Jimi Jamison

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Born in Mississippi provincial Jimi Jameson at an early age and his mother moved to Memphis, where he began his artistic career. Well, as did a similar way to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. the future leader of the “Survivor”has always been proud of this fact. His vocal abilities and skill with the guitar Jimi applied even in the school team, and the professional scene came in the mid-70s with the group”Target”. A few years ensemble, specializing in hard Southern rock, circled the Midwest, then anchored at “A & M Records”, which released a couple of albums. By the end of the decade the demand for Southern weakened and the team disbanded, and Jamieson in the company of the future “Crocus”Mandy Meyer and several other musicians organized the project”Cobra”.

But before “Cobra”released their debut polnometrazhki Jim not objective in”Survivor”. Although the singer initially thought the new team too pop (at least with respect to “Cobra”and”Target”), it is in its ranks came to him real fame.

The first album recorded with his participation, spawned several hits rammed the top ten, leaving Jamison got access to the songwriting process. By the end of the 80 star “Survivor”, however, it began to decline, and in 1989, Jimi was considered the candidate for the seat of the exiled “Deep Purple”Ian Gillan. And although the”purple”alliance did not take place due to the fact that Jameson would not let managers, his team shortly after the case broke, and the singer was left without work. In 1991, Jim decided to start a solo career and released a CD”When Love Comes Down”. Unfortunately, the album, which involved blues hardovy numbers interspersed with ballads, due to the lack of promotion was a modest success, and the rest of 90 the musician spent writing songs co-written with Joe Walsh and laboring on backing vocals in such teams as the “Krokus”, “Jeff Healey Band”and”ZZ Top”.

However, here he worked on the conscience, and Billy Gibbons even once called Jamieson fourth “zizitopom.” On their second album, Jimi decided in 1999.

“Empires”was born in the AOR-style of his former team, but the actual singer and not hide it, because pervopress went under the name”Jimi Jamison’s Survivor”. The following year, held a reunion of the “Survivor”, and the first half of zero musician dedicated to your favorite team. Just after the album “Reach”Jameson handed the microphone Robin McAuley, and he took up with other things. In 2008, on”Frontiers Records”released his solo album”Crossroads Moment”. The main co-author and partner here Jimi made his fellow “Survivor”Jim Peterik, so lovers of quality melodic rock album, really enjoy it. Because of the warm perception of the release, as well as a large amount of material left over from the sessions after a couple of years, the band released another record,”Extra Moments”, but she had been the name of the duo “Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik”.

In 2011, it was announced that the singer return to the ranks of “Survivor”, but the next year was born his new album “Never Too Late”, on which he labored in the company of Swedish producer Erik Martensson. This was the last album in the discography of the artist: Jamieson died of a heart attack (caused by intoxication metatamfetamina) Aug. 31, 2014.

Jimi JamisonJimi Jamison
Jimi JamisonJimi Jamison
Jimi JamisonJimi Jamison

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