five children.

In 1995-1996. Charlie was related by marriage to actress Donna Peel.

From 2002 to 2006 “stamp in the passport” combines it with actress Denise Richards. They have two common daughters – Sam (born 2004) and Lola (2005 born in.).

The third wife Brooke Mueller became an actor. Twin sons were not sleeping marriage by scandals that in 2011 ended in divorce.

In 2011, Charlie lived with the actress ‘adult movies’ Bree Olson, met with model Natalie Kenly.

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