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Peter Czerwinski

It all started with anorexia

Peter Czerwinski, also known as Crazy Pete – bodybuilder, athlete and … professional eater. He has several records in the Guinness Book of speed eating food. In general, Peter – a surprisingly interesting and positive person, whose life story continues to surprise people.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

So, in the words of Peter, his story begins in 2002, when he was 16-year-old was taken to hospital Toronto Sick Kids Hospital with anorexia. It was in Toronto, Canada (Toronto), and Peter, who was then a teenager, finishes school, was frankly in poor condition. He even said that he asked the hospital for at least one day later, it is unlikely he would have told his amazing story right now.

So, was admitted to hospital with anorexia while Peter weighed about 54 kg and his heart simply refuse to work. He himself says that the culprit was a stress – it weighed entering the university and, in addition, in the young life of Peter is clearly dominated by the negative. His mother then received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the father was hospitalized with bipolar disorder. Apparently, that was enough for the 16 Man.

Having recovered, he left the hospital and tried to enjoy life – so he was told to move on. Despite the fact that the first to enjoy it turned out not very good, Peter still decided to see the positive aspects of life, and one of them was the Internet and the site bodybuilding.com. So, starting to eat normally, Peter discovered that work on your body can be and without istyazatelstva diets – and that bodybuilding became his new passion. Life is very fast again become beautiful, and Peter stepped up the muscles, was delighted with his new body and make new friends. In just a few years of training the body of Peter was really please him, and at some point we realized that he was fully satisfied with himself. Simultaneously with the work on themselves, he began to help others who are in the tenacious paws of anorexia and other diseases of our time. Thus, the story of Peter for many became a real inspiration.

However, on this positive note, the story of Peter Czerwinski does not end there – on the contrary, from that moment begins its successful second, no less interesting round.

So, one day in 2007, Peter and his friends went out to breakfast at a hotel. The dish, which is served for breakfast that day, it was just great – it was a very large portion. Peter, whose appetite after his illness never considered bad, quickly coped with his portion, and was surprised to see that his friends have not mastered even a quarter of their servings.

So, Peter accidentally discovered his real talent – he could absorb the incredibly fast food. Having trained for a while, he put their videos on the Internet. In February 2008, he was contacted from the Association of Consumers (Association of Competitive Eaters), inviting him to come to the contest in California (California). Road Association paid him, but because Peter did not see why he should refuse. As a result, Peter participated in 9 competitions eaters … and won all of them! So he became the new young star in the world of high-speed feeders. Despite the fact that these people may not be world famous, they know their characters well.

By the way, Peter and interested representatives of Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records). Today, Peter Czerwinski holds the record for speed eating raw onion with the result of 43.53 seconds. His other record – speed eating shock

oladok ‘Ferrero Rocher’ – one minute Peter was able to eat the 9 pieces. And Peter was able to break the record for eating pizza on speed – his time 41.43. seconds.

Friends call him Crazy Pete (Furious Pete) – indeed, what he maketh competitions eaters, sometimes defies comprehension. At the same time, Peter is a very attractive guy with a beautiful figure bodybuilder and a charming smile healthy and completely happy with a man. He is willing to share stories of their lives, especially rejoicing if his example can help others.

Talking about his future, Peter admits that he wants to become the fastest eater in the world. In addition to the desire to be the best, and he does it in order to draw people’s attention to the problems of a healthy diet.

However, at the same time dreams Czerwinski received a master’s degree at the University of McMaster University and plans in the future to work in NASA.

Furious PeteFurious Pete
Furious PeteFurious Pete
Furious PeteFurious Pete

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