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JR Bourne // JR Bourne

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Interview with JR for The New Potato.

– What is your ideal “delicious” day?

Jay: It will include the ability to eat all of my favorite foods, and it will not have any effect. Hamburgers, french fries, ice cream, ice cream a lot, even fries, pasta, pizza and lasagne with chorizo. Portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach and ricotta cheese, all piled on top of each other in height. I certainly would have saved for the next day. Show full ..

– What do you eat for breakfast?

Jay: I drink a protein with blueberries, banana, oil, omega, linseed oil and coconut milk. At the weekend – breakfast burritos & # 33;

– your perfect workout?

Jay: A lot of sweat, a lot of breathing, groaning a lot, a lot of push-ups, then I feel great and I know that I repeat all over again the next day.

– How do you keep a healthy diet outside the home?

Jay: I eat most of them in the same places. I find those who have clean water and healthy food, or simply pass by. Bored? In no event & # 33;

– Any advice from you personally?

Jay: My mother always said, wash your face with hot water at the end of each day for sixty seconds. And as she spoke to wash his feet in the night, if you want to sleep well. And it works & # 33;

– Tips to select the perfect place for a first date?

Jay: Choose something that most reflects you, and share it, taking care.

– One of the amazing things that women do not know about men?

Jay: We have problems with the body.

– One thing that men should know about women?

Jay: They shall rule the world. I think we know, but …

– What do you snack on the set?

Jay Popcorn.

– Food Recipe?

Jay: Yellow chicken curry with rice and fresh bread rolls.

– The words are on the …

Jay: Depth. Range. Psychology. Truth. Authenticity.

– Who is your style icon and why?

Jay: I do not have a style icon. Sometimes I want to be myself. I have a way, there are people who I like, but I try to dress so that you feel comfortable.

– What cities do you like to eat?

Jay New York. Scott Johnson and his wife Kim are selected each time, where we will have when I come back. And every time it’s unforgettable. I think they have something to pour my drink because I never remember the name.

– If you could have a party to any five people, and living and dead, who would it be? And what would you have prepared or commissioned?

Jay: I would make lasagna that mentioned earlier. And I would invite my mom and dad, because I had not seen them. And, perhaps, everything. Nobody will be able to seize my attention at them.

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Jr BourneJr Bourne
Jr BourneJr Bourne
Jr BourneJr Bourne

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