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Jason Ritter (Jason Ritter)

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Biography Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter, born February 17, 1980 in Los Angeles, Calif.

For the first time Jason Ritter won the attention of the press and the public automatically: as the son of well-known popular sitcom actor John Ritter.

Then we had to try himself. Thus the glory of his father’s son prevented rather than helped – by Jason initially waited a lot longer than that of the “normal” a young actor, and it’s started to acting school. Fortunately, the parents, John and Nancy Ritter Jr. provided all possible support – including in the days of failure. By the way, they even accepted his decision not to go to college and prefer him acting education, although they have always dreamed that my son chose college. The fact that Jason was the famous actor – is largely due to John and Nancy. Fortunately, despite the fact that they are separated, they both maintained an excellent relationship with his son and with each other.

Jason has established himself as an actor in the field of gifted and comedy (his father), and drama. The first of the significant role the actor was the role of a former athlete who has to get used to a new life – the life of a disabled person – in the series “new Joan of Arc” (CBS, 2003-04).

Jason was born in 1980 – at a time when his father, John, was at the peak of his fame, thanks to the cult TV series “Three”s Company” (ABC, 1976-1984). Family Ritter Jr. has been an artistic, at least two generations – mother, Nancy, was an actress, and his grandfather, Tex, was a famous singer in the style of the country.

Of course, Jason was a child decided to become the third generation of Ritter actors. What did, making his debut on television in 10 years with a small role in the series “The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story” (NBC, 1990), where one of the main roles played by his father.

As a teenager, Jason became interested in the guitar and decided to become a musician, but not for long – by the end of the school hesitation on the question “to be or not to be an actor” no longer occur.

When Jason was 16, his parents divorced. He stayed with his mother.

Soon Ritter moved from Los Angeles to New York, where he enrolled at the prestigious School of Arts Tisch School of the Arts, studying theater. At the end of this school young actor he spent four months in London, at the Academy of Dramatic Art, which, no doubt, was the most valuable experience. But also, on the other side of the Atlantic Jason finally began to perceive as himself, not as a “son of John Ritter”.

Then there was the return to the United States debut in feature films (“Doctor Mumford”, 1999. However, this romantic comedy rarely seen), a small role in one episode in the “law and order”channel NBC, supporting role in the thriller Youth”fan”(2002), as well as a major role in the series”law and order. Special Victims Unit” – Though, again only one series.

And then began shooting “New Joan of Arc”, youth drama television series. Jason played Kevin Girardi it.

In 2003, it took the return Ritter Jr. to the big screen in the movie “Freddy vs. Jason”, the highly anticipated horror film, faced two zhutchajshih kinozlodeev. The film was a success, but Jason was not until the success of: September 11, 2003 the ambulance took him to his father from the set of the series “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” to the nearest hospital, where he died just a few hours not previously detected heart disease … And two months after the death of John, do not survive the loss, also died of his mother and grandmother Jason Dorothy Fay.

Jason became a support for two whole family: his mother, Nancy, who has always been with John in a good relationship, and his father’s new wife, Amy, and their three children.

Jason took some time to cope with the loss, but then he realized that he should continue his father’s work, and, even if it sounds pathetic, not to disgrace his name.

At the 2004th Ritter Jr. became the rising star of the year, according to the “Video Software Dealers Association”, playing in the youth drama “Superstar” with Hilary Duff, youth drama about a girl from the provinces, who had success after the tragic death of his brother (Ritter).

On the theater stage, Jason went into the off-Broadway staging “Home”, August and then played Tim in the premiere of the play “The Distance from Here” at London’s Almeida Theatre.

Then there were the film “Rules of Attraction 2: Heppiend”(2005), participated in the formulation of V.Vassershteyn”third”(for which the actor received awards”Clarence Derwent Award”and”Martin E. Segal Award”), a triumphant return to the TV screen in the series “class”(CBS, since 2006, the role of Ethan), which became popular on the background of falling popularity of sitcoms at the time, as well as participation in the tapes”The Wicker Man”, “Peter and Wendy”, “Bush”, “Morning”and announced for 2010″Dry Land”.

It remains to add that since 2004 Jason meets Marianne stick.

Jason RitterJason Ritter
Jason RitterJason Ritter
Jason RitterJason Ritter

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