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One of the most influential bassists in rock music (a kind of Jimi Hendrix chetyrehstrunki), John Alec Entwistle was born on October 9, 1944. Born into a family of trumpeter and pianist, the boy tried the first one parent tool, then another, and later learned the horn and went to school symphonic orchestra. He went with his friend Pete Townshend put together a traditional jazz band “The Confederates”, but after just a couple of concerts the guys decided to shift to a rock ‘n’ roll. Wind on this issue have been abandoned, and John took the homemade basuhu (for normal guitar his fingers turned thick, and generally he likes to play in the lower register of example Duane Eddy). In 1961, Entwistle, invited to his skiffle group “The Detours” Roger Daltrey.

Bassist brought Townshend. and later it became a team in the world famous “The Who”. Compensating for the lack of a second guitar in the team, John took up the challenging party and playing loud and powerful, has been dubbed the “thunder fingers”(“Thunderfingers”). In addition, Entwistle had another nickname -“The Bull” (“The Ox”), which he owed his stature and ability to eat, drink and do other things at a higher level than his colleagues.

By the way, John distinguished from violent partners and static demeanor on stage, and indeed in life he was a quiet man. While the songwriting talents of Entwistle could not compete with the same Townshend. bassist has specific black humor, which is manifested, for example, such things as “Boris The Spider”, “Whiskey Man”, “My Wife”. John was the first of the team, who released a solo album, and the “Smash Your Head Against The Wall”in its sound could easily fit into the discography of”The Who”. Thanks to the work of corporate humor has become a cult among American fans, and the lists of “Billboard”album took the 126 th place. The following year, almost simultaneously with taundshendskim”Who Came First”Bull released a CD”Whistle Rymes”, where catchy and straightforward pop-rock accompanied by a grim, often sarcastic lyrics.

Recording was almost the first, where he attended a bass synthesizer, and one of the apprentices Entwistle made the then unknown Peter Frampton. The third album was dedicated to John the primeval rock ‘n’ roll, and three out of ten things were Pentecostal Standards (“Mr. Bass Man”, “Hound Dog”, “Lucille”).

While the “Rigor Mortis Sets In”faced with criticism and indifference sluggish sales, John kept his style and the disc”Mad Dog”, which was released under the name “John Entwistle’s Ox”. When this work has failed and bassist brushed aside attempts to solo for a few years and only in 1981 recorded the program “Too Late The Hero”, which has returned to the same mix of Hardy and pop-rock. Five years later, another Entwistle prepared studiynik which, despite its name, gave a typical mid-80s synth pop, and where the main microphone John entrusted the other party – Canadian Henry Small. Immediately publish the album failed, and the general public were able to see “The Rock”a decade later. Over 90 bass a project participant”The Best”and”Ringo Starr ‘s All Starr Band”, toured with his team “John Entwistle Band”, and studied drawing and regularly organized exhibitions of his paintings.

With the “JEB”John has recorded a couple of LPs, live album”Left For Live”and the soundtrack to the animated children’s series”Van-Pires”. Since 1999, the musician participated in concerts revived “The Who”, but on the eve of an American tour in 2002 due to an overdose of cocaine he had a heart attack, and 27, the legendary bass player did not.

John EntwistleJohn Entwistle
John EntwistleJohn Entwistle
John EntwistleJohn Entwistle

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